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  1. That gold color is Kashima coat
  2. Porterfield R4S sport brake pads, front, 2001-05 Sport size
  3. Porterfield R4S sport brake pads, rear, 2001-05 Sport size
  4. Flyin' Miata turbo 2.5" exhaust (NB chassis)
    Remove the biggest restriction in your exhaust system. Learn More
  5. Yours may be green or black.
    Replace your main relay with this 80A unit. Learn More
  6. Replacement main relay for NA/NB
    Stock replacement for stock fuel pumps. Learn More
  7. Sorry, toy Miata not included.
    A great companion to our hub stands. Learn More
  8. 2001-05 Sport high performance brake rotors, front
    High performance brake rotors for high performance braking. Learn More
  9. Radiator and fans shown.

    From: $22.99

    To: $1,206.99

    Keep your big engine cool. Learn More
  10. Stage 8 hardware with Inconel studs
    Inconel studs and Stage 8 locking hardware for a bulletproof turbo connection Learn More
  11. Hardware package for Flyin' Miata turbine outlet
    All the hardware that is attached to our turbine outlet. Learn More
  12. Front transmission oil seal, 5-speed only
    Should be replaced when you have the transmission out. Learn More
  13. 34mm blow-off valve
  14. Set of 4 NGK Extended reach spark plugs

    Extended reach spark plugs, ideal for turbo or supercharger use. Sold in sets of four.

    Learn More
  15. FM Cravenspeed shift knob
  16. ARP extended wheel studs
  17. DEI Titanium heat shield (pipe not included)
    Tired of a hot foot from your exhaust? Learn More
  18. The Voodoo Box
    It's fuel magic - forced induction without an injector upgrade! Learn More
  19. Our new 3D printed FM door bushings
    The new generation is stiffer, lighter, stronger and less expensive! Learn More
  20. Includes handy vinyl template!
  21. Improved bump stops (pair)
    Multi-cellular polyurethane bump stops give more travel and a better ride than stock. Learn More
  22. Trackspeed fuel pump rewire kit
    Bulletproof your main relay! Learn More
  23. Flyin' Miata weighted Delrin shift knob
  24. Can be mounted on either side
    A front tow hook for any NA or NB Miata Learn More
  25. Nickel vs Tungsten. Taken outside in full sunlight.
    The standard of the industry. Available in your choice of five colors. Learn More
  26. MAC boost control solenoid kit
    Electronic boost control hardware Learn More
  27. Wilwood pad plate 7812
    Dynapro calipers are the standard front caliper in our Big Brake Kits. Learn More
  28. LED flashers
  29. Wilwood pad 6712
    The optional upgrade caliper on our NA/NB Big Brake Kits and the NC Little Big Brake Kit Learn More
  30. Pad dimensions for plate 7912
    Powerlite calipers are used on the front of NA/NB and ND Little Big Brake Kits and in the rear of any kit that has Wilwoods in the back. Learn More
  31. FM 10.3 lb lightweight flywheel
  32. Sway bar grease packet
  33. LED corner lights for NA/NB
  34. Race ND not included.
  35. Adjustable spanner wrench
    Adjust almost any coilover. Learn More
  36. Coils not included

    Regular Price: $349.00

    Special Price $299.00

    Put some lightning in your engine bay with FM's LS3 coil upgrade. Learn More
  37. Diode Dynamics HP5 194A LED Front Side Bulbs
    Give your Miata modern lighting technology Learn More
  38. Fuel line tool for 5/16" hose
    For factory quick disconnects on NB, NC and ND fuel lines Learn More
  39. Deatschwerks fuel filter element, 10 micron
    Replacement filter element for the DW filter. Learn More
  40. Turbo oil fitting for 1996-05 blocks
  41. Rebuildable driveshaft for 1.8 Miatas
    A new replacement driveshaft with serviceable universal joints Learn More
  42. The lock in place.
    Your alignment will never slip under load again. Learn More
  43. Artsy underhood shot

    From: $5,849.00

    To: $7,098.00

    Automobile Magazine called it "magic". More horsepower and torque for your ND. And emissions legal in all 50 states!

    Tested on track for 15 solid hours without any problems.

    Learn More
  44. FM Level 2 clutch
  45. FM Level 1 clutch
    Smooth engagement, a light pedal and the ability to hold 318 ft/lbs. Learn More
  46. Please note: Super Blue brake fluid is no longer included with this kit.

    From: $329.00

    To: $1,084.76

    Make your stock brakes work better than new. Learn More
  47. Black powdercoat (right side shown)
  48. Plug-in front oxygen sensor for 1994-05
    Replacement for factory front O2 sensors for 1994-05 Miatas with simple plug-in installation. Learn More
  49. Hard lines for turbo water supply
    Replace your silicone water lines with indestructible stainless steel hard lines. Learn More
  50. Frame rail/butterfly hardware kit (version 1)
    Fresh hardware for a frame rail or butterfly kit being moved from one car to another. Learn More

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