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  1. MAC boost control solenoid kit
    Electronic boost control hardware Learn More
  2. Sexy closeup of the high traction surface.
    Keep your feet from slipping off your pedals at embarrassing moments. Learn More
  3. Flyin Miata tool kit (1991-00 and MSM engine)

    FM's special tools to make a timing belt change easy. Includes our crank holding tool, cam gear Ninja Tool, crank and cam seal installers.

    For 1991-00 and Mazdaspeed models.

    Learn More
  4. EGR blockoff plate
    Stainless steel plate to block off the EGR fitting Learn More
  5. Shown without edge trim
  6. Trackspeed fuel pump rewire kit
    Bulletproof your main relay! Learn More
  7. Shown assembled using the stock upper mounts (not included)

    From: $1,750.00

    To: $2,249.00

    The best suspension we've ever offered for the NB.

    Learn More
  8. 1994-05 oil thermostat kit
    The best way to hook an oil cooler to your engine. Learn More
  9. Complete kit.

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price $99.99

    Harness the power of lasers to make your alignment even easier! Compatible with v3.0 stands only! Learn More
  10. Prototype shown.Actual product varies slightly.
    A great tool for a club or a racer. Do a full suspension setup at home! Learn More
  11. Driver's side heater hose
    Factory replacement part Learn More
  12. Passenger side heater hose
    Factory replacement part Learn More
  13. Complete butterfly
    Lighter, stiffer, lower price. Learn More
  14. You will reuse your stock upper mounts as shown

    From: $2,219.00

    To: $2,469.00

    Sway bars plus our excellent FOX coilovers

    Learn More
  15. Full V-Maxx NB Stage 2 Kit

    V-Maxx Classic coilovers matched with FM sway bars: a complete handling package for a low price.

    Learn More
  16. Stage 2 airflow kit.

    Regular Price: $399.00

    Special Price $359.00

    While supplies last! Get our Stage 2 for the price of a Stage 1.

    Learn More
  17. Stage 2 airflow kit (non-crossflow version shown)

    Regular Price: $389.00

    Special Price $349.00

    While supplies last! Get our Stage 2 for the price of a Stage 1.

    Learn More
  18. Stage 1 Flyin Miata airflow kit (NB)
  19. Note: this is not the crossflow version. It differs slightly in the location of the inlet.
    Our Stage 1 Airflow kit for our crossflow radiator Learn More
  20. Timing belt kit (NB 1999-00 and MSM)
    Everything you need for a timing belt change! Learn More
  21. Factory lower shock shaft bushings, NB (set of four)
    Consider replacing these when doing a suspension change. Learn More
  22. 2002-05 6 speed Shifter Rebuild Kit components.
    Make your shifter feel new again! For 6-speed transmissions built after August 2001. Learn More
  23. Magnecor sequential LS coil 8.5mm wire set for 2001-05 engines
    Replacement plug wires for cars with LS coils. Learn More
  24. Includes all parts needed for installation.
    For those who need lots of fuel and need it right now. Learn More
  25. FM fuel rail only
    Rail only, no lines Learn More
  26. 99-05 Complete Fuel Rail Kit
  27. Snazzy messy pile of bushings
    An inexpensive way to refresh your suspension. Learn More
  28. Hardware not shown
    Turn a set of frame rails into a full butterfly brace! Learn More
  29. MiataHubs replacement bearing with included hardware
    If all goes according to plan, you'll never need this. But just in case... Learn More
  30. FM Level 1 Pressure Plate 1.8, HD
  31. FM Level 2 Pressure Plate 1.8, Super HD
  32. Weld-in version
  33. With black face and bezel installed
    A highly accurate wideband controller integrated into a standard 2 inch gauge. Now faster with a wider range of readings! Learn More
  34. V-Maxx secondary spring kit
    Just the helpers, ma'am. Learn More
  35. Drill and tap for installing hood lifts
  36. Blank gauge panel for NA/NB dashboards
    Build your own gauge cluster. Learn More
  37. The separator
  38. Rear main/crankshaft seal for NA/NB
    We recommend changing this with every clutch change. Learn More
  39. 3" lift kit. Shown with 215/65-15 tires and spacers. Effective offset is +20 front, +5 rear.
  40. The lock in place.
    Your alignment will never slip under load again. Learn More
  41. Eccentric bolt lock kit
    New parts along with the exclusive Paco Motorsports eccentric lock. Learn More
  42. Brackets for rear NA/NB Little Big Brake Kit
  43. 5mm 5x114.3 wheel spacer
    Need to space your wheels out just a little bit more? Here you go! Learn More
  44. Dual valve spring kit
    For the most extreme Miata engine builds - with titanium retainers. Ooooo. Learn More
  45. Big nose crank seal
    Recommended with every timing belt change. Learn More
  46. ND Not Included
    These should be replaced when doing a timing belt. Learn More
  47. Complete polyurethane bushing kit for NA and NB
    Banish rubber from your suspension with this complete polyurethane bushing set. Learn More
  48. Timing belt and pulleys
    Just the belt and pulleys. As used in our timing belt kit. Learn More
  49. NA/NB Rear Upper Control Arm Bushings
  50. These are actually rear brackets, but it's the only picture we have right now...

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