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  1. MiataHubs replacement bearing with included hardware
    If all goes according to plan, you'll never need this. But just in case... Learn More
  2. Miata Hub ABS spacers with hardware
    Required to make ABS work on a MiataHub car Learn More
  3. Clutch accessory kit for FM level 1 NA/NB clutch
  4. Clutch accessory kit for FM level 2 NA/NB clutch
    Replacement pilot and throwout bearing Learn More
  5. Redline MTL synthetic gear oil
  6. Product may vary slightly from the picture
  7. FM gas pedal extension only (NA/NB)
    By popular demand - as found in our pedal kits. Learn More
  8. 949Racing aluminum tire valve
  9. FPR adapter
    Fit an FPR to a 1/4 NPT hole Learn More
  10. M10x1 metric brake tee
    M10x1 inverted flare brake tee Learn More
  11. May differ slightly in appearance
    Useful when you remove the stock proportioning valve. Learn More
  12. Note: these are sold individually, not as a pair.
  13. Banjo fitting for turbo water supply
    Replacement banjo fitting for turbo water lines. Learn More
  14. OS Giken 80w-250 differential fluid
    Special fluid for the OS Giken differential Learn More
  15. Parts are shown in green. Sold individually.
  16. Low profile banjo bolts
    Low-profile front banjo bolts for improved wheel clearance. Learn More
  17. DeatschWerks 165 LPH fuel pump
  18. Mazda front hub nut
    Factory front hub nut. Learn More
  19. Knock Sensor MOUNT

    Regular Price: $19.59

    Special Price $11.99

    For the aftermarket ECU enthusiasts. Learn More
  20. 14mm aluminum crush washer
    NB oil drain plug washer, or 14mm banjo bolt washer. Learn More
  21. Flyin' Miata rear tow hook
    A rear tow hook for your street or track Miata. Learn More
  22. Intercooler w/ hardware, 1990-1997
  23. NA aftermarket fuel filter (Nippon-brand)
  24. Thermostat, 180 degree
    A replacement thermostat that opens at 180 degrees F. Learn More
  25. 180 degree thermostat with gasket (Miata not included!)
    A replacement thermostat that opens at 180 degrees F. Learn More
  26. Despite the taco shell packaging, we do not recommend eating King XP bearings.

    Regular Price: $64.99

    Special Price $39.99

    Strong bearings for high load Learn More
  27. FM lower radiator hose
    A better-flowing hose for turbo cars - and everyone. Learn More
  28. Braided stainless steel brake line kit (NA/NB)
  29. Rear stainless steel brake line kit
    Two rear lines and associated parts Learn More
  30. Replacement parking brake cables for Wilwood calipers
  31. O-ring for oil pump
    Replace when the pump is out. Learn More
  32. NA free flow drop-in air filter
    Free-flowing replacement for stock filter. Learn More
  33. ARP main cap studs (NA/NB)
    Custom designed for the 1990-05 Miata. Set of ten studs. Learn More
  34. ARP head studs
    Custom designed for the Miata. Learn More
  35. Upgraded PCV valve
    A stronger spring in this PCV valve lets it deal with boost. Learn More
  36. Main body of reroute, not all parts shown

    From: $299.00

    To: $387.56

    The best coolant reroute on the market - unless you have a turbo. Then it's really the only coolant reroute on the market! Learn More
  37. NA Not Included
    It's inexpensive, critical and difficult to replace. Always install a new one. Learn More
  38. 1990-05 Hard Dog Sport roll bar (double diagonal)
  39. Carrillo H beam rods
    They don`t get any stronger. Learn More
  40. M10x1 inverted flare to NPT adapter
    Install a proportioning valve in your Miata without flaring tools! Learn More
  41. Big nose crank seal
    Recommended with every timing belt change. Learn More
  42. Shown with the optional vinyl cover
    Fat tubing and hard top compatibility. Previously known as the "Hard Core Hard Top" Learn More
  43. NA stock replacement style radiator
    Stock replacement radiator with extra capacity. Learn More
  44. Thermostat housing o-ring
    If you need it, you need it. Learn More
  45. ATI Damper pulley kit (1991-95)
    Keep your bearings and oil pump happy with this Super Damper. Learn More
  46. Hard Dog Harness Bar
    Add a solid harness mount to any NA or NB Miata. Learn More
  47. EGR cap
    For cars with deleted EGR. Learn More
  48. ND Not Included
    Don't go for the RTV. Learn More
  49. Moroso coolant overflow tank for NA
    A fabricated aluminum overflow tank from the magicians at Moroso. Learn More
  50. Garrett Turbo Connection Kit for FM Coolant Reroute

List Grid

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1-50 of 395

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