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  1. Redline MTL synthetic gear oil
    The favorite gear oil of Miata owners. Learn More
  2. May differ slightly in appearance
    Useful when you remove the stock proportioning valve. Learn More
  3. M10x1 metric brake tee
    M10x1 inverted flare brake tee Learn More
  4. 949Racing aluminum tire valve
  5. OS Giken 80w-250 differential fluid
    Special fluid for the OS Giken differential Learn More
  6. Rear sway bar bushings for NC
    New bushings for aftermarket rear sway bars Learn More
  7. M10x1 inverted flare to NPT adapter
    Install a proportioning valve in your Miata without flaring tools! Learn More
  8. FM-valved Koni Sport shock set (NC chassis)
    One of the classic Miata shocks, custom-valved for Flyin' Miata - and a $180 price drop. Learn More
  9. The GM flex fuel sensor

    Regular Price: $179.00

    Special Price $139.00

    The minimum needed to run flex fuel. Learn More
  10. 16 psi / 1.1 bar radiator cap
    Good stock-type replacement. Learn More
  11. 22-23 psi radiator cap
    Keep that pressure inside the cooling system. Learn More
  12. Redline 75W90 differential gear oil
    For open or limited slip differentials Learn More
  13. Redline MT-90 synthetic gear oil
    Greater protection for hard-working gearboxes. Learn More
  14. Redline lightweight Shockproof gear oil
  15. Redline Water Wetter
    Increase the cooling capacity of your fluid. Learn More
  16. Redline S1 fuel injector cleaner
    Clean injectors are happy injectors. Learn More
  17. FM windshield banner.
    The coolest Miatas have FM banners on them. Free with any order over $100! Learn More
  18. Carbon look
    The best hood pin setup out there. As used on our V8 conversions! Locking version. Learn More
  19. Non-locking black
    The best hood pin setup out there. As used on our V8 conversions! Non-locking version. Learn More
  20. note the handy reference torque!
  21. Solo DL

    From: $759.00

    To: $837.99

    The best way to improve your track performance. Learn More
  22. Weld-in version
    Available in both no-weld and welded versions Learn More
  23. Highlighted for your convenience. Sold in pairs.
  24. Better picture to come.
    Add a sensor port to a -8 AN line Learn More
  25. NA/NB/NC front
  26. Turbosmart e-Boost Street electronic boost control
    Easy to use and increased performance! Learn More
  27. Flyin' Miata  forged turbo pistons by Wiseco (NC 2.0 MZR)
    Very strong 9.5:1 compression pistons for the NC Learn More
  28. It may not look like much, but it's the key to your steering.

    Regular Price: $109.00

    Special Price $79.99

    Deal with your power steering clearance issues with no welding. Learn More
  29. Moroso aluminum coolant expansion tank for NC
    Bombproof your cooling system and potentially save your engine. Learn More
  30. Rotors are sold in pairs
    Replacement rotors for our NC LBBK Learn More
  31. Put yourself here!
    Miatas love boost. Boost loves Miatas. Everybody loves Miata shirts.
    Sorry, the order period for this shirt has ended. Learn More
  32. Porterfield R4S sport brake pads, front, NC
  33. Hoses not shown.

    Regular Price: $309.00

    Special Price $249.00

    A factory oil cooler upgrade Learn More
  34. NC Flyin Miata naturally aspirated stainless steel exhaust
  35. We know it's a terrible picture, and we apologize.
    A race radiator for the latest generation. Learn More
  36. NC Hard Dog Sport roll bar, soft top cars
    Clean and effective rollover protection for the NC. Learn More
  37. Super Blue brake fluid is no longer included with this kit.

    From: $269.00

    To: $645.76

    Make your stock brakes work better than new. Learn More
  38. Super Blue brake fluid is no longer included in the kit.

    From: $647.00

    To: $725.76

    Make your stock brakes work better than new. Learn More
  39. Please note - the rotors no longer have black coating on them, and fluid is no longer included.

    From: $657.00

    To: $735.76

    Make your stock brakes work better than new. Learn More
  40. The Transformer roll bar in track mode
  41. Shown with optional red calipers
    Strap a set of Wilwood front calipers on your NC without breaking the bank. Learn More
  42. Flyin' Miata Moroso V8 oil pan kit
  43. Dimpled NA/NB version
    The headers from our exhaust kit, available separately. Great for DIY setups. Learn More
  44. California emissions retrofit kit for Flyin' Miata supercharger
    Do you have a Flyin' Miata supercharger and you live in California? Make yourself legal! Learn More
  45. Flyin' Miata NC four wheel Little Big Brake Kit

    From: $1,474.00

    To: $1,724.00

    Put Wilwood calipers all around your NC without breaking the bank. Great pedal feel, more than 15 lbs of weight savings and enough stopping power to reign in a rampaging V8. Now available with a six piston front caliper in case you'd like to stop the rotation of the earth. Learn More
  46. Flyin' Miata brake lines for Wilwood front calipers, NC
    Replacement lines for Wilwood-equipped cars. Learn More
  47. Modified ND Front V8 Subframe

    From: $81.00

    To: $2,879.00

    Stuff a V8 under hood! Learn More
  48. Choose your favorite or collect the whole set.
    Which Miata is your favorite? Tell the world by putting your allegiance on your chest! Learn More
  49. Bronze 17x8 NC 6UL package
  50. Magnetic oil plug
    It's an oil plug that's magnetic. Learn More

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