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  1. Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 1.5 suspension package (NA chassis)

    From: $1,069.03

    To: $1,165.77

    Springs, shocks and upper shock mounts for a great ride and great handling. Now $120 less expensive!

    Learn More
  2. Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 2 suspension package (NC chassis)
  3. Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 1 suspension package (NC chassis)
  4. Black shown (no longer available)
  5. Flyin' Miata rear shock mounts
  6. Flyin' Miata NC four wheel Little Big Brake Kit

    From: $1,474.00

    To: $1,724.00

    Put Wilwood calipers all around your NC without breaking the bank. Great pedal feel, more than 15 lbs of weight savings and enough stopping power to reign in a rampaging V8. Now available with a six piston front caliper in case you'd like to stop the rotation of the earth. Learn More
  7. Six piston kit, front
  8. How to stop a 500 hp Miata

    From: $1,239.00

    To: $1,985.78

    The biggest brakes. If you want to stop the fastest ND Miata in the world, it's what you use. Six pistons and nearly 13" of rotor diameter. Learn More
  9. Flyin' Miata springs for the NC chassis
    Great handling without a killer ride. Learn More
  10. 3" lift kit. Shown with 215/65-15 tires and spacers. Effective offset is +20 front, +5 rear.
  11. Big Mama Jama six piston Stage 1 kit

    From: $1,224.00

    To: $2,141.77

    Need maximum whoa for your go? Put 11" rotors all around with as many as 20 pistons. Spec out your perfect brake kit from a range of options. Learn More
  12. ND V8 exhaust kit

    From: $3,399.00

    To: $5,999.00

    A true dual with active sound levels. You can feel the horsepower. Learn More
  13. Fronts in red (photo from Automobile Magazine)

    From: $939.00

    To: $1,685.78

    Excellent track day brakes. Two or four wheel options. Learn More
  14. How To Build a High Performance Mazda Miata
    Fill your head with the knowledge you need to build a fast Miata! This book covers the theory and function of the parts that make your Miata perform. It'll help you build the perfect car for you. Learn More
  15. Complete kit.
  16. FM V8 ND Headers for LS V8 conversions
    Big tubes, big power, small space. Learn More
  17. Complete kit shown in black (see color notes). Parking brake cables not shown.

    From: $1,049.00

    To: $1,299.00

    The ultimate autocross brake package. Four-piston calipers all around, an SCCA legal parking brake and clearance for 13" wheels.

    Learn More
  18. Anodized Front LBBK installed
  19. note the handy reference torque!
  20. 10 mm 4x100 wheel spacer
    For 10 mm of extra space inside your wheels Learn More
  21. 17x8 6UL for NC in Tungsten

    Regular Price: $249.00

    Special Price $229.00

    Light and strong wheels for the NC. Available in three colors. Learn More
  22. ARP extended wheel studs
  23. Tungsten 17x9 6ULs with 245/40-17 tires
    Light and strong wheels designed specifically for your ND. Learn More
  24. 3 mm 4x100 wheel spacer
    Need to space your wheels out just a little bit? Here you go! Learn More
  25. 949Racing aluminum tire valve
  26. 3mm 5x114.3 wheel spacer
    Need to space your wheels out just a little bit? Here you go! Learn More
  27. Ceramic with 245/40-17 RE-71 tires
    A smooth dark center with a crisp machined outer lip. Mmmm. Learn More
  28. Nickel vs Tungsten. Taken outside in full sunlight.
    The standard of the industry. Available in your choice of five colors. Learn More
  29. Low profile banjo bolts
    Low-profile front banjo bolts for improved wheel clearance. Learn More
  30. 6UL wheel centering ring

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