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V8 Habus for sale



We've only ever built one Laguna Blue Habu, and it's looking for a new owner. At only $35,000, we expect this car to sell quickly. SOLD

You can see the build diary here: https://www.flyinmiata.com/V8/Newton.

1994 Laguna Blue A-package, black interior, original cloth seats, Miata R chin spoiler. Full “Habu” build by Flyin’ Miata in 2010, using all brand new parts. At the time of the conversion, we replaced the complete drivetrain, complete cooling system, complete fuel system,suspension bushings, much of the brake system and went over the entire thing from front to back.

The driving experience is fantastic. The exhaust has an intoxicating stereo burble on overrun, and of course it has massive torque and power available at any engine speed. Road and Track tested a similar car and measured a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds - starting in second gear. The brakes are strong and quiet and the structure of the car is as solid as can be. Mileage on the highway is around 26 mpg, with the engine turning over at a relaxed 2000 rpm at 75 mph.

When Automobile Magazine drove one of our cars, they called it "an utterly modern automobile that has the friendly personality of a Miata, only with the dark soul of a V-8".
Road and Track added "there's little evidence that FM's car isn't factory-made. The shifter and hydraulic clutch are only slightly stiffer than the original units, the gauges all work, and the power steering retains most of the Miata's brilliant clarity".
Hooniverse summed up their drive by stating the V8 Miata "could be the best car I’ve ever driven, simply because it is the car that has made me smile the most."

The car is as-delivered from FM, except for Guerra Group PCM tune, new Miata-script floor mats and interior-mounted Halotron fire extinguisher.


  • GM Performance Parts LS376/480 crate engine (LS3 with hotcam)
  • GM “Corvette LS3” carbon-look engine covers
  • Tremec T56 six-speed manual transmission
  • Cadillac CTS limited slip differential – 3.46 ratio
  • FM aluminum driveshaft
  • Oil cooler, power steering cooler
  • Air conditioning
  • Custom FM crossflow radiator for LS3 applications
  • Custom FM single outlet exhaust with catalytic converters (not California legal)
  • V-Maxx coilover suspension
  • FM swaybars
  • 949 Racing 6UL 15x9 wheels, 225/45-15 Toyo R888 road racing tires
  • Wilwood big brakes
  • Hard Dog Double Diagonal roll bar with leather cover
  • Interior is factory stock except includes Mazdaspeed shift knob, aftermarket stereo head unit, and oil temp/water temp gauges
  • Black soft top with plastic window in excellent condition
  • 178K miles on the body - 8K since conversion
  • No maintenance problems since conversion except two loose ground wires that took two minutes each to fix
  • More than $50,000 invested, asking $35,000.