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V8 cars for sale

This doesn't happen very often.

There are two FM-built V8 cars for sale at the same time - Moonshine and Bert. They differ slightly in specification but not attention to detail.

Only one car remains available.

The driving experience is fantastic. The exhaust has an intoxicating stereo burble on overrun, and of course it has massive torque and power available at any engine speed. Top up, it's a relaxed highway cruiser that eats up the miles with the comfort of the best suspension available for the Miata. Mileage on the highway is around 26 mpg, with the engine turning over at a relaxed 2000 rpm at 75 mph. But if you let it off the leash, it's capable of shocking performance. The car shrinks around you and you discover it's a razor-sharp tool that has endless, easily controlled power. No other car has such a successful dual personality.

When Automobile Magazine drove one of our cars, they called it "an utterly modern automobile that has the friendly personality of a Miata, only with the dark soul of a V-8".
Road and Track added "there's little evidence that FM's car isn't factory-made. The shifter and hydraulic clutch are only slightly stiffer than the original units, the gauges all work, and the power steering retains most of the Miata's brilliant clarity".
TopSpeed summed up their drive by stating "I have never had the keys to anything as well rounded and wonderful to drive...for lack of a better word, this car is essentially perfect."


This is a car we know well. First we built it up as a fast turbo car, then it took the ultimate step to V8 status. It's a great, well-loved example of the breed.

See the build

We completed this build in 2014. Since we delivered it at Road Atlanta, it's covered just over 23,000 miles including one trip to Flyin' Miata for our Summer Camp. The chassis has just under 110,000 miles on it but the V8 build involved refreshing and reinforcing almost everything so it feels new. Like so many of our V8 builds, it's a no-fuss car that just gets used and lives covered in a garage when it's between drives. Unfortunately, health concerns are forcing the sale.

The specification is typical for an FM-built NB. The engine is a 430 hp with the EROD engine management which makes it easy to get through an emissions check. The AFCO suspension gives fantastic body control over all surfaces. Naturally, the car retains Miata steering, suspension geometry and all the parts that make the Miata such a fun car to drive - no solid axles here!


  • GM Performance Parts LS3 EROD crate engine
  • Tremec T56 six-speed manual transmission
  • Getrag differential with 3.73 ratio
  • FM aluminum driveshaft and upgraded halfshafts
  • FM cold air intake
  • Air conditioning and cruise control
  • Custom FM crossflow radiator for LS3 applications
  • FM V8 dual exhaust
  • FM AFCO suspension, professionally cornerweighted
  • FM swaybars
  • Kosei K4R 15x8 wheels with brand new 225/45-15 Nexen N FERA tires
  • FM four wheel big brake kit
  • aluminum hood louvers, colormatched to the hood
  • Aerocatch hood latches, colormatched to the hood

The car is currently in Lexington, KY. Asking price is $38,000. Please contact Pat Malloy.

Bert - SOLD

Bert was a one-owner car when that owner brought it to us for the conversion in 2010. It had about 32,000 miles at the time and still has around 46,000 miles. You can see the build diary here: https://www.flyinmiata.com/V8/Bert. The engine is the 480 hp variant.

Offered at $39,000. Be warned, these cars sell very quickly so we recommend fast action if you're interested. The car is sold.

When the original owner sold the car, it came back to us for an update and a few modifications. The current owner also made a few changes, so the car is quite current. It has passed emissions tests in both Texas and does not require a test in the current state of Indiana.


  • GM Performance Parts LS376/480 crate engine (LS3 with hotcam)
  • Tuned to 445 hp and 430 lb-ft torque at the wheels
  • Tremec T56 six-speed manual transmission
  • Cadillac CTS limited slip differential – 3.42 ratio
  • FM aluminum driveshaft
  • FM cold air intake
  • Air conditioning
  • Custom FM crossflow radiator for LS3 applications
  • FM dual exhaust (cat delete pipes are included)
  • V-Maxx coilover suspension, professionally cornerweighted
  • Paco locks on eccentrics
  • FM swaybars
  • Advanti Storm S1 15x9 wheels with 225/45-15 BFG Rival S tires (800 miles)
  • FM Stage 1 four wheel big brake kit.
  • Hard Dog Double Diagonal roll bar with leather cover and harness bar
  • Delrin door bushings
  • Interior is factory stock other than a foamectory and door pull modification/wheel/e-brake mods for taller driver (stock parts included)
  • Original soft top with plastic window in excellent condition
  • 42,000 miles - 10K since conversion