We sell a lot of parts for the Mazdaspeed. It's enough to really confuse you, isn't it? Well, here's our recommendation on a good upgrade path to take. 

1. Intake. Ideally the complete intake kit. This will give you a good boost in power for a low price.

2. Downpipe. It's probably the most popular upgrade for Mazdaspeeds and for good reason. It will smooth out the boost rise and make the car more driveable under all conditions. Why wasn't it number one? Well, it was a close call. It's a little more difficult to install than the intake, so it got number two.

3. Exhaust. Get rid of the last restriction in the system for more power and a nice purr from the tailpipe.

4. Intercooler. It's not going to necessarily make any more power, but it will prevent your car from getting slower as it heats up. Even stock Mazdaspeeds suffer from heat soak and the higher power from other upgrades only makes this worse.

Okay, there's the easy stuff done. The car is now at around 200 hp at the rear wheels, makes a great noise and doesn't get slower as you drive it. This is our Little Enchilada package. This is a very popular level, as it's easy to do and improves the car all around.

The stock injectors are at their limit, so now it gets a little more expensive.

5. Aftermarket engine management. We can't help you here - we recomend you go to Motorsport Electronics or DIY Autotune for one of their offerings. But to make any more power, you need...

5a. Larger injectors. With great power comes the need for great amounts of fuel. These will solve that problem. Not compatible with a stock ECU.

By this point, the car is able to run 220+ rwhp safely on the stock clutch. That's the limit of the stock turbo.

If you want to go further, it's time to look for the Garrett turbo conversion.


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  1. Complete Little Enchilada (minus the boost gauge)
    The Little Enchilada
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    Optimize your Mazdaspeed with our package of fundamental upgrades - intake, downpipe, exhaust and intercooler. Save over buying the parts individually!

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  2. Shown with all options for a stock ECU
    Mazdaspeed intake package
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    Solve all of your Mazdaspeed's breathing problems at once. Learn More
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