Flyin' Miata Summer Camp

Back in 1997, Bill Cardell threw a BBQ to thank local Flyin' Miata customers for their business. Over the next 22 years, the event grew and grew. Track days, dyno runs, ridealongs, autocrosses, multi-day tours, scenic drives, technical seminars, Q&A sessions, car shows - and of course, food. But the one constant was the purpose, to thank our customers.

For 2021, we're taking a leap into a new kind of Summer Camp. We're going virtual. This will allow anyone to take part, including those who aren't able to travel to Flyin' Miata World Headquarters in Colorado. This is new to us as well but here's what we currently have planned:

  • Virtual car show with prizes
  • Technical seminars and new product deep dives
  • Virtual ridealongs on road and track in various cars
  • An event central for everyone to hang out
  • Various tours of the shop and cars
  • A special registration packet with goodies

Watch this space for more details, but here's the big thing you need to know: the 23rd annual (but first virtual!) Flyin' Miata Summer Camp will be held on June 12, 2021. No need to make any hotel reservations this time! 

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