Flyin' Miata and FedEx

 ReTo ensure you get your products sooner, we use FedEx as our primary shipping partner. FedEx Home offers free Saturday delivery throughout the US and even delivers on Sunday in many urban areas. This cuts down the time in transit drastically - Atlanta customers, for example, will get their parts 4 days sooner than with our previous options!

How soon will you get your parts with free shipping? Check out the map! Please note that smaller items may go via USPS Priority Mail, which also delivers on Saturdays but may have different time in transit. 

We always try to get orders out as soon as possible, but expedited shipments are given priority. We cannot guaratee arrival dates for packages shipped as part of our free shipping program.

Please note: expedited methods do not deliver on Saturday or Sunday as they're handled by a different business unit over at FedEx. This means, weirdly, that expedited methods may arrive after our free shipping methods will if you order in the second half of the week. There is not anything we can do about this, it's more a result of our fast free shipping than the expedited methods. We do, however, give expedited shipping methods priority when it comes to getting orders packed and on the truck.

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