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We're the f****** best!
Awh man! You guys are the f***** best. Thanks a lot for the personable service and quick response time. It really does mean a lot to your customers.
Have the best holiday ever, or else.

Very respectfully,

Zachary Doherty, Airman First Class, United States Air Force
Zachary Doherty 

Great customer service!
Thank you for the extra effort to get my order out the door quickly and complete. You hold true to your reputation of great customer service, second to none. Darrell Savoy 
Darrell Savoy 

You have a customer for life
Just wanted to again say thank you for all the help you gave me and to let you know what everyone already knows. Your products are amazing the difference between how the car handles is night and day I was able to break into the 9 minute mark with heavy traffic Sunday (at the Nurburgring)and am confident low nines is in reach. I look forward to dealing with you guys many more times in the future and just wanted to tell you have a customer for life. 
Alex B 

Satisfied customer

Hello Flyinmiata sales representative,

I just wanted to contact you and let you know about the positive experience I had purchasing my Hard Dog roll bar and strut tower brace from your website. The items shipped quickly, were easy to install, and came with adequate directions.

I was also very impressed when I received a call from your sales department from a nice woman, several days after I made the purchase. She called to make sure I received everything I ordered and that I was able to install them properly.

This thoughtful approach and attention to detail is what inspires return customers - one of whom I expect to be.


Thomas Juncadella
Thomas Juncadella 

Hey Bill. I received my order lickety-split and I have to say that out of the dozen or so Miata-related vendors I've dealt with over the years, Flyin' Miata has the best service level. I`m impressed that you are passing down the savings on the new wheels down to your group buy customers as well. That`s the way it`s done!

If you are interested in cheap promotion here in Canada, throw in a windshield banner with my Jongbloed wheels and I will proudly display it at the Canadian National Autoslalom Championships this summer. I'm building a CSP car and am planning on attracting the photographers' attention with a set of shark teeth. Lol. I'm making an assumption but I`m betting that the former official Targa NFLD photographer, Gordon Sleigh will be among those attending.
Richard Hodge 

I guess I'm probably like a lot of your customers. It seems to defy reason to put $10,000 in to a car that is only worth $ 5,000 on a good day.
The irony, of course, is that some of these same customers (probably including me) will pay big bucks for a sports car that will depreciate $ 20,000 during the time they own it, cost a lot more to run, AND be slower on track than a well driven turbo Miata; and that *doesn't* seem to defy reason. Go figure… 
Happy customer 

I feel like part of the family.
There is reason you guys are considered by most to be the best…it is simply because you are.
My odyssey with Miata’s started less than a year ago when a friend of mine named Chris took me for a ride in his very well equipped Miata at Roebling Road. I was hooked. I started shopping for one on EBay on the ride home to Orlando.
I finally found a silver 1992 NA with only 24,000 original miles and a hard top. The fun began with suspension, roll bar, racing seats and harnesses. It quickly progressed into header, exhaust, Torsen rear end and so on and so on. You guys all know the drill every Miata owner goes through.
Taking my car to the various race tracks in the Southeast for DE events and letting my limited skill build led my mind towards more power…and boy did I get it.
Against the advice of almost everyone I knew, I decided the best course of action for me was to trailer my car 2200 miles in one direction and have Flyin Miata install an FMII turbo kit with all the extra goodies. Most of them said “install it yourself” and while that sounds like a lot of fun, it was frankly beyond my capability. While I was at it, my wife Agnes and I would get to spend a wonderful week in lovely Colorado.
Meeting the fine people at Flyin' Miata was such a treat. From the minute we walked in Brandon was polite, friendly and gave us a tour of the entire shop and showed me everything they were working on. Eric and Kyle began working on my car as soon as we pulled in because of my schedule to get back to Florida.
We left them alone for a few days and anything that came up during the install was soon handled by a quick email from Jeremy asking which direction I would like to go in. There is no way in which this process could have worked any smoother.
Cut to 5 days later and I picked up my 1.6 FMII boosted car which made 232 uncorrected HP on their dyno! This is amazing for a 1.6…and this was at 10 lbs of boost no less!
I know that it may not be in everyone’s budget or time frame to be able to have Flyin Miata install their turbo, but if you can…I would seriously consider it. They are amazing craftsmen and at the top of their game. Add to that the level of professionalism and the friendliness of the staff and it is an UNBEATABLE experience.
So I want to thank Brandon, Eric, Kyle, Jeremy, Keith, Bill and all the others that work behind the scenes at Flyin Miata for all their help and amazing customer service. They truly made my wife and I feel like part of the family.
You guys have a lifetime customer in me.
Sean Monett  

Hi Bill,

I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for what you provide to the Miata community. I have tried to use other suppliers for things that you do not offer and I have been beyond disappointed with the customer service and lack of follow through from the folks that I have tried to deal with. It's unfathomable that some people can stay in business with the abhorrent level of service they provide. I can't even get a response from email trying to buy things from some places. When I call to ask what the deal is, they say they don't have what I need in stock, which I assume is why it wasn't worth it for them to respond to my email. Flyin' Miata has always put customer service first, and that means a lot to me, and I am sure everyone else does as well. I have and will continue to buy everything I need that you offer from you, I'm just sad that some things I need aren't offered at Flyin' Miata. I understand that there is no way you can have everything, I just want you to know that as a customer, I appreciate everything you guys do for us.

Best regards,
Jason Wade
Jason Wade 

Love you guys!
I wish I could "LIKE" a company more than once. Maybe a "LOVE" button ? (Wait that sounds dirty, forget that, lol) You guys never cease to amaze. Seriously; a follow up phone call to see if all my parts arrived/installed ok? With tech help offered too? Somebody pinch me, dreaming.
🚗____💨. Mark Emm
From a Facebook message 
Mark Emm 

The other day I ordered the 95 1.8 EGR block off plate and manifold cap. I received an email saying the block off plate was on back order and the cap would be held to ship them together. Well since I didn't want a big hole right at my manifold for an extended amount of time, I called to ask when the block off plate would be ready. When I called, Kevin answered the phone and was very helpful and friendly with my questions. When I mentioned that I wanted the parts separately because I desperately needed the cap, instead of just saying whatever like I expected he went to ask someone if they could assemble it quickly for me so they could ship them both at the same time. Although the answer was no and I would have to wait for the plate, the fact that Kevin went above and beyond to try and get one specifically for me really separates your company from the rest, and I look forward towards making another purchase through you. 
Austin Paxton 

Feedback: Flyin' Miata + MSM + Track

I thought I'd drop you an email for some feedback on some of your products as they relate to my track event this past weekend.

For the event (NASA Northeast, HPDE at Lightning course), I had the Hydra, 700cc DW injectors, Crossflow, and Stage2 fan pack installed, in addition to the prior owner's installation of the FM full intake, complete exhaust, FM SS brake lines, and FM sway bars.

The car ran absolutely fantastic!
• I had zero cooling issues, although I didn't have an exact gauge to see the temps. The Hydra's reduced rev limit temperature trim never cut in, and it was already under 200f by the end of the minute or so that it took to get from the track to my paddock spot.
• The Hydra's transient throttle improvements over the OEM ECU are stellar, enabling smooth and consistent mid-corner throttle application to roll in the power. I don't know that I'd be able to drive on an OEM ECU ever again. I knew that it was an improvement from the past few weeks on the street, but the track REALLY highlighted the improvement.
• I surprised many students and instructors with the acceleration ability of the MSM, enabling easy and quick passing once pointed by. It even impressed one instructor that was there with his Ford 302 swapped NA Miata
The FM2 installation is going to be waiting a while longer, as I have several points that I clearly need to address before I add that power. One is gearing, as I was already just starting to tap the 6th gear rev limiter down the front straight right before the braking zone. The FM2 would largely demolish that. I have a 3.63 rear gear set in hand, and will be having that installed in the next month or so, ideally I'm going to have Agile install the FM clutch Happy Meal at the same time as well, though I'm trying to figure out the funding at the moment before I put that purchase in since I was originally planning on paying for those with the sale of the OEM turbo components. Cornering grip was lower than the instructors expected, though this was mostly due to the 340 treadwear tires. I have a set of RS3s in the basement waiting on a set of 15x9 6ULs to mount them on, so this will be remedied. Another instructor-recommended upgrade is my shock/spring combination, which will be the FM Stage 1, also pending funding.

I'll be in touch when I have things in line to order more. Thanks for the support!

-Mike McIver
Mike McIver 

Phenominal support
I've been ordering performance upgrades and maintenance parts from FM since I bought my '95 in 1998 and have consistently received top notch service. It has been a slow yet methodical process, including a multi-year gap during which my dad took over ownership and enjoyed the car in its mostly stock form. Now that the car is mine again, I have begun waking the car up with the FM 2.5 suspension, FM cat., Hard Dog M1, FM Butterfly Brace, FM Shock Tower Brace, intake, cat-back, and other minor modifications and upgrades. Brakes, cooling, clutch and flywheel, and ultimately a turbo kit will be improved/added as time and money allow. Special kudos to Brandon and Tami for their excellent technical and sales support!  
Toby Hamer 

Overall accountability for customer service and quality assurance
Hello my name is Derak Bell, and I have been a diehard Flyin Miata customer for nearly 4 years, but more than that, I have been questioning and bouncing things around wanting to know everything I can about my Miata, and the Miatas that interest me most (90-05).
I have learned such a massive amount about my car and how to implement things when it comes to installs or builds with specific parts. And the only people I can really thanks is FM. I have sent thousands of emails to FM with questions and just sometimes what a tech at FM thought about how I wanted to build something and just see what their advice would be or to give me suggestions on how it might work better, and really the whole process has ultimately changed my life, I have one specific person I would like to give a special thanks to, and that’s Brandon Fitch, no matter how many emails or calls or questions I throw at him he always gets back to me with a detailed answer, and since the first email, I have kept everyone of them for a reference, so in the future I have to ask less and less questions.
It has been a pure pleasure dealing with FM, the parts are amazing and reliable, and really strong, customer service is second to none. FM has opened my eyes to so much more than I thought my lil car could be and it really has from the bottom of my heart changed my life, forever, my father loved Miatas, and he would have been proud to see me excel in what he loves to do and work on so much (RIP). Thank you for your help and your guidance, so I can carry that on to my son, and I will always be an FM fanatic for life.  
Derak Bell 

Hello Tami my order number is 85041, I have always had good experience with
FM's shipping, although my last order took a little longer than expected but
we can blame that on the holidays! FM has great shipping and the people in
the shipping Dept can pull off some amazing stuff, thank you for the email
and have a great day at the shop, be safe!
Derak Bell 

Thank you.
I had some trepidation about making this big of an investment in my 91 Miata. My biggest concern was that Chicago is a long way from FM headquarters. My mechanic is an import specialist with the bulk of his work done on Porsches. A few phone calls with Bill Cardell and Keith Tanner put those concerns to rest. FM shared a set of instructions with my mechanic, who agreed to a flat installation fee based on FM's installation hours estimate. Keith's advice and support through the sales call made it easy to decide which upgrade parts to order. Anytime there was a question, FM was there to lend a hand. 
Jonathan DeWoskin 

Great customer Service

Just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for all your help. Great customer service from the entire Flyin' Miata team.

Nelson R 

You never fail...
Thanks Brandon,

I have to say, I appreciate that you take the time to answer emails like this. You guys never fail to support your customers.

Jake T 

John Lucas 1997 M Edition
My name is John Lucas. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Four years ago I purchased a used 1997 Miata M Edition for my wife for our 25th wedding anniversary. She refers to it as the “Blissmobile”.

I felt this obligation, for some time, to write in and pay my respects to the people at Flying Miata and the manner in which they conduct themselves and their business. The only two sources I go to for my Miata parts are Flying Miata and my local dealership.

The catch with the dealership is how their stock Miata parts are guaranteed to fit first time every time. Without a doubt, there are positive things to be said for that aspect.

I found the same to be true with the parts I ordered from Flying Miata. This also goes for custom parts as well. In addition to this, I can call and speak with a technician about any part I am interested in purchasing or the accompanying modification I am planning to make to the car. When I tell my friends about this organization, I refer to it as “old school” regarding the respectful, courteous and grateful manner in which they relate to their customers. Somebody had their head on straight when they assembled this organization. I look forward to continued business with this company as well as for their ongoing success.  
John Lucas 

Awesome Amber!
I just wanted to personally inform you that Amber is nothing short of awesome, and has been a major help to me this week. Thanks again for all of the effort Flyin’ Miata puts in to customer service. I am certain I have tested her patience this week. This weekend I will start the engine build, and by the 24th I expect to have the car running like a beast. I miss driving her. I will be sure to send some pictures! (and possibly some goodies in the mail)
Have a great week.
Dale Dougherty 

More great service!
Thank you so much. Flyin' Miata is by far the best!! You guys are truly amazing, both knowledgeable and great customer service. Normal, I'm saying from experience from other places, you get one or the other.
So thank you, and i look forward to doing future business with you,

Ryan Evers 

quality parts
Dear folks at Flyin' Miata; I recently ordered a timing belt kit and crank holding tool from you all and I would like to thank you for the excellent service and quality parts. I was very pleased to see that the belt is Conti and the v.c. gasket is Japanese, not Hecho in China. The tool worked a treat and although I hope to not use it again anytime soon it will occupy a place in my toolbox. I ordered some stuff from one of your competitors and am still awaiting delivery. I plan to keep the car until it wears out so you will hear from me first whenever I need parts. Thanks again for the splendid service.
Christof von Steiger
Christof Steiger 

Thank you!
I received my order today! I worked in Receiving at Best Buy in college, and I can tell you that sensitive electronics do not get packaged as nicely as my order from FM was. Everything looks great, and it is all there. If it wasn’t for the day job, I would already have Super Squirrel up on jack stands. It will likely be a few weekends before I can install them and report back to you the awesome results. I may be making my next order be the roll bar (to make the car HPDE compliant), instead of the suspension kit. I don’t know if I can afford everything by the 19th of Nov (track day), so I have to go with what is required not desired. Of course I will still be getting that kit, but probably not till December. I appreciate the phone call (from Kyle I think), and I apologize for not responding... but my work hours make it nearly impossible to catch y’all during business hours. Again, thanks for all your help… and I will be in touch soon.


Dale Daugherty

Dale Daugherty 

Thanks, FM!
Hello guys,

How are things going today, I hope well. before I get to the question, I just want to say that both my son and his wife (Brandon & Jayme Stith), and I (Thomas Stith), have been very pleased with our previous dealings with Flyin Miata. Everyone at the business has been professional and helpful every time we needed it. Even at the Mitty at Road Atlanta, when you guys had your hands full, you took the time to lend us tools and check on us from time to time. You're not just a business that sells us parts for our cars, you feel like friends. I just wanted to thank you guys for that.
Thomas Stith 

I truly appreciate you getting my order out on Thursday! My experience over the past 10 years can be summed up as follows "FM ROCKS"!

Yes the quality products are great, however it's the quality people like you that really make this the number one Miata supplier in the world!

Mark K. 

General goodness
"So I called flying Miata the other day and spoke to Mike about some items in their salvage section. After we discussed a few items (and they really know their stuff btw) I asked if he could mail me a catalog. Well the catalog came today and I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed. Every product has information on the design and why their product is better than the competitors. Not only that, but there are informational write ups on their v8 swaps and turbo kits. I know they make nice aftermarket parts, and I always thought they were a little over priced. My initial opinion of Flyin Miata was a company trying to make a profit off of trendy mid age miata owners, but after talking to someone who worked there I can truly appreciate their passion and knowledge. After my experience, and reading their ENTIRE catalog, I will definitely be buying from them for all my Miata needs."

I just wanted to take a second and let you know that serious miata owners know their stuff and appreciate a company that does too.

Thank you for all your assistance and customer service,
John Jordan 
John Jordan 

FM Built engine
Car has all the below FM parts:

FM long block engine rebuild with port and polish head and un-shrouded valves, water pump, oil pump, pistons, rods, timing belt, valve springs etc etc.

A complete FMII turbo/Hydra kit

FM dual feed fuel rail

Magnecor spark plug wires

FM Cross Flow radiator

FM Spal Level II fans

FM boost adjuster

FM Level II clutch and lightened flywheel

FM brake kit (rotors and pads)

FM steel brake & clutch line

Vmaxx coil over shocks/springs

Energy Suspension poly bushings (including differential)

FM sway bars

New eccentric bolts

Shifter Boots

All water hoses

All vacuum hoses

I have a huge pile of stock MSM stuff that is testament to all the things I have replaced.

I have spent more money at FM than I did to buy the car. (Interesting & completely worth every cent)

I kept all the stock wiring and most of the vacuum lines so when I do my OBII check and switch ECU’s and injectors the stock ECU is happy.

There is very little space left in this engine compartment. Between AC and ABS and a funny oil separator there are lots of stock things to deal with.

The cool part is because I had the car apart for six months I cleaned and painted all the suspension parts and cleaned the entire under side.

Cranked it up it started right away. No leaks and the clutch works. Had some timing issues brought on by me. I completely destroyed the Engine temp sender installing the engine and without it not much (timing-Hydra-idle-fans) worked correctly. By the way NAPA has the sender for $19 Mazda wants $48.

I followed the clutch adjustment procedure as outlined in your instructions. It took me an hour to adjust…alone. I made a dozen trips under the car. In fact I did everything alone except for lowering the engine into the engine bay. I trusted my wife to lower with me under the car. Trust is important. (Note smashed temp sender above)

The cross flow radiator and Spal fans and shroud are really something. The fans move so much air I am concerned they might blow the engine out of the car. The combination of the fans and the cross flow reduce all situational temps quite a bit.

It all works!!! Did my engine break in vacuum runs, oil and filter change and wheel alignment. Have a grand total of 250 miles on the engine so far… I discovered a coil bind problem on rough roads with the front suspension due to the extra weight of the MSM but with help from Keith we have a solution using the Vmaxx V8 front springs.

As usual the quality of all the FM parts is top notch. The FM built engine is so much smoother I am amazed. I did not expect such a radical difference in smoothness. It also spools up way faster in lower rpm range. Have yet to really put my foot in it and have boost set at a conservative 11psi for now. New Big clutch has a firm pedal but not that bad and the uptake is very smooth. Lightened flywheel needs a little getting used to in 1st gear. Really appreciate the FM quick response to the short Vmaxx rear spring issue. The Vmaxx are easy to adjust and install and they are really an improvement over the stock MSM spring/shock/sway bar combination. Car is rock solid and I have yet to seriously test cornering but it certainly feels more capable. My alignment tech was really impressed with all the adjustments and the quality of all the parts.

I bought one part from one of your competitors. A very nice aluminum front under panel because I hate the stock plastic thing. The part is excellent quality imported from Japan but when I sought some simple advice on fitting (Japanese instructions) I never received a return call or a response to my email. A little fabrication and problem solved. I mention this only as a comparison. I have ALWAYS had responses from Jeremy, Brandon and Keith no matter how inane my comment or question. Had FM made a similar part I would have bought it from FM in a heartbeat. (Maybe a good part for FM to consider)

I am extremely appreciative of all the help and patience I received from Brandon, Jeremy and Keith. I also appreciate Keith’s book. Please thank Tyler for the rebuild…. My thanks to all of you at FM, I had a very interesting winter.

I will drive the 1000 miles down to the annual FM summer camp a day early so Jeremy can do a Hydra tune.

Driving this car is actually kind of funny. It looks like a bone stock MX5 Mazdaspeed. But I can pull away from darn near any car on the road and the look on some driver’s faces is priceless. This is not your sisters Miata.

Next up: end links the big turbo and 750cc injectors. Please keep me away from the V8 version at Summer Camp.

Thanks again…and Regards 
Tay V. 

Impressed and thankful!
No problem on the delay! You have already done more in response than I would have expected for something that is not necessarily a problem with your product... So, I am already impressed and thankful!


You guys still rank the top of my list as far as products, pricing, AND customer service!! This is comparing any and all companies I have dealt with (not just car products)! I just wish you were closer to NY so I could actually go to your shop! Oh well, I can keep dreaming...

Thanks again for all you all do!

Gregg M 

Thanks to Bill

Thanks again for the personal attention to my issue that you focused many hours of your time and Adam’s today (like 7-8!!) and your relentless pursuit of the anomaly. I can’t imagine any other place like FM. I actually learned a lot from watching you and I can easily see how you inpire the men and women that work for you to excellence! The support your company provides is without peer in the Miata community (and there are some really good and devoted folk in our community).

I know this economy has taken its toll on your business and I wanted you to know that Bonnie and I are praying for your business’ success (we did so tonight) and we will continue to support you. I saw the disappointment in your face (indicative of the spirit behind FM) that the probable cause of my problem is associated/caused by an error in the assembly of the engine with the wrong spacer. Well, the way that I look at it is that at the end of the day this green Miata is a partnership between you and I, and I do beat the heck out of the thing on these tracks and street – with an ear-to-ear grin I tell you! (So please do what you think is fair and equitable – remembering that I understand & respect that you and your employees need to earn a living.)

Only in America could one pursue such a living as yours and mine. The freedoms and blessing we enjoy because of God’s grace have deeply enriched the lives in the Jolly family - through our association and patronage of FM over the years, and the relationships we have with you and your team!



Steve Jolly 

Everyone says how helpful you are
Can't thank you enough for all your help, I have spoken to people in the owners club here and they say how helpful you are as a company and I can only back that up with the service I have received.
Kevin A., U.K. 

Whelp mike you are freaking awesomeness =) I really look forward to installing them and sending you guys pics. I have pics of the sway bars and clutch install on facebook

Check it out and even add me to facebook if you have one ;) it was an absolute pleasure doing business with you guys and I completely appreciate the phone call I had received about a week ago in regards to my first shipment. Keep up the good work and I will be getting that turbo setup in due time. Take care mike!!!


Malik Lee 

By the way, you’ve got a great team. I’ve only purchased suspension (so far) from you, but it’s been a excellent sales and support experience.

Terry O'Brien 

My source will be Flyin' Miata, I suggest you all do the same
I am a Miata owner that on two separate occasions had serious problems with my NB that I could not find a competent mechanic to repair. I was familiar with Flyin Miata from the obvious quailty of its products on its website so I took a chance in calling for some advice. On both occasions I spoke with experts who knew all about the type of problem I had and what to do about it. They took their valuable time to educate me in the repair procedures, I followed their directions and solved both problems getting my car running and saving me a ton of money. I also recommend for service manuals and info as a reference. As soon as I want to modify my car my source for the best parts will be Flyin Miata, I suggest you all do the same.
Keep the MX's rolling, be well, do good work and thrive, Ron Burton
Ron Burton 

My first FM experience is already incredibly good
Thanks for getting back to me. I have to say, my first FM experience is already incredibly good. Level of service through emails is exceptional. Nice and informative, friendly, informal, etc.
Jasper M. 

More good service!
Staff of Flyin' Miata,

I just completed the installation of a Little Enchilada kit on my 2004 MSM. It was a fun project, made even more enjoyable by the support and instructions provided by Flyin' Miata. I wanted to send you a note of appreciation for the quality of your products, timeliness of your communications, and customer service of your organization. Any online purchase is subject to some errors as was the case with my order. A mis-sized gasket and incorrect BOV were very quickly handled and your actions turned a potentially negative situation into a text book case for problem recovery. Not only was the gasket handled without any hassle, but the BOV received the attention of the manufacturer. Thank you for treating my order with such attention. You have secured a customer for life.


(note from FM. Our BOV manufacturer mis-boxed the BOV we shipped Steve, but sent him parts so he could use the "wrong", but more expensive valve in his car.) 
Steve from Ogden 

Happy customer!
Many thanks to Brandon and the entire staff for another well informed and helpful purchase. Never a disappointment with the products or staff at Flyin' Miata. And for that you should all be proud ! Hope to be talking ( and spending ) more as I continue to improve my beloved Miata. I'm not sure your policies on opening e-mail photos but I think you'll find this one of my Miata interesting.

Again,thank you.

John Nichols
Lumber Bridge,NC  
John Nichols 

Santa should have!
I got my order today, all is well. the stuff looks great!! Santa should have such a setup on his sleigh (he probably does, plus the Voodoo Turbo :-) )
Thanks again, Ken Hodges 
Ken Hodges 

Great service!
I'm dead set on an FM2 :) just a matter of time. I'm putting the frame rails / butterfly brace on soon. Very excited.

Just wanted to let you know in my years of modding cars I have never experienced such great customer service.

Joey Spaid 

The best in the business
A Grommet is a little thing, but this goes a long way to keep me coming back. It's rare to have a thoughtful gesture from anybody these days without it being a veiled excuse to get more money from me. I realise there is a real business angle to keeping loyal clients. But to take the time to correct a possible problem detail and not ask for money is excellent customer service. I have about 15 employees and will use this as an example of doing that little bit extra that makes you the best in the business.
Ken Slosarik 

Driving without a turbo?
P.S. I love my Turbo, I can no longer imagine driving without it!
Brad Loucks 

Committed to Quality
Thank you for the email. It is great to deal with an organization as committed to quality as Flyin' Miata.


From my point of view you guys are a class act at a time, and in an area of enterprise, in which there are woefully few class acts.

Roger Morse 

Customers First
Thank you for always placing your customers first. I am grateful for your customer support and consideration about the well being of our cars. 
Vladimir M 

Ordered the kit and got it promptly. All the parts were there and made sense. Went by Keith's book and had few problems working off the floor. One long bolt came out with one finger, the other stretched the term "minimal". It's a 95 Merlot and maybe rust? This ain't bad for a
77 year old Miata nut! And then I got this follow up call from a sweet voiced lady checking to see if I was trapped under the car! You guys make Advanced Auto look like Neanderthals. Count on all my parts orders, third Miata, too old to race, Owen Johns 
Owen J 

Great service!
Just received another order from FM in a quick, timely manner, and thought I should sound off about how great the service is. I’ve had lots of help choosing the right equipment for my car, even when I’m asking fairly dumb questions. My orders have always arrived quickly, and I can’t say enough about having a live person call shortly afterwards to ensure everything was OK with my order. It’s one of the little touches that may not be vital, and that’s what sets FM apart from every other aftermarket supplier.

Also, kudos to Keith for Miata Performance Projects and Mazda MX-5 (haven’t gotten the 3rd book yet, but I’m sure it’s just as great). The books are great just to read, and have been invaluable during the maintenance projects I’ve done so far. Thank you to all the good people who make Flyin’ Miata such a good company!

Brett Gates
Brett Gates 

You people are the only ones...
Just want to say thanks. You people are the only ones who explained the difference between the brakes on the different years of Miata's.
Everyone just ask sport suspension or not. I bought my wife a 2003 automatic with the 16 inch wheels. So no sport suspension. So wrong brake pads bought. After reading your web site I now know it has the large brakes. Thanks for the help. I wish I had found your site before I started.
Tim H. 

It's all good!
Have to chime in here, I usually just sit and read the posts, but I have to say that this is the typical service that I have received from FM. I have bought FM 2 turbo kit, dual exhaust kit, 1.8 liter swap kit, extreme happy meal clutch kit, upgraded headlight kit, racing radiator, and still awaiting delivery of a frame rail-butterfly brace kit all from flying miata. Have had some issues and questions about several of the parts, but always got a quick and precise answer from them. Have returned items simply because they " didn't look right on my car"
Bottom line is that they have always given me the best possible service I could expect from any vendor. Keep up the good work. 
Randy S. 

Thoughts after living with an FM-built car.
I thought I'd give you an update on the "Mazdaspeed Alternative" you put together for me a couple of years ago. The last major problem was ignition mis-fire under high boost and that was recently licked with new spark plugs recommended by Jeremy. I can now turn up the boost as high as I dare (I briefly saw 27 psig when I adjusted the MBC too far to the right) with no missing or knock. Yeehaw!

With one minor exception (which I'll address below), the car is everything I'd hoped for. With the chassis stiffening (Butterfly Brace and Cannon rear brace), it feels as tight (if not tighter) than when I picked it up from the dealer over sixteen years ago. The AFCO suspension is, dare I say it, comfortable. Road imperfections, frost heaves and potholes (of which we have plenty around here) are absorbed with aplomb and I've only recently been able to stop tensing up when I'm about to drive over some bad pavement. When I need the performance, the car turns in with aplomb, takes a set and holds the line with no complaints whatsoever. This is truly a no-compromise suspension.

The engine? Well, the engine is a giant killer. Torquey at low revs, it starts coming on strong at 3,000 rpm and I see full boost before 4K, at which I'd better be sure about which way the front wheels are pointed. Unlike many cars that hint at great power reserves at throttle tip-in, this engine actually has plenty in reserve as the revs build. It's endlessly entertaining and a better writer than me could write an epic poem on its sterling qualities. The 3" exhaust was also a good addition. It lowered boost onset by several hundred rpm, exhibits no drone at highway speeds and has an absolutely delicious burble on engine overrun.

I'm also pleased with the Stage 2 clutch. While not quite oem-like, it's much easier on the calf muscles than any of the heavy-duty ACT clutches I've tried. The Quaife tranny shifts like a stocker and so far has stood up to all the abuse I've thrown at it (which is more than I can say for the stock Torsen). This brings me to my only complaint: Gear noise. I knew it was a factor, so I didn't go in with my eyes closed. The gear whine is actually quite entertaining in the lower gears (Keith said it was "supercharger-like" and that's spot-on), but at highway speeds the whine competes with and wins against both wind noise and tire roar. Dropping to fourth is actually quieter, despite running about 1,000 rpm higher. I'm not sure whether fifth gear is a weak point on the stock 5-speed (all anecdotal evidence points to one of the lower gears destructing first) and I'm sure the Quaife is not enough of a volume seller to warrant a running change. Given my druthers, though, I would prefer a less straight-cut fifth cog that won't prove so annoying on a road trip.

That's it for this report. Overall, I'm pleased as punch with my car. For a fraction of the cost of an off-the-shelf solution, I have a car with near-supercar performance that maintains the stealth look prefer (and keeps me in the Miata fraternity). Thanks again for all your help and support and feel free to quote me if you find any of the above useful.
Steven Searle 

Thanks for the great service!
Can’t thank you enough for your quick sales and service and very personal attention. Talking to a real person and having a follow-up call after the sale with a personal phone call was very cool. The used cruise control module came in two days, was the right item, and installed in 10 minutes. It worked perfect! I know who to call and will highly recommend you in the future.
John Stark 

BEST Miata company by far
Okay thank you so much for your help. I just wanted to say you guys have the BEST Miata company by far. SUPER fast shipping. Great products. And you KNOW what you're talking about.

Whenever I order from you guys, I am in Hawaii and it takes like 2 days. From ____ or other places I have to hassle them just to have something shipped out that i PAID for.
Nick E. 

The Legendary Nurburgring
Hey All-

I took my FMII 10 AE to the legendary Nurburgring today. I'm happy to report that I had zero problems in 51 miles driven in anger. The turbo breathed like Darth Vader into my left ear, which blended nicely with the exhaust thundering in my right. More impressive than the turbo (although not having that kind of power would have made the trip much less fun) was the suspension. The Stage 2 FM suspension (4 years old) held the car absolutely flat and planted through some of the most insane corners I've ever seen. What makes them insane, I think, is the fact that there are no speed limits. They were nice and wide, so I often took them wide and cut hard in, and let the tires complain. Yet for all that, the only time the tail stepped out was when I wanted it to, with a turbo-pushed boot. It just gripped and gripped, all the way through two sets of hot laps. Back to the turbo, not once did it hiccup, surge, or do anything at all questionable, and it was HOT today. For Germany, 95 degrees might as well be Hell.

It did all that on one tank of gas, with the help of a little 2.5 gal can a friend brought, but since his Evo X's clutch crapped out, didn't need it. I drive 2 hrs to the track, 51 miles on the track, and 2 hrs home, there and back with the A/C blasting. Not one complaint from the car.

Thanks again for the careful engineering and thorough research on your products. They work, plain and simple. No drama installing the parts, no drama driving with the parts.

I see now why races are so long. The drivers don't want to stop. They're having too much fun.

Thanks again. 
Matt S. 

Great service!
I do really appreciate the time & effort you put into insuring I had the proper part and that it fit my application.

Additionally, I was amazed at the level of expertise, time & diligence you put in, especially for a very small dollar order. If your crew puts that kind of effort & support into a $16.00 order, I have ultimate confidence & comfort in placing a $2000 turbo or a $10,000 engine order. I know your people will stand behind it. Of course, your longevity proves it as well!

Over the years, I have nothing but pleasant experiences with your company

It just goes to show what great people make up the great company of Flying Miata.!

Although my budgets are limited, I will continue to send whatever business I can your way.

Again, thank you for diligence!

Regards, meola
Al M 

When I finally decided to use the FM parts on my own Miata toy, I had a car that could turn the tables on anything I've driven
I want to tell you and anyone else that they should not have to go through the costly journey that I went through when they could instead just call on Flyin' Miata for their needs for speed.

Just so you know where I am coming from:
I have raced (competition) all sorts of cars from Pro-7 RX7s, USTC Honda's, Spec Miata, a 400whp Evo and others - as well as numerous other cars during HPDE lapping sessions from a stock ZO6, a few stock C6 Corvettes, built STI's, an Exige S, stock and built S2000's, an E36 M3 lightweight with suspension kit, a few E92 M3's (with and without paddle
shifters) and many others. I have been able to drive around car problems and make whatever I sit in work for me. In the end, when I finally decided to use the FM parts on my own Miata toy, I had a car that could turn the tables on anything I've ever driven.

My instructor toy is a 1992 Miata which used to run a pre Jackson Racing Roots Blower. I blew up 5 engines on track over 6 years and decided I wanted a race shop to build me a reliable car. In 2008, I went to ___, who was our ___ ___ "25 hour race sponsor" in 2007 and 2008. ___ built our Integra motor and I wanted to give him my business after watching him support us at the 2007 25 hours of Thunder Hill. I asked ___ to look to FM for parts to do the 1.8 engine and transmission swap. At that time ___ charged me for (BUT CHOSE NOT TO INCLUDE) the FM Quaife tranny, a FM manifold and turbo kit, Hydra and FM Fuel rail system and 3 inch downpipe. He did install the Carrillo H-Beam connecting rods, Wiseco pistons stronger springs for the head and some other parts. But mostly what I got were donor parts from a 1995 150,000 mile car including transmission, aftermarket fake GT 2860, stock fuel rail, Map ECU fuel only piggyback, 2.5" downpipe.

This little monster was horribly difficult to drive - but pretty fast in a straight line. The car was difficult if not impossible to throttle steer around corners. After ___ left ___ ___, I spent good money to remove the parts that failed or just did not work well.

A little incomplete summary of some of the problems:
The fake GT 2860 flange broke studs to the manifold several times.
After the manifold could no longer be re-tapped, I checked it out myself and found that the 2860GT flange was warped!!! This is probably what caused stress on the bolts. I believe ___ sourced this as an aftermarket copy of a GT 2860.

The on-and-off throttle was brutal, with lots of hesitation (about 1 second) before the ignition responded to throttle inputs. Lifting off the throttle was abrupt and locked up the rear wheels in turns. Any attempt to get back on the gas resulted in a 1+ second delay - which was perfect for losing control - and then would help complete a spin - if not ahead of the fun and games - or at least make for interesting and scary maneuvers. It was not safe in traffic. I tried to anticipate the ECU - but I ended up just staying in the throttle and left-foot-braking everywhere. This ate up my 11 inch rotors and pads. The 2:01 lap in this beast at ThunderHill was frightening at best. My wife was afraid whenever I took her for a drive on the street since it was so herky jerky and violent.

___ is now run by ___ ___.
I decided to get the right stuff. We ended up buying a FM manifold (a beautiful piece). I got a good deal on a GT2871 which looked genuine when inspected. We needed to add a second vent to the valve covers.

I asked for the FM dual feed fuel rail with Corvette regulator which was complete with all the parts including nice braded lines. They also sources 750cc/min injectors.

I got the FM Hydra Nemesis which came with some goodies including a knock sensor and wide band O2 that came connectorized!

___ fabbed a 3 inch ss downpipe.

I sprung for the FM Butterfly Brace and Frame Rails.

There are more FM parts - but I cannot think of them at the moment.

All of the FM components came with unexpected extras to ensure perfect installation. I say unexpected because there are things most people just don't know about Miatas. Jeremy and others, like Brandon and yourself offered advice and knowledge so there would be no reinvention of the wheel.

The result? First - I cajoled my wife to go for a ride in the new Flying Miata. Even though it was much, much more powerful, she giggled loudly for a long time when I got on and off the gas. She said, "It is so smooth and fast --it's unbelievable." My first track day was a lot of fun. Instead of a hard-to-drive 252 whp monstrosity; I had an easy-to-drive 338 whp car that just kicked butt on track. I could drive it like a well design normally aspirated car - except that the car now accelerated with such alacrity that it was a joy to drive. It is so much fun you just need to go for a ride to see what I mean - but I know you know what I mean :)

The only problem I had was due to water boiling - but I know this is because ___ ___ delivered my car with a slightly crushed radiator gooseneck - which I assumed I had repaired. I am now having a billet aluminum gooseneck welded onto my Koyo and will use a 25# cap. I am sure this will solve the problem. I also use water injection and a 2 gallon reservoir to spray my intercooler, oil cooler and radiator with pair of misters once under boost.

I've also just ordered the ATI damper because the stock 150,000 mile crank pulley just sheered its bolts --luckily right in front of my house! I imagine this upgrade will work wonderfully as well.

Thank you for being a top notch beacon in a world of sometimes less than scrupulous people. 
Mario Lento 

Thanks for checking!
You guys came through again like usual, which is why I order from you. I had priced out my parts very carefully on your site after I saw what you all carried for my timing belt job. When I actually came to order I rushed it and didn't pick the right year. That was caught and all the parts were edited to my correct year.
Martin Hamm 

Haven't even bought anything yet
Man, I can see why you guys are the number one when it comes to Miata work. The information you gave me and the speed you got back to me... holy crap im going to straight to you guys every time. 
Adam M. 

400 hp and 38 mpg!
(this is a report from Ross' drive home after having FM build up his car with a big turbo and a stroker. You can have your cake and eat it too!)
I got to Lamar, CO before I called it quits. I filled up before I left Palisade. I wanted to burn most of the tank before I checked the mileage so I headed off down US 287 after dark with about half a tank. Big mistake. I finally found a pump open after 378 miles and filled up. Even with topping off I could only get 10 gallons in the tank for almost 38 miles per gallon. I was driving the speed limit plus five for most of the way, maximum of about 80. I had never gone more than 340 miles on a tank of gas before and had gotten a maximum of 30 miles per gallon. Your observation that I might see better gas mileage was prophetic.  
Ross Davis 

I’m hoping I never need the new part, but it does say volumes about FM’s commitment to service.
I know Flyin’ Miata is well known for their customer service, but my recent experience needs to be shared. Earlier this spring I was entered in an Enduro, which around here is 5 laps around a track, best sum time wins. During practice, under full boost, I lost a cylinder. I had to have the car towed home. After some investigation, it turned out the problem was the plug in adapter clip for the 550cc injectors. One clip had cracked and slipped loose. I had another race that weekend, so I got the replacement part sent next day air from Grand Junction.
Later I got a phone call from Flyin’ Miata, following up on my order and checking on their customer service. I mentioned that the clip was fairly new, but there was no way I could say if it was defective or had been cracked during installation. I just wanted to mention it. I believe I mentioned this twice, once over the phone and once in an email--I was not saying I got a defective part, just that it ‘might’ have been defective. The next day I got a shipping notice via email and a new part arrived in the mail a few days later. I’m hoping I never need the new part, but it does say volumes about FM’s commitment to service. 
Steve Krygier 

It only reaffirms that FM is the right choice.
Brandon - I REALLY appreciate all the time you've taken with me on this, and all the great communication. It only reaffirms that FM is the right choice.
I've had your dual exhaust in the past and have owned 2 sets of the 'old' springs and just bought a very lightly used set of the 'new' version. None of this has been purchased new by me from FM but you folks have always treated me as a customer. It's because of this commitment to your product and the enthusiast community that I actually have wanted to spend some money with you directly for a while. Since this will be a relatively big purchase, I prefer to buy it new so that I get the full warranty and feel less guilty if I have to ask for help or service! :-) Can't wait to get rolling on this...then I can start scheming on how to pay for AFCOs.......... 

Great Shipping!
"I am well aware of all the shipping options and differences between services for US-Canada packages, but it would seem that Flyin' Miata should be commended for providing all the relevant info in a very complete and straightforward manner to customers.

I have never seen such a complete and accurate summary as that provided in your eMail from any reseller, whether on the website itself or in any communication, ever." 
Un-named Canadian 

AFCO customer service
I wanted to inform you of my latest dealings with AFCO. I'd found one of my dampers had leaked some shock oil after a few thousand miles and several months of usage. AFCO repaired it for free, saying that while these parts (like all racing parts) come with no warranty, if they get one back that doesn't appear to have failed due to abuse, they make an exception and repair it with no charge. Also, they quoted me a great price for a rebuilt/revalve if I ever need it. So, thanks for selecting a reputable, domestic manufacturer for your dampers. It's always refreshing to find good companies that take care of their customers. 
Nolan McCann 

My hat's off to you guys.
I have done business with you since I purchased my '97 new from the dealer. In every instance I have been more than pleased with the quality of the product and the exceptional service you provide. From your sound advice to the callbacks after an order delivery, your staff has been first rate in every respect. I recently arranged for you to rebuild my motor, and Jeremy has walked me through the entire process and has been extremely helpful with all of the details. Just the other day he called to let me know the status of the project without me asking. This is the kind of thoughtful, customer-oriented service that very few businesses carry on today. My hat's off to you guys and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. I don't hesitate to recommend you to everyone I meet. 
Larry Glick 

A happy V8 customer
Thanks Bill – your team has done an outstanding job on the car. The communication with Jeremy and Keith on design and issues has been great!

The build pictures posted to the web are tremendous! I don’t know how many times a day I’d check to see if any new ones had been posted.

I mentioned before to Jeremy that Jon is the Chip Foose of Miata Overhaulin - the quality of his work is top shelf! Nothing but great comments from family
and friends following along on your website (once they got over the initial shock… "you're doing what to your car?!"). I only wish I’d booked this earlier so I could’ve avoided the Winter weather. 

Moving on, regretfully
It has been a great experience working with you guys over the years. I learned a lot about Miatas and forced induction. However, the time has come to move on to a bigger set of wheels and 4 doors for comfort and additional passenger room as Melanie and I plan for retirement and a lot of travel. So, with tongue in cheek, I have "upgraded" to a Cadillac CTS-V. I can play in style.

MYTMOUS has been sold thanks to advertising on your web site. A gentleman from Windsor, Ontario bought her and picks her up on Jan 1st. It's hard to let go but I have no regrets for all the fun and new friends made possible through owning and building this car. Thanks for being my guide and fulfilling a dream. Please give my very best regards to Teri, Jeremy and Tami. You have a wonderful staff. 
Jim Peters 

Customer service
I have loved my first experience with Flyin Miata so far...very good advice on the phone and very fast shipping!

Thank you for the great customer service. 
John Stauter 

It's kind of fun to have to watch the right foot.
We'll, I now have a turbocharged Miata thanks to you all. I had to write and tell everyone at Flyin' Miata how great it is to have folks like you to make projects like mine possible.
I had no turbo charger experience and really had no idea how a complete system works when I started the install. Being able to downloaded the instructions a week before the system arrived was a great help. I felt somewhat familiar with the process when I began the install, but I soon had questions, to which the answers were only a friendly phone call away. Every instance I might add was for something I had overlooked or passed over in the instructions book. After a "Dooooh", I made it past each hurdle.
The system is running flawlessly and the Voodoo tuning was much easier than I expected. Now if this darn rain would stop! It's kind of fun to have to watch the right foot so I don't break the back tires loose in the rain. I would imagine this grin will last for a good while.  
Kenneth R. DeYoung 

Saving a Miata from a cliff dive.
I couldn't miss all the customer feedback. I feel bad I never thanked you guys. I've called needing help with something I've broken more times than I can count, and I appreciate all your help. I probably would have shoved my car off a cliff in frustration long ago if it weren't for you."  
Mark Schmidt  

FM service

Dude, you rock! And this is why I will always come back to FM... 
Jim Shaw  

I really can't say enough about you an Flyin' Miata. Just the tech help you give me through e-mail and even the small talk while I was in Iraq this past time has helped allot more than I think you could know. Not a lot can be said for the people at (BRAND X) who kept my car for a couple of months with one empty promise after another and sometimes not even returning my calls when all I wanted was the stupid ass (VAPORWARE ENGINE MANAGEMENT).
Then they dropped my car off on the street in the ghetto outside my apartment with the windows down and the keys sitting on my front tire without telling me they did so. 

Salvage parts
I talked to you Monday and ordered the 10th anniversary seats. You said they were a little faded. UPS delivered them late last night so it was hard to tell. I took them to the sunlight today and could not tell if they are faded. These were above your description.
I have wrote your phone number on the wall and will call you for any further needs. I will also recommend you to anyone with a Miata.

Thanks so much 
John Julian 

International shipping
An hour ago I received my package. Please tell the rest of the people there that you have been the fastest, most sensible-priced and honest shop I've ever done business with. You were even faster than the dealer 1km from my house(it takes him about a week to get an order delivered)!
Even my brother asked me if you had anything for his Nissan Almera (1,5L QG-15DE with aftermarket full exhaust system-a sad story).
I wish I could come myself to pick my next order.Until then keep up the good work and have a nice day. 
Nikos Kapoglis (Greece) 

The worst thing about FM
Just wanted to say “thanks” for all your help over the last 2 months whilst I have sorted my cooling system. I did a track day in June and after 5 or 6 laps my car temp gauge would be on it’s way off the scale.
After changing the thermostat, fitting the second fan (yes, the garage managed to fit it in the end), having a coolant system flush and fitting a track-dog radiator shield I managed to do a track day at the weekend in similar heat without having to stop for cooling at all.
I have a Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera back home in the UK and my Voodoo II Miata is way more fun on a track day and far cheaper to run and maintain. Thanks to you Guys & Gals at Flyin’ Miata for all the research, development and support that results in such a comprehensive range of performance products for the Miata.
But the worst thing…..there’s always more you can do to make the car quicker (and the bank account lighter!) 
Simon Hinchcliffe 

FM website
I Just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent web page design, I think that the drop down menus on the left side of the page (Online Store, Turbochargers, Superchargers, ect.) make the page very user friendly and simple to navigate, Kudos!
Curtis Lackey 

How to save money by spending a bit more
Thanks in advance. I’m slowly learning to just go to FM the first time around, because I’ve yet to actually save any money doing things the “cheap” way. No FM part that’s gone on my car thus far has needed attention afterwards, and your service is unparalleled. 
Whoops, we forgot to write the name down! 

Sometimes, things go wrong. It's what happens afterwards that counts.
Keith -
I got the part first thing Saturday morning. I am VERY pleased!
Thank you so much for personally handling this mini crisis. Because this matter was handled so carefully and with haste I was able to install the parts this weekend. My car is fully reassembled and corner balanced. It is ready for this coming weekend's track event.
I couldn't be happier! I hold Flyin' Miata in very high regards!!! I also am bragging to my friends about the support I received from you.
This will not be forgotten. 
Todd Wegner 

FM tech support
I just want to say a big thank you for your tech help on the phone last week. I was experiencing shifting problems with my ‘00 Miata, and your tech line person led me directly to the slave cylinder as the probable culprit. I ordered the part that day, had it delivered 2nd Day by UPS (it arrived next day, believe it or not!), and the part was installed by my garage today. Everything is back to perfect, and I’m smiling while I’m driving once again. You guys saved me much time and frustration (the garage was ready to replace the entire clutch kit, “I’ve never seen a slave cylinder go bad, and this one is squirting fluid perfectly”, with a total clutch job cost of close to $900).
Thanks again and again. You have my undying gratitude. 
Mike Dorsett 

#1 reason to own a Miata
Your extra effort is amazing and I tell everyone I know to get a Miata just so they have a reason to buy from you. 
Chris Anderson 

hmmm, if they attended to those details, imagine the product.
I knew we'd get a fair answer from you, Keith. The thing I like about FM's site (whether this is product-relevant or not) is that FM actually
posted projected RWHP that's found VERY easily, along with install/tune "stars" to judge difficulty.
I didn't find expected results on the (Brand X) site or a breakdown table on installation (though instructions were right there on the page). The only mention of power is a reference to the big-boy 300+RWHP deal when you put ALL the goodies on. Sure, great, but what about not being able to afford all 6 grand in parts at once?
That doesn't necessarily reflect poorly on their product, of course, I just like that FM took the time to attend to such details - which makes
One think "hmmm, if they attended to those details, imagine the product." :) 
Chris C 

Doing business with FM
Thanks for the diplomatic non denominational non dis-respectful response.
Its very businesslike and professional of you.
Like countless others, I'd trust you folks with my life.
Rich Martin 

FM support
Thanks again for all your help on the tires and wheels. I have never experienced the kind of support from any company that I get from you guys.
You are an amazing group of folks and run an outstanding company. I will start saving up for all the beers I owe you. 
Dave Brooks 

Thanks for the help, FM!
My wife, Rebecca, bought me a set of FM sway bars for Christmas. I am sure you can imagine what a wonderful surprise it was. I am stoked to put them on. We live in PA so it is a little cold to do the work.
However, I have plans to put heat in my mistress' apartment (the garage) and do the installation this month or next.
I wanted to thank you for the help you gave to Rebecca. Believe it or not, she is very enthusiastic about this "hobby" ;-) of mine. I first started working on cars when I was13 with my brother. Yet I've never had the opportunity to really tweak a car like I've always wanted to (Mostly because I had to make sure I could get to work every day). I was 18 when the Miata was introduced and I wanted one right from the start. I bought one in 2000, a '94, black with a tan top.
You helped Rebecca and I solve our first problem: where to start? You also helped me get an idea of what the next steps are as well. I am so excited I can barely sit still! I have heard great things about Flyin' Miata from many web sites, including my favorite,
The service and advice my wife received from you was awesome. She didn't feel like a "Number" like some other places made her feel. I am sold on Flyin' Miata and I hope I'll be able to take advantage of your products and services a lot more in the future! It's great to work with an organization that is focused on their products and service, and not just on profit.
Thanks again, I hope your Holidays were as great as ours has been.

PS - I'm sure you know that Santa has a bumper sticker on his sleigh
that says "My other car is a Miata". I'll bet you he got the sticker from FM. 
Matthew Reinsmith 

Thank you!
Thanks for your excellent customer service on this one, far exceeding my expectations and far better than your competitors. I've come to the conclusion after 12 years of good and poor experiences with the Miata aftermarket, that FM is the place for all my future orders.

No BS.
Good Morning Bill,

Just a quick note on how good Jeremy and Mark are on the phone. I always enjoy dealing with places that have genuinely have fun at what they do and are a no B.S. pretty much tell you how it is attitude. This will always bring me back to you guys for you products. (I'm pretty sure this is not the first time you've heard this, but you can never hear it to much!) 
Kevin Rost

Nobody has more fun.
I am MOST impressed with what you guys do. I have owned 34 car (14 BMW's) and have NEVER seen more people have more fun! Thanks for the help.
Jim Sawyer
90 Silverstone FMII Freakin rocketship... 
Jim Sawyer

"If it sucks, they don't sell it"
I STRONGLY recommend you stick with Flyin' Miata's products. They are selling great stuff and are genuinely deep into the miata spirit. When you look for top of the line miata turbo systems, you'll end up at Flyin' Miata EVERY time. I'm not affiliated with them at all, but from the experiences I've had, I can say that they are a very good source to buy from. If it "sucks", they don't sell it.
The FM2 systems are just great. Tuning the computer is a little bit of a pain and realistically, you'll always have some very minor quirks, but by FAR you'll really enjoy the setup. I have a kit called the FM3 from Flyin Miata. Long story short, they took the benefits of my system and improved the FM2 a couple years ago. What you get today in a FM2 is pretty much the ideal streetable pocket rocket miata. Easily double your horse power. Scare the crap out of all passengers (and the driver on occasion). Hurt feelings of Mustang and Camaro owners. Even worry a few Vette owners. in one word, all I can say is "awesome".
People like Ken Hill and Bill Cardell at FM are absolutely super to work with. They know their stuff and are always available for help. 
Lee Bohon

FM website
I appreciate ya'lls website, it helps to have someone who stocks miata parts. Where i live you have to go to five different shops to get what you need, and that if they have it or can even get it. I also appreciate ya'lls sense of humor, like the cat in the picture with the catalytic converter - thats pretty funny. 
Mr Miata

Smoke and mirrors?
Just a note to let you know that the Link is in and operating perfectly. Thanks to Ken for great tech support over the phone, and thanks to Flyin' Miata for great product and support.
I've tuned and modified cars since 1986, and in that time have dealt with dozens of vendors. Believe me, there are a lot of companies that don't have the integrity that you folks have. I'm impressed that every claim you've made about your products is backed up by results, not a bunch of marketing smoke and mirrors.
Thanks again, and keep up the good work! 
Chuck Wills

Happy customer
Before getting to my questions, I would like to say how pleased I have
been with my 3 purchases (to date!). You guys are great! 

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