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Cars for sale
The cars listed on this page are often ones that we know. If you call, we can usually provide details on them as we've known them for some time. In some cases, we built them ourselves! If you are selling a modified Miata and are interested in being listed here, please contact us. There is a $50 fee for a listing. - Flyin' Miata

1990 EP or FP Mazda Miata - price reduced!

Many more pictures!

Electromotive TEC3 Programable Fuel Injection, replaced with latest version last year
Bob Boig Custom Ceramic Coated Header
Custom Exhaust System
15 X 8 Panasport Wheel
Kirkey Aluminum Seat
Extra Large Aluminum Radiator
Large Fuel Cell
On Board Fire Suppresion System
Seperate Fire System in trunk
Custom Cams
Adjustable Cam Gears
4.88 Gears
1.8 Limited Slip Diff 
Stock 1.6 Bottom End
Larger Aftermarket Sway Bars
Ground Control Coil Overs
GAB Adjustable Shocks
Removable Steering Wheel
Custom Kirk Racing Cage with Extra Tall Main Hoop
Mazdaspeed Full Fiberglass Fenders, Bumpers, and Hood
Adjustable Brake Bias Control
Remote Oil Filter
Remote Fuel Filter
Flying Miata Cannon Rear Subframe Brace
Autometer Gauges

Too many spare parts available seperately to list, can make package deal:
Brand New Wiseco Pistons
2nd Set of 15 x 8 Panasport Wheels
Several 1.6 and 1.8 Engines
Several Transmissions
Several Torsion Rear Ends

Recent In Car Video 
More pictures

This is a well sorted, well put together turn key Miata!  It is ready to go on the track today!  All it needs to be in the front in a built bottom end.  Everything needed to put together a stong engine is available seperately.  $9,999 OBO.  Car is located at my house in Jackson, MS. Call me with any questions.  Delivery is available anywhere.

Trey Walker
601-594-0981 (please email if you don't get an answer on the phone!)

1990 SCCA Escort World Challenge Series Mazda Miata


This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of Mazda racing history.  This 01 car and its sister 02 car were campaigned in the 1990 SCCA Escort World Challenge Series as a way of introducing the then new model to the United States.  Both cars are pictured below at the Luguna Seca round in 1990.  The cars were constructed and campaigned 24-years ago by Rod Millen Motorsports under commission of the Mazda Motorsports Division of Mazda Motor of America Inc.  My research indicates these two cars were the first Miata’s raced in the U.S. and very likely the world.  The cars are also the only two Miata’s to ever have been commissioned by the factory.  Both cars have construction dates of December1989.  I am the 5th owner of the 01 car and have all of the bills of sale to support that claim.

I acquired both cars and a trailer full of spares in the early summer of 2011 and set about restoring both for vintage racing.  The 02 car was completed in early March 2012, raced at the 2012 Sebring 12-hour SVRA support race and subsequently sold to a racer in Cleveland, Ohio.  I finished restoring the 01 car (car for sale) in the fall of 2012 and have raced it once in SVRA and four times in HSR, at Road Atlanta and Sebring.  Fast time at Sebring was 2:38 and 1:46 at Road Atlanta by a 64 year old amateur racer.  The 01 car has both an SVRA and an HSR log book, and is annually teched thru HSR until April of 2015.  This car is one of two Miata’s accepted by SVRA because of their professional racing history.



I spent over $24,000 restoring the 01 car and that does not include hundreds of hours of my labor.  I stripped the car to its wiring harness and thoroughly cleaned the inside, outside and underside.  I repainted the cockpit, trunk area and wheel wells with 2-part automotive paint.  I replaced the front fenders with new ones from Mazda and purchased a one piece fiberglass hood from ISC.  I modified the hood with NACA duct cold air ducts in the fauve headlight doors and added Flyin Miata louvers on each side for hot air extraction. I had the outside refinished in two–stage paint at a local body shop and then had the 1990 World Challenge livery replicated at a local graphics shop.  As a part of that effort, I replace the windshield with safety glass and replaced the door vent windows with polycarbonate.  The driver’s vent window includes a clear NACA duct.  Appropriate sections of the roll cage are protected by high density SFI padding.  The dash was completely rewired and a new digital tach with shift light was installed.  I also installed warning lights for oil pressure, water pressure, fuel pressure and alternator.  Additionally, I installed a Rumble Strip Racing GPS for lap times and a remote switch to turn a Go Pro on and off.  The car has a gauge for practically everything including diff and trans temps.  Staying in the cockpit, I also installed a 3-gallon Accusump with a remote actuator on the dash; a new Safecraft fire suppression system; a Ultrashield aluminum halo seat (15”) and Safecraft endurance 6-point harness.  The car is also wired for a Motorola base radio system including the radio mount.  I installed a quick release steering wheel hub and a Sparco flat bottom suede steering wheel.  I also installed a Longacre Convex rearview mirror with the long aluminum roll bar mounts.  There is also a convex driver’s side round mirror to compliment the stock door mirror.  The driver’s foot and leg area sheet metal is covered with aluminum skin and has zero-clearance heat resistant material sandwiched between the aluminum and factory sheet metal.  The seat fits me (5’-9” and 175lbs.) like a glove; however, if you are much larger than me you probably will not fit in the car without modifications to the seat/location).  The guys at SVRA tech told me they had never seen a seat bolted to the car any better than mine.


All factory suspension components including sub-frames were cleaned, sanded/bead blasted and repainted.  I had ISC Racing install their spherical and Delrin race bushing package on the “A” arms and knuckles. I installed ISC top hates and new Bilstein SM shocks with 800 and 350 lb. springs.  The front sway bar is ISC’s big unit and the rear is an SM unit.  Both sway bars have adjustable drop links.  I replaced the tie rod ends, ball joints, front hubs, front upper a-arms and rear hub bearings/seals with new parts from Mazda Motorsports Development.  I also installed the long quick-on wheel studs on all four corners and steel lug nuts.  I purchased two sets of 949 Racing 8”x15” double valve rims and valve stems in order to use a 225-50-15 tire.  The car handles like a go-kart.


Millen ran early RX7 turbo brakes on the two cars.  I assume this was more for endurance racing/pad longevity than actually need for larger brakes.  The rotors are mounted on custom hats for which I have two sets.  I also have a spare set of front turbo calipers.  All six calipers were rebuilt using Mazda parts.  The flexible brake lines were replaced with stainless steel braided lines.  Hawk pads were used with the fronts being nearly full and the rears brand new.  Pads seemingly last forever.  I purchased/installed both a new master cylinder and master cylinder servo with Mazda parts.  The car brakes great and kills the competition going into 10A at Road Atlanta.


Since the vintage groups allow boring the motors .040 over and rather than modify the original matching number 1.6, I pickled that motor and installed a 2001 1.8L rebuilt motor from East Street Racing.  To that motor I added a 1999 ITS head from ISC Racing.  The intake system is fed thru a custom aluminum tube sized to match the port on the 64mm Skunk2 throttle body that feeds into a flat top JDM intake manifold.  The intake is using a HP K&N filter that is segregated from the engine heat by a custom aluminum fence with gold head shield.  Fuel is delivered from a 13-gallon fuel cell with collector box and HP pump through -6 Aeroquip SS braided hose to a dual feed Flyin Miata fuel rail.  The engine is cooled via an ISC large aluminum radiator and an oil cooler plumbed with -12 Aeroquip SS braided hose with remote oil filter mount that accepts a very large Fram HP1 filter.  The engine is controlled with a MegaSquirt 2 ECU that was been dyno tuned before the car’s last race (2014 HSR Walter Mitty at Road Atlanta).  Exhaust is expelled thru a complete ISC exhaust system which includes a modified Racing Beat header.  Power is sent to the transmission, which was rebuilt by ISC, thru an ACT SM clutch with sprung disk mounted to an F1 Racing lightweight chromoly flywheel.  Both the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder were replaced with new at the time of restoration.  The slave cylinder is fitted with a braided SS line.  The transmission is controlled by a short shift kit and an aluminum shift knob.  The differential was purchased from East Street Racing.  It is a torsion with a new 4.44 gear.  The differential came with low mileage driveshaft and drive axles.  Engine, transmission and differential fluids are changed after every race weekend.  I have been using Valvoline Racing Oil in the engine and Redline fluids in the tranny and diff.


The car has some blemishes from racing (normal rock chips) but is still very presentable as a vintage/historic race car.  I have well over $40k in hard money in the car and, as already noted, hundreds of manhours in the restoration effort.  The car comes with the matching number 1.6L motor that is complete and ran fine before removal.  The matching number transmission is currently in the car and I have another spare transmission.  I also have the original Mazda Comp differential, housing, driveshaft and drive axles that came out of the car during restoration.  Additionally, I have the several sets of the original Millen wheels that Panasport built for them (7”x15”).  I have the original Sparco seat and sliders plus the Sparco blue fabric to recover the original seat.  I have the original competition steering wheel and hub, the original analog dash and a trailer full of spare parts from the original Millen effort.  If seriously interested, please email me for spares list as it is way too long to include in the ad.

Essentially, everything is there to put the car back to its 1990 state if you wanted to use it as a show piece.  For vintage racing, the car is more competitive in its current state.  I have all the bills of sale starting with Rod Millen Motorsports sale of the car.  I have the original SCCA logbook and numerous other documents from the 1990 Millen effort, including setup sheets.  Again, this car is a blast to drive, it is very easy and economical to maintain, and consumables (i.e. tires and brake pads) have a relatively long lifespan.  If you are just getting into vintage racing or want to downsize as I did to an easy car to maintain at a relatively cheap cost, this is the car for you.  Just like most of us vintage enthusiasts who had MG’s, Triumphs and the like growing up, I believe the Millennium Generation will have a great interest in vintage racing these types of cars in the future because it’s what they grew up with.


The price for the car and all the spares and documentation is $30,000.  Questions about the 01 car can be directed to me (Art) by either phone (813) 335-1518 or email

2006 NC LS3 conversion

Up for sale is my 2006 NC Miata with the V8 Roadsters LS3 conversion. Chassis number 3 out of 11 as one of the prototype cars for the current LS3 kit for NC Miatas. It was built by Steve Leonard from V8 Roadsters who developed the LSX kits for all 3 generations of Miatas. I’ve had the car for a little over a year and have done a tremendous amount of work to it. I had purchased it from a guy down in GA who had Steve build it for him for track days and time trial events. He had the car after it was built for about 4 or 5 months and was building a new house and decided to sell it. When I got the car it had 3400 miles since the build, currently it has a little over 11,000. This car played a big role in the development of the kit and especially chassis components. I used the car for SCCA and other local autocross events and due to the forces of auto crossing on slicks we found the weak links in the rear sub frame and differential braces.

The kit basically consists of a brand new LS3 crate motor, tubular front sub frame, GM Performance ECU, all electrical wiring and wiring harness, brand new Tremec T56 6 speed transmission, aluminum driveshaft, custom rear axle, diff and sub frame bracing and Ford 8.8 rear with LSD. And FM offers a slew of additional options with their kit.

This car has a tremendous amount of quality parts and labor involved with those upgrades to make it as AWESOME as it sits today. I am the type of person who does things right the first time and I appreciate quality parts and workmanship. In life you get what you pay for. I am going to list everything that has been done to the car and where it was either purchased and/or installed. I am not listing prices for each part or modification because I don’t want to make myself sick. Just to give you an idea there is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-90K in the car included what I paid for it and upgrades.

The car is absolutely AWESOME. It has taken a bunch of FTD’s at local autocross events, and garners a ton of positive attention. Everywhere I go people come up to me and want to talk about the car. It looks mean as hell, sounds totally incredible and is a blast to drive. Also people always ask “how can that car hook up?” It’s a pretty silly question but that has to do with physics. The LS3 motor only weights 50 lbs more than the 2 liter motor that it came with. We have moved the battery to the trunk, and with the heavier rear diff the car still remains an almost perfect balance of 50.5% front and 49.5% rear. It’s basically a C6 Vette minus 800 lbs. Car weighs approx 2650-2700. Rolling stock are the R888’s for the street which are 100 tread wear super sticky tires. The only reason a car spins the rear tires are if the tires are being overwhelmed by weight. I own a 500 plus RWHP NA Miata that weighs 2100 lbs and it hooks perfect as well. I took the LS3 NC Miata out a couple weeks ago after not driving it for a couple months due to snow etc and I was literally giggling to myself and hooting and hollering like a cowboy… I always keep the car garaged and never drive it in rain, snow or salty roads. With that said it is also very smooth, it has a smooth ride than my 2012 Audi S4 if you could believe that. From a mechanical standpoint it is in tip top condition and it’s built so damn strong at this point that I highly doubt new owner will have any issues.

It is a 2006 so the paint isn’t perfect but still looks great. Its got a couple little scratches and dings. The car has AC but it is not connected at the moment but I have the V8 Roadsters AC connector part which will be included with sale. I believe car had about 130,000 miles on it prior to conversion. Essentially at this point there is nothing left of that car as the whole chassis is new, new shocks, springs, sub frames etc. So one can buy with confidence. And any serious buyer is welcome to have the car inspected and if they are local to come and drive the car. I have a ton of  other photos available on request. 

This is by no means a fire sale or any type of act of desperation on my part. I’ve got 6 cars, 3 of which are Miatas and I wanted a fun car with a back seat to take my kids around. The car is located on Oyster Bay NY about 30 miles outside NYC.

2012 Chevrolet LS3 Crate Motor (V8 Roadsters)
MAHLE Power Pack Pistons (V8 Roadsters)
Oil Cooler (V8 Roadsters)
ARP Main Bolts (V8 Roadsters)
ARP Rod Bolts (V8 Roadsters)
LS7 Cam (V8 Roadsters)
Custom Mandrel Bent Dual Exhaust (Star Performance)

Drive train:
Tremec T56 6 Speed Manual (V8 Roadsters)
Clutch masters FX 250 Clutch (Star Performance)
Billet Aluminum Stock LS3 Flywheel (Star Performance)
Aluminum Driveshaft (Hell Bent Racecars)
Ford 8.8 Rear (V8 Roadsters)
Ford Racing 3 Rear Diff (Star Performance) (Just installed 5/14)

Front Tubular Sub Frame (V8 Roadsters)
Hotchkis Front Sway Bar (Goodwin Racing)
Custom Rear Sub frame which has been plated and gussied (Hell Bent Racecars)
Custom 4130 Chromoly Differential Brace (Hell Bent Racecars)
4130 Chromoly Custom Sub frame to Chassis Connectors (Hell Bent Racecars)
4130 Chromoly Custom X Brace (Hell Bent Racecars)
Ohlins Full Race DFV Shocks (Goodwin Racing)
Swift Springs 550 Front/325 Rear (Goodwin Racing)

1 Set of 17 x 9 Enkei RPF1’s in Black with Brand new Toyo R888’s 255/40/17 (Goodwin Racing/Phil’s Tire Service)
1 Set of 17 x 9 Enkei RPF1’s in Black with BFG R1S’s 255/40/17 with approx 30 runs(Goodwin Racing/Phil’s Tire Service)
Wilwood 12.88 6 Piston Caliper Big Front Brake Kit with Cross Drilled Slotted Rotors (Goodwin Racing)
Stop Tech Cross Drilled/Slotted Rear Rotors with RX8 Sport Calipers (Goodwin Racing)
Brake Pads are the Wilwood Up Front and Porterfield R4S (Goodwin Racing)
Brand New Robbins Canvas Soft Top in Black (Goodwin Racing)
Brand New Mazda Factory Hardtop (Mazda) ($3,000 Top)
Goodwin Racing Rear Spoiler (Goodwin Racing)

Speed Hut Custom Gauge Cluster (V8 Roadsters)
OMP WRC Race Seats (Stable Energies)
Schroth Profi 6 Point Harness (Driver) (Stable Energies)
Schroth Clubman 6 Point Harness (Passenger) (Stable Energies)
Full Interior DynoMat and Trunk (Automat)
Brand New Interior Carpet (Automat)
HardDog M3 Sport Black Powdercoat with Double Diagonal Roll Bar (Goodwin Racing)
Pioneer AVIC Z140 H Head Unit with Navi, Bluetooth, Streaming Bluetooth
Kiwi Wifi Device and iphone 4 which broadcasts live data from OBD 2 port onto the navigation screen

I am probably leaving a bunch of things out because so much work was done. All labor that has been done to this vehicle was all done by professionals. Anything that says V8 Roadsters on the list above was done before the car left their shop by Steve Leonard. Stable energies is a racing and safety shop in Garfield NJ and they installed the seats and belts. Automat is a custom interior shop in Hicksville NY and they did the dynomat, install of soft top and new carpet. Hell Bent Race cars is a full racing fabrication shop in Islandia NY, Mark the owner is one of the best TIG welders on the east coast. The rest of the work was done at Star Performance in Wading River NY, and Nick the owner has been working on Racecars for 30 years and he has built 3 cars with me in last 2 years.

The car is in New York. Asking $39,495 OBO
Josh L.

Track-ready 1991

After modifying, preparing and building assorted Mazdas for other people for nearly 30 years, and Miatas basically since they first came out, I decided to finally build one for myself, and incorporate all that I’d learned to make a fun and reliable car that would be enjoyable to drive on the street, but that could also be fast on the track….and tailored exactly to what I personally feel the Miata driving experience is all about.  So while it’s not a turbo or supercharged rocket ship, it’s definitely fun, fast, and extremely sweet in all aspects.  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m borderline obsessive with finding that perfect balance, and with this 1991 model named Rakuza (all my cars get names – feel free to ask the origin of this one) I feel that I’ve truly found it.  Besides figuring prominently (right in front) of the Miatas At MRLS group photos, Rakuza is also mentioned (also with photos) in one of Keith Tanner’s books.  Needless to say I’m looking for a good home, someone who will truly appreciate this car.


  • 1.6L engine lovingly built by Jeremy Rine at P R Motorsports with 1mm overbore pistons and polished rods. The head was re-worked (ported and polished, with further head work magic by Rebello Racing, including some valve work) to optimize flow, as well as Euro cams.
  • Racing Beat stainless header
  • FM high flow cat (with their replaceable pipe for track-only driving)
  • Racing beat cat- back exhaust
  • Jackson Racing cold air induction
  • Racing Beat 1.8L aluminum flywheel, with Stage I clutch
  • Aluminum under-drive alternator and water pump pulleys
  • Powder-coated valve cover
  • Mobil 1 engine oil 


  • Racing Beat (Koyo) 37mm radiator


  • Ohlins Road and Track dampers and spring package
  • Corner-weighting and custom alignment done by Brandon at Roger Kraus Racing
  • FM frame braces to add stiffening
  • Wheels -- SSR Competition (silver) with Bridgestone RE750 205/50-15 for the street and another set of the SSR's (anthracite) with Toyo RA-1's in the same size for the track. 
  • Racing Beat swaybars front and rear (hollow front)
  • Racing Beat front swaybar brace
  • Beatrush front upper strut tower brace

Rather than going with some of the big brake conversions, I opted to go a different stay with original equipment components -- both to keep the budget in line and to stay as faithful as possible to the original car.  We adapted 2001 to 2005 sport (same as Mazdaspeed Turbo Miata) brakes to the car, with surprisingly good results.  Stopping power and (most noticeably) pedal feel and responsiveness far exceeded our expectations. Oddly enough this is the aspect of the car most commented upon after people go for a test drive.  I use stock OE Mazda pads for the street, and Hawk Blue for the track. 
- ATE Blue brake fluid. 

Transmission and Diff
The trans is the original 5 speed that came in the car, using Redline MT90
The diff is a 1996 torsen (including complete subframe/bracing for added stiffness using Redline 75/90)

Hard Dog Hard Core single diagonal

Stock, with the exception of a Delrin racing shift knob, and Clearwater speakers in the doors and headrests.
Track day seats: Driver’s seat is a Momo Mille Laggi race seat, passenger seat Momo Start race seat. (Includes Simpson full 5 point racing harnesses for both seats)
Steering wheel: Momo
Soft top has been replaced with a premium Robbins top

Complete re-paint performed by FZ Restoration

The car will be available for pickup after the conclusion of this Miatas at Mazda Raceway event (April 27-28). I will include doing a full post-track inspection of the car, plus service with fresh engine oil (Mobil 1), trans and diff oils (Redline).

Asking $15,000 for the whole package.
Car is in California, Rick is in NZ
Rick Weldon


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