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Cars for sale

The cars listed on this page are often ones that we know. If you call, we can usually provide details on them as we've known them for some time. In some cases, we built them ourselves! If you are selling a modified Miata and are interested in being listed here, please contact us. There is a $50 fee for a listing. - Flyin' Miata

Track-ready 1991

After modifying, preparing and building assorted Mazdas for other people for nearly 30 years, and Miatas basically since they first came out, I decided to finally build one for myself, and incorporate all that I’d learned to make a fun and reliable car that would be enjoyable to drive on the street, but that could also be fast on the track….and tailored exactly to what I personally feel the Miata driving experience is all about. So while it’s not a turbo or supercharged rocket ship, it’s definitely fun, fast, and extremely sweet in all aspects. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m borderline obsessive with finding that perfect balance, and with this 1991 model named Rakuza (all my cars get names – feel free to ask the origin of this one) I feel that I’ve truly found it. Besides figuring prominently (right in front) of the Miatas At MRLS group photos, Rakuza is also mentioned (also with photos) in one of Keith Tanner’s books. Needless to say I’m looking for a good home, someone who will truly appreciate this car.


  • 1.6L engine lovingly built by Jeremy Rine at P R Motorsports with 1mm overbore pistons and polished rods. The head was re-worked (ported and polished, with further head work magic by Rebello Racing, including some valve work) to optimize flow, as well as Euro cams.
  • Racing Beat stainless header
  • FM high flow cat (with their replaceable pipe for track-only driving)
  • Racing beat cat- back exhaust
  • Jackson Racing cold air induction
  • Racing Beat 1.8L aluminum flywheel, with Stage I clutch
  • Aluminum under-drive alternator and water pump pulleys
  • Powder-coated valve cover
  • Mobil 1 engine oil 


  • Racing Beat (Koyo) 37mm radiator


  • Ohlins Road and Track dampers and spring package
  • Corner-weighting and custom alignment done by Brandon at Roger Kraus Racing
  • FM frame braces to add stiffening
  • Wheels -- SSR Competition (silver) with Bridgestone RE750 205/50-15 for the street and another set of the SSR's (anthracite) with Toyo RA-1's in the same size for the track. 
  • Racing Beat swaybars front and rear (hollow front)
  • Racing Beat front swaybar brace
  • Beatrush front upper strut tower brace

Rather than going with some of the big brake conversions, I opted to go a different stay with original equipment components -- both to keep the budget in line and to stay as faithful as possible to the original car.  We adapted 2001 to 2005 sport (same as Mazdaspeed Turbo Miata) brakes to the car, with surprisingly good results.  Stopping power and (most noticeably) pedal feel and responsiveness far exceeded our expectations. Oddly enough this is the aspect of the car most commented upon after people go for a test drive.  I use stock OE Mazda pads for the street, and Hawk Blue for the track. 
- ATE Blue brake fluid. 

Transmission and Diff
The trans is the original 5 speed that came in the car, using Redline MT90
The diff is a 1996 torsen (including complete subframe/bracing for added stiffness using Redline 75/90)

Hard Dog Hard Core single diagonal

Stock, with the exception of a Delrin racing shift knob, and Clearwater speakers in the doors and headrests.
Track day seats: Driver’s seat is a Momo Mille Laggi race seat, passenger seat Momo Start race seat. (Includes Simpson full 5 point racing harnesses for both seats)
Steering wheel: Momo
Soft top has been replaced with a premium Robbins top

Complete re-paint performed by FZ Restoration

The car will be available for pickup after the conclusion of this Miatas at Mazda Raceway event (April 27-28). I will include doing a full post-track inspection of the car, plus service with fresh engine oil (Mobil 1), trans and diff oils (Redline).

Asking $15,000 for the whole package.
Car is in California, Rick is in NZ
Rick Weldon


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