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Options on turbo kits
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Our turbo systems are complete - we don't leave out any essential parts in order to claim an artificially low price. However, we do offer several options that will help you fine-tune the system to your needs.

GT2554R turbocharger
This turbo is a no-cost option on all kits. It's smaller than the GT2560R that is standard. This means that it spools up faster and will be more responsive, but at the cost of ultimate power. Well-matched to the Voodoo and Voodoo II turbos. Maximum power potential is approximately 200 hp at the wheels.

GT2560R turbocharger
This is our standard turbo. It offers an excellent combination of responsiveness and power. It's a good choice for any Miata that still has stock engine internals, as it runs out of power at about the same time the stock engine runs out of strength. Recommended for the FM II, also a good choice for Voodoo turbos that will eventually be upgraded. Maximum power potential is approximately 280 hp at the wheels.

GT3071R turbocharger
This turbo is much larger than the standard GT2560R. It also has much higher power capabilities. However, the larger size makes it slower to spool. Recommended for cars with stroker engines or with very high power goals. We tried the GT2860RS (the infamous "Disco Potato") and weren't all that happy with the results. We kept looking and found that this hybrd worked better. Definitely not recommended for 1.6 motors. Maximum power approximately 400-450 hp at the wheels. This is a $200 option.

1000cc Injector Dynamics injectors
The FM II usually comes with 600cc Deatchwerks injectors. If you're planning to run a GT3071, you should have these high capacity 1000cc ID injectors to meet your power goals. This is a $160 option. Does not apply to Voodoo kits.

Inconel studs
If you are planning on hard track use, or simply want the very best, we can supply our turbo kits with our exclusive Inconel studs pre-installed. This is an $89 option and includes the Stage 8 hardware shown below.

Stage 8 locking hardware
We include mechanical locking nuts with all of our turbo systems, but if you really want to make sure there's no way for your nuts to back off you can use the Stage 8 hardware. As an added bonus, the hardware can be used as many times as you'd like. This is a $24 option.

Hard oil/water lines
The standard water feed lines and oil drain lines in our kits are silicone and/or rubber to deal with the heat involved. But even then, they do degrade over time and need replacing. We can replace them with formed stainless steel lines that should outlast the rest of the car. This is a $179 option.

Turbo assembly
We will mount the turbo and turbine outlet to the exhaust manifold for you. This is a convenience upgrade, it will save you time in your installation. $50.

3" exhaust system
Get a full 3" exhaust system from turbo to tailpipe. This option swaps the normal 2.5" downpipe for a 3" version and also includes a 3" catalytic converter and exhaust system. Normally, the turbo systems don't include any exhaust components after the midpipe. This is an $819 option for most cars, $719 for Mazdaspeeds with an FM II conversion. Sorry, this is not currently compatible with 1994-05 Voodoo systems.

Larger intercooler
The standard intercooler fits all Miatas and provides good intake cooling at the standard boost levels. The larger unit will provide more cooling for really high-end systems. It only fits 2001-05 Miatas or 1990-00 models without air conditioning. Basically, if you're looking to run a built engine or a 3071, this might be a good choice for you. It is a $100 option.

1.8 hybrid downpipe
The flange between the cat and the downpipe on a 1.6 is pretty small. If you'd like to get rid of this restriction so you can run a true 2.5" all the way back, we have a downpipe for a 1.6 turbo that mates to a 1994-97 cat or our hybrid 3" exhaust. No cost option.

Dual gauge pod
Substitute a dual gauge pod for the single gauge unit that comes standard with the kits. A $10 upgrade. You'll have to find your own gauge to put in it, although our AEM wideband is a perfect fit.

One-piece gauge pod
If you'd like a gauge pod that replaces the entire A-pillar, this one's for you. It's a smoother look but a bit more difficult to install. Available for 1990-02 models, and carries two gauges. This is a $37 option.

Turbo fuse
Peace of mind - if something goes wrong with your wastegate, this simple little device will open your bypass valve to dump boost and protect your engine. The Hydra already has overboost protection, so this is primarily for Voodoo systems. $179 when purchased with a turbo system.

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