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Flyin' Miata turbo systems

The redesign of our legendary turbo kits took a long time. However, we feel it was worth the wait. The new kits are easier to install, higher quality, more powerful and more affordable than our previous generation.

Kit options
Turbo sizes, intercooler sizes, etc

Frequently Asked Questions
Got a question? Check here first. You might find the answer.

Why a Flyin' Miata turbo system?
What makes ours different?

Compare turbo systems
What's the difference between the systems? Includes prices.

Dyno charts
Stock engines with FM turbos and exhausts
1990 Voodoo II - 8 psi uncorrected. This car has the 2554 turbo and a 2.25" naturally aspirated exhaust. It also has an MSD boost retard fitted, although that makes no significant difference on a full throttle dyno test.
1995 FM II Link (new) vs 1995 FM II Link (old) - 12 psi for both. This is an old engine management system that's no longer available, but it shows the improvement between our previous hardware and the current design.
1999 FM II Hydra - 10-11 psi and manual boost control

Goats for turbos
Yes, you read that right.

What happens when you replace a small supercharger with a small turbo?
We recently converted Janel's 1990 Miata from an M45 supercharger to a Voodoo II.
What happened?

Turbo system specifications
Turbo specs, intercooler sizes, tubing diameters, etc.

Take a peek at how to stick one of these in your car

Take a close look.

The Power Club
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Techical information from development
How did these things come to exist?

How have things changed since 2000? Quite a bit.


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