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Product support

Flyin' Miata Tech Tips Archives

Dear Miata addict,

You may be wondering what our background is and how we are qualified to offer you advice....I have been in the automotive repair business since 1979 and established The Dealer Alternative, Inc in 1983. Until the Miata came out we didn’t let anything in the door but Porsche, Audi and Volkswagens. As soon as the Miata was introduced I bought one and started bringing it up to Porsche style performance. I’ve tried (and am still experimenting daily) most things that can be done to Miatas.
We now own quite a collection of Miatas, from almost-stock toys to full-out racers. You can see them here

If you have any topics that you would like to see covered in a tech bulletin, please feel free to e-mail me. 

Please feel free to use these tips in club newsletters, etc. Please let me know ahead of time. I would appreciate being given the credit (or blame..)

Bill Cardell, Big Cheese Dog
Flyin' Miata

A special thanks to Jim Hemphill and Gary Fischman for their ideas.

The official disclaimer: Whatever tech tips we offer are based on our own experience with, and study of Miatas. Unless otherwise stated, our procedures are not “factory approved”. We assume no liability for the use or misuse of the information offered.

Hot transmission tunnel - shift boots!
Intermittent tach and power problems
Suspension clunks and noises
Ground problem troubleshooting

Setting ignition timing for the 1.6 litre engine.

Setting ignition timing for the 1.8 litre engine. (to be used in conjunction with 1.6 instructions.)
Ramblings on ignition timing and fuel octane, etc.
Tracing battery drains.
Suspension basics.
Brake adjustment. (and how to recover from a stripped adjuster)
Suspension improvements and what they do.
Shock installation.
'99 seat travel, early car wind noise.
J&S in-car wiring.
Lance Schall's crankshaft article
Octane booster
Radiator caps

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