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Recommended alignment numbers

A good alignment makes a huge difference to car handling. The standard numbers from Mazda are fairly vague and don't necessarily flatter the Miata. A precision alignment can make even a standard Miata more fun to drive.

These are the numbers that we use at Flyin' Miata. They work well for cars fitted with our suspension kits or stock setups. There is no odd tire wear. Racers might want to vary their setup based on their particular needs of course. If you take your car to an alignment shop, ask them to come as close as possible to these settings. For a full discussion of what these numbers mean, you can read Miata Performance Projects.

It's possible that not all cars will be able to reach these numbers. If this is the case, please call our tech line (1 970 464 5600) and our techs will be able to advise you.

Caster: 5.0 degrees
Camber: 1.0 degrees negative
Toe-in: 1/16", 0.15° or 9 arcminutes total (1/32", 0.075° or 4.5 minutes per side)

Camber: 1.5 degrees negative
Toe-in: 1/16", 0.15° or 9 arcminutes total (1/32", 0.075° or 4.5 minutes per side)

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