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Flyin' Miata supercharger systems

For the 1990-05 Miatas, we like turbochargers. But for the 2006 and later cars, we've found that superchargers work better due to their packaging and power delivery.

Our exclusive supercharger design was designed with the help of Magnusson. The supercharger itself is the well-developed MP62, which gives good all-around efficiency and proven reliability. A cast aluminum intake manifold mounts the blower very close to the intake ports, giving minimum throttled volume and maximum throttle response - the key to a successful supercharger implementation. There's an air/water intercooler mounted inside the manifold to give a denser intake charge and more power. The stock 6-rib serpentine belt is used to drive the blower, and tensioning is handled by the factory tensioner so there is no chance of belt slip or any extra maintenance to do. The entire system is so well packaged that it appears to be a stock setup.

We've always known that engine management is also important to a successful power increase, and this system is no exception. Using external "black boxes" to play with the ECU inputs and outputs is a dangerous game, as the stock computer in these newest Miatas is able to detect the changes made by these add-ons and work around them. This can lead to catastrophic engine failure. Our exclusive ECU reflash essentially turns your Miata into a factory supercharged car. We reprogram the ECU to expect boost and train it how to react. Meanwhile, all of the stock programming for idle, cruise and cold start remains. The end result is a very safe setup for your engine, with no need for an expensive rebuild or forged internals at stock boost levels. It even returns full emissions codes.

How does it drive? Like a big go-kart. The throttle response is sharp and the car responds immediately.


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