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Current projects

Some Miata shops talk about their project car. We can't do that. We have a fleet of project cars, ranging from almost stock to competition cars. Although we can't keep track, there are about a dozen cars here that we use to test parts.


Projects in the shop:
We're always working on something. Here's your chance to see what it would be like to hang out at FM and kick tires or look over our shoulders.
The latest updates

Project cars:
Meet the fleet.
FM project cars

Build diaries:
Want to watch over our shoulder as we build some cool cars? There's everything from competition Miatas to V8 beasts to lightweights, including past builds and the latest from FM.
Build diaries


We race, you win. The racetrack is the perfect arena for torture-testing both our products and our technicians. We like to compete where the rules are loose so we can develop and test interesting stuff instead of worrying about a rulebook.

The Targa Newfoundland
The Targa Newfoundland is a week-long tarmac rally that combines runs through tight little village roads to undulating coastal highways. We've been involved in the race three times at several levels, including the very fast Open class. This has been our main focus of competition in the past few years.
Flyin' Miata and the Targa Newfoundland

The Track Dog
It's one thing to make 340 ft/lbs of torque in a Miata, it's something else to make it last.
Track Dog - our race car. 2.0l, big turbo, wide body - and good results! See it getting built, tested and raced.
Track Dog public appearances - want to see the beast in action? Here's where and when.
The Open Track Challenge - includes pictures, video and daily updates from a 7-day endurance event.

The Car and Driver Superfour Challenge
Flyin' Miata has attended both of the four-cylinder versions of the Car and Driver Supertuner Challenge. Naturally, we took that as an excuse to build something new and cool.
Elvis and the Supertuner Challenge 2003
The FM Speed and the Superfour Challenge 2005

The 25 Hours of Thunderhill
Keith was on the Mazdaspeed crew for the race debut of the 2006 MX Pro Cup car.
The 2005 25 Hours of Thunderhill

 Product development  

Some products are developed in secret, some are public. Here's the process we went through for a few that you can buy now.
AFCO shocks
Frame rail braces
Mazdaspeed upgrades
Stroker kit
Extraction hood

 Other cars 

FM show cars
The Zoomster Miata
The Monterey Miata
The 2003 Mazda showcar
The DGM Blazing Miata


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