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Flyin' Miata projects in the shop
The new development area is coming together and allowing us to organize things better.
We've been finding springs everywhere!
entry 1361
Heavy traffic out in front of FM this morning.
Those are cases of wine, BTW. The wind machines got a work-out last night trying to keep the peaches, apricots and cherries from freezing.
entry 1360
Time to maintain the swamp coolers, but not a bad view while we work.
And no, the smoke is not from Miata burn-outs, farmers are burning weeds.
entry 1359
Tokicos are back in stock!
We don't have full inventory of all models, but they're finally starting to ship.
entry 1358
You calling our cat fat?
entry 1357
We're testing a new, lighter throttle body inlet pipe and some new injectors on Igor, one of our shop cars.
entry 1356
Parking is pretty full.
Notice the rocket boosters on the back shelves.
entry 1355
FM Salvage is now closed.
We needed the space for other things and it took a huge amount of time. This area will soon be full of shiny new inventory, and the lift is part of a new product development area.
We'll miss having that playground of used parts for testing, though!
entry 1354
Want to buy a lap record?
Brandon's sub-1000 lb bike-engined Locost is for sale. Give us a call for details.
entry 1353
A bright blue 10AE stopped by today to pick up a new roll bar.
entry 1352
Is it a giant frozen burrito?
Or something "fishier"?
entry 1351
The parts for a new project at Flyin' Miata are starting to take shape.
entry 1350
Whoosh, the little car that started it all at FM.
Bill has owned Whoosh since new. Still looking pretty good!
entry 1349
Does your 1990-97 Miata ride lower than it should?
Is it uneven? Check your shock mounts. The one on the left has collapsed and would result in the car sitting lower.
entry 1348
As part of the prep work to turn the Lava V8 car into a track car, we've installed Sparco seats and FIA-rated harnesses.
entry 1347
Why put away the fun car in the winter?
entry 1346
Remember the V8 that sold on our site recently?
It's been at the FM shop, picking up a few upgrades before delivery to the new owner. Here, you ca see the color-matched hardtop and taillight accents. You can't see the headlight accents or the Big Mama Jama Stage 2 brakes.
entry 1345
NC brake kit development continues.
We've adapted our exclusive Wilwood parking brake calipers to the rear of the car. As you can see, they easily fit under stock 17" wheels.
entry 1344
The first prototype of a Little Big Brake Kit for the NC is installed!
That's a strong Wilwood caliper over stock rotors.
entry 1343
Eric, Kyle and Mike spend the lunch break watching some racing.
Yes, that's lightcycle racing in the original Tron.
entry 1342

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