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Flyin' Miata
499 35 Rd
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Flyin' Miata projects in the shop
That's a supercharged 2.5 ready to go into a 2013 Miata.
We can't wait to drive it.
entry 1406
Kyle Nilson had some fun at a winter rallycross this past weekend.
Look at those grins.
entry 1405
949 wheels are in stock in the 15x8 size, with all colors available.
Get them while you can!
entry 1404
Product development time!
Brandon's been spending a lot of time working on some new cooling products using Igor, one of our test cars.
entry 1403
Do we have V-Maxx suspension in stock?
We sure do. 14 pallets worth of V-Maxx suspension just arrived. It's time for the forklift races.
entry 1402
Need wheels?
We have wheels! So many wheels.
entry 1401
A big batch of Jongbloed wheels just arrived, along with a huge price reduction!
entry 1400
Happy birthday to us!
Flyin' Miata was incorporated as The Dealer Alternative 31 years ago today.
We started as a VW/Audi/Porsche service shop and started working on Miatas as soon as they were introduced. The German car side of the company got the boot in 1996 when we went into Miatas full time. And look at what's happened since!
entry 1399
Remember the Plum Crazy valve cover?
Well, it's on a freshly built engine and is about to be installed in the car.
You can see our hard water and oil lines well in this picture - they're usually hard to see.
entry 1398
This (minus five drop shipped boxes)is what it takes to build a V8 Miata.
Even the crate engine is included at the far end. Trish is hiding while she contemplates the packing job.
entry 1397
It's almost time for the first start of the fresh engine!
entry 1396
A freshly built FM engine with a GT3071R turbo, ATi damper and FM Big Spark kit.
This will be a healthy little car. We put a brass plate with the customer's name on every engine we build.
entry 1395
Kevin tows his golf clubs as fast as he wants to with his FM supercharger.
entry 1394
Open wide!
This 1999 is here for a freshly built engine and a turbo install.
entry 1393
Another NC is being set up with the prototype FOX shocks for testing.
entry 1392
It's not all crazed supercharged V8s in light chassis around here.
Eric's putting the finishing touches on a high compression four cylinder to ship to a customer.
entry 1391
A special request for a valve cover powdercoat: Classic Mopar Plum Crazy.
It looks awesome in person.
entry 1390
Keith's so excited about his "new" car he even waxed it.
No, it's not going to get an engine swap.
entry 1389
Charly Q claims at least 10 hp just from the windshield banner!
entry 1388
The black V8 that recently sold is getting some attention before it meets its new owner.
A rear brake upgrade, new front hubs, new wheels and a few other tweaks to bring the car up to spec. It's keeping the original intake design for now.
entry 1387

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