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Flyin' Miata news

5000 lb QuickJack now available.
Due to demand, we've added the 5000 lb capacity QuickJack to our catalog. Now you can lift just about anything.
BL-5000 QuickJack
Posted January 29, 2015

Track legal roll bar for the NC now available
Looking for a roll bar that's 7" taller than the factory hoops in your NC? The Transformer bar is now available exclusively from Flyin' Miata.
Hard Dog Transformer
Posted January 28, 2015

Introducing the QuickJack - with special FM pricing. EXTENDED!
Looking for the convenience of a lift at home? Or a good way to work on your car at the track? Check out the QuickJack, a portable lift that will get your car high enough for suspension or brake work and even a transmission or differential swap.
As a celebration of the Rolex 24 in Daytona, we've arranged for a "race special" price that's $215 off - exclusive for Flyin' Miata!
Update: the special pricing has been extended until February 14th.
Posted January 23, 2015

V-Maxx in stock!
If you're looking for an affordable quality coilover, we have the full V-Maxx range in stock now. Proven on the track and the street!
FM suspension components
FM suspension packages
Posted January 6, 2015

15x9 6UL wheels are available for pre-order now
Looking for a 12.3 lb 15x9? We are now taking orders for the Gen 4 6UL in 15x9 from 949Racing. All colors are currently available. 15x8s are in stock and shipping now.
FM wheels
Posted December 8, 2014

949Racing 6UL 15x8 wheels are now in stock at Flyin' Miata
Flyin' Miata is now offering the popular 6UL wheel and 15x8s are in stock and shipping now. We have all colors, including the new Tungsten on the shelves now. Get them while you can, they are selling fast, especially the Tungsten.
Posted October 13, 2014

Catfish information now available
We've been showing pictures of our Catfish. If you want to build your own - or have us build one for you - we've now published full information along with more pictures.
The Catfish
Posted September 29, 2014

New product: FOX shocks
Flyin' Miata has teamed up with FOX shocks to bring a new generation of suspension to the Miata. It all begins with the 2006-14 platform.
Flyin' Miata FOX suspension
Posted September 11, 2014

More press
Between the Million Mile Miata and's visit to our Summer Camp, there's a lot of good reading out there for Miata fans. Settle in and enjoy! at Summer Camp
Million Mile Miata at Road & Track
Posted August 8, 2014

Track times are up.
Want to know who was the quickest at the FM Summer Camp track days? The times are up! Photos will follow.
2014 Summer Camp track times
Posted August 6, 2014

So, what's under the hood of the Million Mile Miata?
There's a project at Road & Track Magazine to rack up a million miles on a Miata. The car - almost exactly one third of the way there - stopped by our shop and we did our best to make sure it'll get there. Check out the writeup!
Read all about it on
Posted August 4, 2014

We're in the points!
Big news! Thanks to our "buy a turbo, get a goat" program, Flyin' Miata (as Team Turbodog) is one of the top ten donors to Heifer International. Number seven, to be precise.

As you may know, we donate a goat via Heifer International with every sale worth $5000 or more. This includes turbo and supercharger kits. To date, Miata owners have helped us donate more than 227 goats to needy families. That's $27,333 at current count. Our original goal? $10,000.

We'd like to thank our customers for making this possible.
Posted July 30, 2014

Upgrades to our rear Wilwood setups
Our exclusive rear Wilwood brake systems have been very popular. However, the original cable design for the 1990-05 cars has not proven to be strong enough in widespread use. So we've upgraded the cable to a much stronger one.
All kits ordered starting now will be shipping with the new cables. If you have an existing setup and would like to upgrade, please contact us.
FM big brake kits
Posted July 18, 2014

Unique Miata for sale
Looking for a one-owner pristine 1990 Miata that happens to be a complete sleeper with an FM stroker engine, an FM II and an automatic transmission? It's not a car for everyone, but if that's your wish list then your car is ready.
Cars for sale
Posted June 20, 2014

Road and Track drives another of our V8 Miatas
What did they think? "The best car I've driven all year".
Road and Track article
Posted June 20, 2014

Even Astronauts love Miatas!
Dan Bursch has traveled 83 million miles around our planet and lived on the International Space Station for 196 days. So what does he drive when back on planet Earth? A Flyin' Miata, of course! Dan says "I feel like Iím on a spacewalk (EVA, or Extravehicular Activity) when I drive the Miata."
Dan on an EVA
Posted May 16, 2014

Summer camp track time
Summer Camp track time is now sold out! It's become more and more popular, and we only have so much room.
Even if you don't drive on the track, you're welcome to ride along in the FM cars.
Flyin' Miata Summer Camp
Posted May 2, 2014

Suspension kit upgrade!
We include new bumpstops with every suspension kit we sell for the 1990-97 cars. We've found that more and more 1999-05 cars have stock bumpstops that have degraded or disintegrated, so we've decided to include bumpstops on each one of those kits as well. Now there's no chance of discovering a problem halfway through an install, and you're assured of the best ride and handling you can get.
Flyin' Miata suspension packages
Posted April 16, 2014

We've upgraded our brake kits!
We've been using the Wilwood Dynalite calipers in our big brake kits for years. It's a good caliper, but old. We've just upgraded all the kits that use that caliper to the newer, stiffer Wilwood Dynapro. A stiffer caliper means better pedal feel and more precise modulation. These new calipers are shipping now.
Combined with our Spec 37 rotors, you know you're getting the best parts available with Flyin' Miata's big brake kits. We have the power to work brakes harder than anyone else, so we have to have the best!
FM big brake kits
Posted March 27, 2014

Flyin' Miata at the Mitty
We went to Road Atlanta for the Mitty at the end of April. We brought some toys and sponsored the Miata parking corral. Best of all, any car sporting a Flyin' Miata windshield banner got to go out at the front of the parade lap group.

Need a windshield banner? Just ask when you place an order!
FM windshield banner
The Mitty
Posted March 17, 2014

New Koni suspension packages, plus V-Maxx Classics are in stock and shipping!
We have added Koni shocks to our product line, and are now offering them as part of our suspension packages for all Miatas. Just in time for spring!
Flyin' Miata suspension packages
Posted March 5, 2014

Summer Camp registration is open
It's one of the most fun events of the year for Miata owners. Come join us from July 31-August 3 for a long weekend at Flyin' Miata HQ.
Flyin' Miata Summer Camp
Posted February 3, 2014

Housecleaning section
Looking to save a few dollars on scratch and dent or oddball parts? We've opened up a housecleaning section on the site for you.
FM Housecleaning
Posted January 29, 2014

New wheels!
We're happy to announce the introduction of a new wheel option for Miata owners. Jongbloed has been making high-end racing wheels for about three decades, and their strong Aero 500 wheel is now available in a Miata-specific fitment. 15x8, 15x9 and 15x10 are up first.
Aero 500 wheels
Posted January 23, 2014

How to identify a Flyin' Miata built engine
There have been a number of ads posted for Miatas, claiming that we built the engine. In some cases, that's true. In others, it's not.
Since 2006 or so, every engine we build gets a plate on the valve cover saying we built it. If that plate is not there, then either it's been 8 years or more since we built it or we weren't involved. If you'd like to be sure, find out the name of the owner who had it built and we can confirm if it's one of ours.
Posted December 19, 2013

Red calipers!
We now offer red calipers as an option on any of our kits with Wilwood calipers. The extra cost is $100 for Stage 1 or two-wheel kits, or $200 for Stage 2 kits. This red powdercoat is actually more durable than the standard black anodizing, so it isn't just an aesthetic upgrade.
Please call us to order.
FM big brake options
Posted December 18, 2013

Flyin' Miata V8 in Automobile Magazine!
Automobile's test of our V8 Miata and a new/old Cobra is now available online.
The Miata and the Cobra
Posted December 9, 2013

Welcome to Mike!
We're happy to announce that Mike Usrey is joining Flyin' Miata in early December. If you call or email us, you'll probably end up in contact with Mike. He's moving here from Oklahoma, and yes, he's a Miata owner. Welcome aboard!
Posted November 20, 2013

Happy birthday to us!
We celebrated our 30th birthday on November 10th!
Our history
Posted November 11, 2013

Classic Motorsports drives our V8 Habu
Classic Motorsports lined our 2009 V8 Miata up against their freshly restored and modified Sunbeam Tiger. Want to find out what they thought? Pick it up on the newsstand or ask them for a free copy!
Free copy of Classic Motorsports
Posted November 7, 2013

Exocet roller kits are now available
Interested in building an Exocet, but don't have all the space you need to tear apart a donor car? We've done the hard work for you, tearing apart the donor and installing the drivetrain and suspension in a chassis. We left the detail work to you. It's a great way to get a head start on your build.
Exocet roller kits
Posted November 6, 2013

Group buy on NC wheel spacers
Do you have a 2006-14 Miata that needs wheel spacers? Now's your chance. If we can put together 10 orders, we'll put some into production.
FM Group Buy Center
Posted October 30, 2013

Hooniverse visits Flyin' Miata
Bradley Brownell was on a cross-country road trip, and noticed that he'd be going right past Flyin' Miata. So of course he had to stop in.
This is his story.
A Photojournal Trip Across the Country
Posted October 24, 2013

Rotor upgrade on all big brake kits
Only at Flyin' Miata!
We've been working on a new front rotor design for our big brake kits for a while, and it's finally ready. The "Spec 37" rotor uses a proprietary Wilwood material that offers extremely long wear as well as dimensional stability under rapidly changing temperatures. It's based on their extreme duty military products and finished to 0.001" tolerance for smoothness and run-out.
It's the best rotor Wilwood can make - so we made it standard, at no extra charge, on all of our big brake kits. No need to pay extra for the good stuff!
FM big brake kits
Posted October 24, 2013

Flyin' Miata V8 in Automobile Magazine!
Pick up the November issue of Automobile to see a drive of recreation of the original Cobra and our 2009 V8!
"Flyin' Miata has been doing this conversion thing for some time. It shows in this utterly modern automobile that has the friendly personality of a Miata, only with the dark soul of a V-8."
Posted October 4, 2013

Alvin Rees at the Targa Newfoundland
Alvin Rees ran the Targa Newfoundland in his LS3 Miata. He was in the "Fast Tour" group, which is basically the supercar class. He survived the event without incident, which is a real boast on a year with a particularly high attrition rate. You can follow him via regular updates from his daughter.
Alvin takes on the Targa (from the beginning)
Posted September 16, 2013

Autoweek visits Flyin' Miata, part II
Blake gave a quick look into his visit to Flyin' Miata a week and a half ago. Now Autoweek has published his full impressions of driving a couple of our V8 cars.
Driving Flyin' Miata's Corvette-powered Mazda Miatas
Posted September 4, 2013

V8 swap parts lists are back.
We took these down for a while, but the lists of all parts involved in a V8 conversion have returned. They show every nut, bolt and ziptie that we use when we do a swap. Whether you use our parts or source your own, it's handy info.
V8 parts list (1990-97)
V8 parts list (1999-05)
Posted August 29, 2013

Autoweek visits Flyin' Miata
Blake Z. Rong from Autoweek stopped in at the shop last week. Here's what he had to say.
Autoweek at Flyin' Miata
Posted August 26, 2013

Flyin' Miata now offers the Exocet kit
The Exocet is one of the most exciting ideas we've seen in a while, and we're happy to announce that FM is a dealer for the kit. It's the easiest way to drop 800 lbs out of a Miata while keeping the friendly handling - and it's fully compatible with most aftermarket upgrades. We had an absolute ball with the one that was at our Summer Camp.
Watch for the build of our own car soon.
FM Exocet
Exocet FAQ
Posted August 13, 2013

Racing the Rock on Amazon
Did you know you can now get Racing the Rock on The best Miata race movie ever made is now easier to get. Of course, you can also get it through Flyin' Miata. Free shipping in both cases.
Posted July 24, 2013

We are transitioning to new phones at FM, with the attendant working out of bugs (and training us). Please bear with us if we transfer you into the great Void, it won't be intentional.
Posted July 22, 2013

More price drops.
Thanks to the introduction of our FM clutch for the NC model MX-5, the price of our NC Happy Meal has dropped by $250. Happy indeed.
NC Happy Meal
Posted July 18, 2013

Road & Track drives our V8 Miata
R&T drove one of our V8 cars for the May 2013 issue. Check out the article online!
Road & Track
Posted July 17, 2013

Flyin' Miata on Gearz
Want to see what Stacey David has to say about some FM parts? Check out the "Moby Duck Truck" episode of Gears, airing at 9 am EST on July 13 and again at 5:30 PM EST on July 31st.
Posted July 11, 2013

What's the Super20 like to drive?
The Super20 is awfully similar to a Miata with our Targa Package and some sticky tires. Want to know if it's any good?
Ignition video of the Super20
Posted July 8, 2013

Made in America sale!
The Made in America! sale is now over. But if you want to see our list of US-made products, check out the collection.
Made in America
Posted July 3, 2013

Car for sale
Looking for a nice 1992 with a turbo? There's one waiting for you in our classifieds.
Cars for sale
Posted June 20, 2013

A third track day has been added to our Summer Camp!
We've had enough demand for track time at the Summer Camp that we've added a third track day on Wednesday, July 31st. The cost is $85 if you sign up before July 1st, $90 after that. Space is limited, so sign up soon!
FM Summer Camp
Posted June 12, 2013

Phone problems at FM
Our old phones aren't playing well with our new phone connection. We have new parts on the way, but currently our answering machine is not working. If you call us when we're closed, we'll never know. Of course, our email is still working just fine, and we're answering the phones between 8:30 and 5:30 Mountain time.
Posted June 12, 2013

More press for our V8 Habu conversions! did a writeup on our V8s. They were particularly impressed with the fact that our 3.8 second 0-60 time was done in second gear.
LS1tech forum
Posted June 7, 2013

Goats keep coming!
Thanks to our customers, we have been able to donate 133 goats to Heifer International!
More info on our Turbos for Goats program
Posted June 4, 2013

It never rains, but it pours.
Have you been looking for the perfect modified Mazdaspeed with FM performance parts? Another one just got added to our cars for sale page, so now you have two to choose from. This one's black.
Cars for sale
Posted May 28, 2013

Car for sale
Looking for a clean Mazdaspeed with (almost all of) a little Enchilada?
Car for sale
Posted May 23, 2013

FM Salvage is closed!
Salvage will be closed for the foreseeable future. Any existing un-shipped orders will be filled.
In the meantime, we recommend Planet Miata
Posted May 8, 2013

Miata wallpaper
We had a few requests for large versions of our recent Bonneville pictures. Here they are, ready to give your desktop something to dream about.
Little car, big salt
Big car
Posted May 6, 2013

It's National Hub Awareness Month!
Two more Miatas lost their rear wheels on the track this past weekend - both running stock hubs. If you spend a fair bit of time on the track, we strongly recommend you check your rear hubs for cracking on the inside. It may be worth picking up a new set, just to be safe. We don't sell replacement hubs for stock axles, so you'll have to go to your favorite Mazda OE parts supplier or Mazda Motorsports.
Posted May 6, 2013

Potential supply problem for Tokicos
The US distributor for Tokico shocks has recently changed. We don't know who the new one will be yet and it's quite likely there will be an extended gap in the availability of these shocks. We've purchased all remaining stock from the warehouse to give you the best service possible, but if you're considering a suspension package that uses these shocks you should order soon to avoid disappointment.
Update: we are sold out of the NB and NC versions.
FM suspension packages
Posted May 3, 2013

More V8 Miata press did a writeup on our V8 Miatas - check it out!
Posted April 22, 2013

The V-Maxx container has arrived!
The long-awaited container is here, and we are overrun with affordable suspensions. However, it's going to take us some time to get all the orders out so please be patient for another couple of weeks as we work through the backlog. If you do have a set on order, you can help us out by sending an email to to let us know that you still want them and that you still live at the same place!

Posted April 18, 2013

Cars for sale
Rick Weldon, founder of P R Motorsports, has a couple of interesting cars for sale. One is his well-proven 1991 track toy and the other is an unfinished enduro project. Check them out!
Cars for sale
Posted April 16, 2013

Flyin' Miata V8 test in the new Road & Track!
Want to know what the editors of Road & Track think of our V8 Miatas? Grab a copy of the May issue, available right now. Hint, it includes the number 3.8.
Check it out here!
Posted April 1, 2013

Shipping delays
The economy must be coming back, because we're swamped and short of shipping personnel. Please bear with us as we try to catch up. If your order is time sensitive and you're ordering in the store or on the phone, please choose an expedited shipping method. Expedited orders go out first. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
Posted March 15, 2013

V-Maxx price increase coming
Unfortunately, we're going to have to raise the price of V-Maxx coilovers by $20 and we wanted to give you warning. The price increase will take place when the new shipment arrives, and we'll honor the current pricing for all orders taken before then! You won't have to pay until we're able to ship the parts, but you can lock in the price by ordering now. Last chance to get the old price before they arrive and they are coming soooon.

FM suspension parts
Posted March 14, 2013

International shipping quotes
We ship parts all over the world. And we have a new form you can use to ask for a shipping quote that will streamline the process.
International shipping quote
Posted March 12, 2013

Thanks for your patience
We're busy! This is good, but it also means we're running a bit behind. Normal orders are going to take a couple of days to ship out, and with Kevin in training we're taking a bit longer than usual to answer emails. We apologize for all the delays, we're doing what we can to sort everything out. But in the meantime, we do appreciate your patience.
Posted March 5, 2013

Registration is open for the 2013 Summer Camp
Our Summer Camp is always popular, and last year was the biggest yet. For 2013, the dates are July 31-August 4. Our track time always sells out, so sign up early to avoid disappointment!
2013 Summer Camp
Posted March 4, 2013

Say hi to Kevin!
Kevin Ahern is the newest member of the FM family. If you call us, it's quite possible you'll speak to him. Say hi!
His Miata is a 2003, in case you were wondering.
Posted February 28, 2013

FM hub stands, version 1.1
We've had a lot of requests for hub stands with different bolt patterns. So we've redesigned them to cover almost every car around, from Fiats to Porsches. You now get them with your choice of bolt patterns and can pick up extra hub plates to extend the range of fitment.
FM hub stands
extra plates
Posted February 25, 2013

Looking for an installer in the Northeast area?
We're happy to add AP Tuning as one of our recommended installers. A very talented ex-employee of ours (Ken Hill)works with AP to assist with their Miata tuning.
AP Tuning
FM recommended installers
Posted January 3, 2013

Special deal on Hydras!
Hydra has given us a special deal on 15 engine computers that have flex fuel and CAN bus capabilities enabled. Usually, this is a $490 upgrade - but it's free while supplies last.
Hydra Nemesis
Posted December 21, 2012

FM Salvage is open again
We'd like to welcome two new employees: Cheryl Lawrence and Brad Arrendale. Cheryl works in our shipping department and Brad is our new Salvage Master. Now that Brad's here, we have opened up FM Salvage again so you once again have a source for quality used Miata parts.
FM Salvage
Posted December 12, 2012

111 goats!
Everyone thought Bill was nuts, but our Heifer International program has shown some real results. Since we started, we've managed to send 111 goats to needy families around the world. This is thanks to some individual customer donations as well as our "Buy a turbo, get a free goat" program. Of course, we're not going to stop.
We've made the Miata world faster. But we're also helping to make the whole world better thanks to your help.
Our Heifer International page
Posted November 29, 2012

Gift suggestions from Flyin' Miata
We don't have any plans for Black Friday/Cyber Monday/But-wait-there's-more Tuesday sales. But if you are looking for some gift ideas for your Miata honey, we're happy to make sure you get the perfect bits. So we've put together some suggestions to make life easier.
FM gift suggestions
Posted November 21, 2012

Big news for 2006+ owners
We're proud to announce that we will now be tuning 2006 and later engine computers using ECUtek equipment and software. This allows us to tune the ECU ourselves in conjunction with Dynotronics instead of relying on a third party overseas, and we can bring our decades of Miata engine management to the current platform. We've been working to come up to speed on the new software, and have improved the quality of our tunes as a result. We can also offer a quicker tuning service as everything is done in-house at Flyin' Miata now.

An added bonus of the ECUtek equipment is that you can flash a new program into your car without shipping us the ECU using an optional cable. You don't need to pay for the tuning software or do any tuning yourself, as we will supply the program for you. The cable also allows you to datalog as well as read and erase error codes. We do have the cables available for rent if you only need one for a short time.

Because of the improvement in the quality of the programming, we will be buying a tuning license for each of our existing supercharger customers. This will allow us to supply a new FM/Dynotronics developed tune without charge. If you are amongst that group, you will be hearing from us soon.
ECUtek engine programming
Posted November 13, 2012

FM-built V8 Miata for sale!
This is the first of the Flyin' Miata built V8 cars to come up for sale. It's a car we've actually known its entire life, as it started as an FM development car. Now it's got a 480 hp LS3 engine. Here's your chance to skip the line and get a baby supercar immediately.
LS3 Miata for sale
Posted November 12, 2012

Happy birthday to us!
On November 10, 1983, Bill Cardell incorporated The Dealer Alternative - a Porsche/Audi/VW repair shop. He dropped flyers under windshield wipers to get business. 29 years later, that same business is now known as Flyin' Miata. We've come a long way from a solo mechanic stuffing flyers under wipers!
Our history
Posted November 9, 2012

Targa Package update
We've changed up the contents of our Targa Package a little bit. We now include one of our stainless midpipes with a high-flow metallic core catalytic converter. We've also deleted the Hard Bar from the PRHT version as it doesn't offer as much of a safety improvement as we'd like, so it's an option that can be added later.
The Targa Package
Posted November 8, 2012

A new face at Flyin' Miata
We're happy to welcome Cheryl Lawrence to our shipping department. She'll be working to make sure your parts arrive to you safe and sound.
Cheryl is replacing Adam Martinez, who has moved on to work full-time as an EMT and fireman. Adam was with us for more than five years, and we wish him luck. We just hope he doesn't visit us when he's at work.
Posted November 7, 2012

Supercharger price increase
We've managed to bring the price of our supercharger system down quite dramatically since it was introduced. Unfortunately, production costs have gone up and the pricing must follow.
Despite the most recent increase, the price of the supercharger is still $800 less than it was when it was introduced.
Flyin' Miata 2006+ supercharger
Posted October 4, 2012

Motoman weighs in on Racing the Rock
You've seen the various Motoman updates of Targa Newfoundland 2011. Well, he's had a chance to see Racing the Rock now.
"Adam and Tracey have told an amazing story...I wonít give away all the details, but this great story weaves together a love of cars, a loving wife, some tragedy which slightly changed the roster of Team Flyiní Miata in Newfoundland and healthy dose of what it is really like to be on the team behind the scenes."
Motoman's comments
Racing the Rock
Posted October 1, 2012

Sounding good.
Want to know what Elvis sounded like at Hallett last weekend? Tom Ingles sent us this short clip. Play it loud!
Elvis on YouTube
Posted September 19, 2012

2005 Mazdaspeed for sale.
Mazda only made Mazdaspeed Miatas in four colors. And the black ones are particularly rare. Now, imagine that black Mazdaspeed with a Big Enchilada installed already. Want it? Now's your chance.
Cars for sale
Posted September 13, 2012

More V8 instructions online
We already make our installation instructions for V8 conversions available online for free. We just added another set, telling you how to put the LS7 "snorkel" cold air intake into a Miata. You might not need to know this now, but just in case...
V8 CAI instructions
Flyin' Miata V8 conversions
Posted September 6, 2012

Roll bar redo
We've gone through our roll bar offerings and simplified things. The number of options was getting a bit out of control, including a few that we weren't willing to recommend. We've also renamed one or two of the more awkward ones - so the Hard Dog M2 Hard Core Hard Top is easier to understand. Check it out!
Sport bars
Hard Core bars
Posted August 29, 2012

Now that's good reality television
Steven Searle sent us this video of his FM-built Miata lapping an Indy car track. The car has a 2.0 engine with a big turbo on an FM II. Ride along!
Big turbo Miata on track
Posted August 15, 2012

Racing the Rock preview is now available
Take a peek at the opening of the Racing the Rock movie. We think you'll enjoy it.
Racing the Rock preview
Racing the Rock DVD for sale
Posted August 10, 2012

Summer Camp pictures
We've posted a number of pictures from the 2012 Summer Camp. Check them out and relive the fun of last week - or see what you missed!
FM 2012 Summer Camp
Posted August 9, 2012

Price cut in aisle 3!
We've managed to cut the price of our brake rotors by up to $70/pair. This has also affected the price of our performance brake kits in a good way.
FM brake components
Posted August 8, 2012

FM Salvage is closed for an indefinite period
Kyle Tigar, our Salvage Master, has changed positions and will now be working on customer cars. He's a trained mechanic who does careful work, so this is good news. Unfortunately, it does mean that our Salvage division will be closed until we can find and train his replacement. We will fulfill all existing salvage orders, but will not be able to take any new ones at this time.
Posted July 30, 2012

Big Enchilada Mazdaspeed for sale
Looking for a nicely finished turbo Miata?
Cars for sale
Posted July 24, 2012

See the Yusho in action
Remember the show car that Mazda put together with an FM supercharger? Here's a video of it in action. Unfortunately, nobody at Flyin' Miata speaks German so we can't tell you what they're saying.
We think one of the other supercharged Miatas they put together is also visible in the background near the beginning. That would have been a fun day.
Yusho on the track (video)
Posted July 18, 2012

A third track day at the Summer Camp
Thanks to a huge demand for track time at the Summer Camp, we've added a third day. We have a couple of slots open, so if you're interested on getting some track time on Wednesday contact us.
It's going to be the biggest Summer Camp ever.
FM Summer Camp
Posted July 12, 2012

The Miracle Radiator
One of our customers recently tested our exclusive crossflow radiator on the same track used for the Malaysian F1 race - in 115F heat. He could not be happier.
See what he had to say
The Miracle Radiator
Posted July 11, 2012

Goats! Lots of goats!
We're happy to announce we have reached $10,000 of goat donations to Heifer International through our "Buy a turbo, get a free goat" program. Please help us to support Heifer's work.
TurboDog's Heifer page
Posted July 11, 2012

Summer Camp News!
We have hired well known pro driver and instructor Michael Pettiford to be our instructor at the Summer Camp driving school. You're welcome!
You can learn about Michael here.
Posted July 5, 2012

Flyin' Miata YouTube channel
Did you know that FM has a YouTube channel? We've got in-car footage of various cars on the racetrack, the street and the rally stage as well as walkarounds of various cars and dyno runs. We just put up a walkaround of CF-55, the most recent V8 conversion.
If you've got something you'd like to see, let us know.
Flyin' Miata on YouTube
Targa Miata on YouTube
Posted June 15, 2012

We have a new DJ in the house
If you call FM, you might find yourself speaking to DJ, aka Debbie. She's our new phone wrangler. If she sounds like Amber, that's because Amber is her daughter!
Welcome aboard, Debbie. Buckle up.
Posted June 8, 2012

Warning - heavy traffic at Flyin' Miata
We're in the middle of training a new sales person and have a number of new folks in our shipping department. Combine that with our busy season and we're having trouble keeping up our usual rapid response and shipping times. If you need a part immediately for a particular event, please call us and make sure we know.
We'll do our best to get everything out as quickly as we can but we're overloaded right now. Thanks for your patience!
Posted June 4, 2012

A new Miata show car in Germany
Remember the supercharged Miata we helped Mazda Germany build and was so well received by the German press? They're considering a production run of 100. The new MX-5 Yusho on display at the Leipzig show is what the production version would be like. The centerpiece, of course, is the FM supercharger.
Yusho apparently means "victory" in Japanese.
MX-5 Yusho (Google translation)
Posted June 1, 2012

Car for sale
There's a nice early FM II for sale in PA. Skip the building process and drive your car home right away!
FM cars for sale
Posted May 31, 2012

There's a new project diary on the site
A customer of ours really likes Igor, our "you could build this at home" shop car. So he asked us to do the same to his car. No special machine work, no engine internals - just a bunch of bolt-on FM parts. Follow along as we build Moonshine.
The Moonshine Project
Posted May 16, 2012

A third track day at the Summer Camp?
We've had such a big turnout for the Summer Camp that we've run out of track day slots. So we're looking at adding another day on Wednesday. If we can get a waiting list of 20 people, we'll do it. Think of it as a group buy on track time. If you're interested, give us a call.
Flyin' Miata Summer Camp
Posted May 15, 2012

New group buy
We've designed an oil cooler/thermostat kit for the NC Miata that works far better than the factory unit. But we need a minimum number of orders to put it into production. So we're running a group buy.
FM Group Buy Center
Posted May 10, 2012

Summer Camp registration
It's looking like our 2012 Summer Camp is going to be a big one. All of our 60 available track day slots are filled up as well as the Ground School driving class! Seats at Sunday brunch are also filling fast. And on top of this, early registration prices run out at the end of May.
If you want to join us this August for our 15th annual Summer Camp, sign up soon!
Flyin' Miata Summer Camp
Posted May 9, 2012

New Little Big Brake Kit templates
Are you interested in our little big brake kit? We've just released some updated templates to check for wheel clearance. The changes aren't big - a millimeter or two in various spots - but it might make the difference between clearing and not. We recommend you double-check your wheels if you have ordered one of the kits.
Flyin' Miata Little Big Brake Kit
Posted May 8, 2012

MotoMan TV has another Targa Newfoundland episode online
Need more Targa video action? MotoMan is releasing their longer videos from the event. They're focused primarily on the Dodge team, but spent some time with Brandon, Zach and Nancy. This episode covers the first couple of days of the race.
MotoMan TV
Posted May 8, 2012

FM Little Big Brake Kit is becoming a regular catalog item
Thanks to an enthusiastic response from the Miata world, our "Little Big Brake Kit" will now be part of our regular catalog. We're moving towards production shortly, and will start shipping kits as soon as we can.
Flyin' Miata Little Big Brake Kit
Posted May 4, 2012

Jeremy has big news.
He's a father! He and his wife met Penelope Rae face to face for the first time today. Congratulations Jeremy.
As you might expect, Jeremy's out of the office for a few days. Please be patient with your tuning questions. He's got a good excuse.
Posted April 18, 2012

FM "Little Big Brake Kit"
Want a lightweight brake setup for your 1990-05 that will fit under most stock wheels? Trying to save pounds for autocross while running 13" wheels? Check out the Little Big Brake Kit. It takes 4 lbs of unsprung weight off each front wheel by substituting an aluminum four-piston caliper for the stock cast iron.
We've built the prototypes and tested them. Now we're offering them up as a group buy. If we get 12 people, we'll put this into production. If not, we won't make any more.
Little Big Brake Kit
Posted April 13, 2012

Our original NC exhaust is back.
Late last year, we redesigned our NC exhaust to be quieter. We found the previous design was too loud on supercharged cars, especially for highway driving. Well, not everyone agreed - especially customers with naturally aspirated cars. So we've brought back the original so that you have a choice.
2006+ Flyin' Miata naturally aspirated exhaust
2006+ Flyin' Miata supercharged exhaust
Posted April 12, 2012

Super20 road test!
Inside Line got behind the wheel of the Super20 show car for a drive. How does it compare to a modified earlier model? Find out for yourself! It's no surprise that the Flyin' Miata supercharger is the real star of the show.
PS: Mazda, we have the suspension solution you need...
Inside Line
Posted April 9, 2012

Put Brandon, Zach and Nancy on your TV
During the Targa Newfoundland, Motoman TV was following the Dodge SRT team around. They also spent some time with Brandon and Zach. There are multiple episodes coming out over the next month or so, and the first one just went online.
Motoman TV
Posted April 5, 2012

Toyo tires are now available!
We are a Tire Rack dealer, and we're happy to announce that the excellent Toyo R1R, RA1 and R888 tires are now available through Tire Rack. When combined with a set of wheels, you'll get free mounting and balancing and save on shipping as well. This is great news for Miata owners.
The Targa Miata ran the Toyo R1R during the Targa Newfoundland. Now you can get a similar wheel/tire package that's 1/2 lb lighter for about 20% less - contact us for details.
Posted April 5, 2012

You are invited to a world premiere!
As you may recall, filmmaker Adam Costa followed us around on the Targa Newfoundland. His project is almost done with the final scenes being filmed in a couple of weeks - and we're excited to announce the official premiere will be shown at the historic Avalon Theater in Grand Junction during our Summer Camp. Anyone who's registered for the weekend will get in for free. The filmmakers, the cars and the subjects will all be on hand.
DVDs of the show will be available before the event.
FM Summer Camp
The documentary project
Posted March 14, 2012

Car for sale
There's a stock 1999 for sale here in town. If you're looking for a base for your next project, we can do anything you want to it before you come pick it up! SOLD! Look for this car in a build diary, as it will be "Igor-ized" before it goes to its new home in KY.
Cars for sale
Posted March 13, 2012

The new adjustable FM V-Maxx XXtreme
Our new adjustable FM V-Maxx setup has two optional spring rates and can be packaged with our FM sway bars. It's a great setup.
UPDATE: The first shipment arrived and sold out in about three weeks. It will be months before we see the next ones.
FM V-Maxx XXtreme Track Pack coilovers
Posted February 20, 2012

Customer review of our Airflow kit
We all rather like the name "badass fan kit" around here.
Review of the badass fan kit
Posted February 15, 2012

Summer Camp registration is open
Our annual party/track festival/open house takes place August 2-5 this year. Don't miss out, sign up early! Track spots tend to fill up quickly.
FM Summer Camp details
Posted February 6, 2012

The Flyin' Miata Super Cup race series is ramping up for a new season.
The FM Super Cup is an online race series for Gran Turismo 5. There are two classes this year, a spec NC or a race-prepped and adjustable NA. It's your chance to rub fenders with top-flight racers from around the world without having to pay for tires. Racing starts in mid-Februrary.
FM Super Cup
Posted January 30, 2012

Supercharger price increase (Not!)
Remember the price increase we warned you about for the 2006-11 superchargers? Well, we still have a decent amount of stock that were purchased at the previous price, so we're able to hold the current price for a while longer.
FM supercharger
Posted January 6, 2012

We're going to Laguna Seca!
Flyin' Miata is proud to be a sponsor of the 2012 Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca event. Two days of track time on a legendary track? Of course we'll be there, and we'll be giving rides. Registration opens on January 9th.
Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
Posted January 4, 2012

Another magazine test
Maximum Tuner magazine has published their test of the Mazda Germany supercharged NC. They were really happy with the Flyin' Miata supercharger's power delivery. Their only complaint is that the car's a one-off. I guess they hadn't heard about the FM Targa Package...
Targa package
Posted January 3, 2012

We're looking for your feedback.
We like to bring cars to big Miata events - but we can't bring them all. So we're asking for your help. We've got a poll running on our Facebook page as well as on various web forums. Let us know what cars you want to see and why, and we'll be able to make events better for everyone.
FM Facebook page
Posted December 21, 2011

NC Miata information and a story about our Targa Newfoundland adventure!
The next issue of Grassroots Motorsports is going to feature our Targa Newfoundland team - and you can get a free copy. You have to sign up before January 6th if you want to get this issue, though. After that, you'll get the next issue instead.
It's a great magazine, we recommend you give it a try.
Free issue of GRM with lots of Miatas!
Posted December 20, 2011

Track review of the FM supercharger
The German TV show GRIP spent some time at the track with the supercharged NC put together by Mazda Germany and Flyin' Miata. Don't ask us what they're saying, but it sure looks like they're having fun. This is the same car that was on display in Frankfurt and has been tested in most of the German magazines.
GRIP on YouTube
Posted December 15, 2011

Gift suggestions from Flyin' Miata
Looking for subtle hints to leave around the house? Or perhaps you've been given a subtle hint and you're looking to order something for that Miata enthusiast in your life. Well, we're here to help. We've put together some of our popular items - including an electronic gift certificate that can be printed out at the very last minute, if you are that kind of shopper.
We know these cars inside and out, so if you're not the usual Miata order placer in the family we can help make sure you're picking the right parts!
FM gift suggestions
Posted December 7, 2011

The clock is ticking on the current supercharger pricing
Don't forget, there's a price increase coming for the 2006-11 superchargers. If you order before the end of the year, you'll save $700. We have lots of parts in stock so there's no concern about supply. Our ECU reflash will work on all 2006-11 cars - do your homework before buying, that's not true of all the kits out there.
FM supercharger
Posted December 7, 2011

Track times from the 2011 Summer Camp
Hot off the presses, the track times from the 2011 Summer Camp have been posted. Well, they've actually been posted for a while. We just forgot to tell you about them.
2011 times
Posted November 29, 2011

Want to try a good magazine for free?
Grassroots Motorsports is doing the wrapup of their NC autocross project in the next issue. Over the last couple of years, they've done some very interesting testing with the car. There's also some details about our Targa Newfoundland run in the magazine. And the best thing is that they'll send you the issue for free! It's one of the best Miata magazines out there and covers a wide range of interesting cars.
Give GRM a try
Posted November 29, 2011

20% off all FM-branded exhausts
The shipping department says the warehouse is getting full of exhausts. We need to make some space for all the superchargers. So we're putting them on sale until Dec 14th so there's room for the next shipment. Every FM-branded exhaust part is 20% off. Help us clear things out around here!
Exhausts for naturally aspirated cars
Exhausts for turbo cars
Posted November 23, 2011

Nice 2001 FM II for sale
Crystal blue, FM II, SSR Comp wheels, FM-built short block - is this on your shopping list?
Cars for sale
Posted November 22, 2011

Price drop in aisle 5...
Good news! Thanks to the volume of parts we buy from them, ATI has lowered our cost on the Super Damper - and this means a lower price for you! Not just a little savings either, but a full $60 off the old price.
Remember, FM is the only place where you'll get the damper and the belt guide needed to make it work properly on a Miata engine.
ATI damper
Posted November 16, 2011

Flyin' Miata Super Cup season 3 is ramping up
Want to race a 215 hp Miata that weighs 1750 lbs against drivers from all over the world? If you've got Gran Turismo 5, you can. The third season of the FM Super Cup is starting on November 6th with a race at the Nuerburgring.
FM Super Cup information
Posted October 31, 2011

Production problems means a good deal for you
Our latest batch of crank bolt tools arrived all banged up. They're scuffed up and most of them have a small warp to them. Not enough to affect how they work, just enough to make them unacceptable for most Miata owners.
However, if you don't mind your tools looking like tools, you can save 30% off the price of a regular one.
FM crank bolt tool
Posted October 25, 2011

Targa Miata test drive
Ever wonder what the V8 Targa Miata is like to drive? Check out the report on Autoblog. Is it more like a pet electric eel or a puppy?
Posted October 24, 2011

Group buy on 1990-97 dual turbo exhausts
We dropped our dual turbo exhausts from the catalog because of low demand. But we can do another production run if there's enough interest. So we're putting together a group buy of any interested parties. If we get 6 people by Nov 14th, we'll produce the parts.
FM Group Buy center
Posted October 20, 2011

FM V-Maxx suspension in stock
Our latest shipment of V-Maxx coilovers was big enough to put a few extras on the shelf. This means they're available to ship out immediately. If you've been waiting for a set, now's your chance. We're not expecting another shipment for quite some time.
FM V-Maxx suspension
Posted October 12, 2011

Super Deal!
Unfortunately, the cost of producing our supercharger system for the 2006+ Miatas has gone up considerably. This means we are going to have to increase the price of the kit by $700 starting on January 1st or when current supplies run out, whichever comes first. Even with the increase, the system will still be less expensive than it was three years ago and will be essentially the same as the FM II turbo for the 1990-05 models. It's a great value for a very complete setup. The three major German magazines have now published articles on Mazda Deutschland's Racer project with our supercharger installed (they loved it!) and the car was shown at the Frankfurt auto show.
It's not something we enjoy doing, but we're hoping that nearly three months advance notice will be enough. Don't miss your chance to get the old price!
FM supercharger system
Posted October 11, 2011

FM's cash for cats program
Did you know that we'll give you a $20 in exchange for your stock cat when you buy a replacement from us? Simply ship us your old one with a complete core and we'll put a credit on your account. Please contact us for full details.
Posted October 11, 2011

Intercooler piping for sale.
If you have one of the old FM turbo kits with the steel intercooler tubes and need parts, we have several boxes of new, but long discontinued intercooler pipes and inlet pipes. We want it out of inventory. Call us to see if we have what you need. They're going dirt cheap - two weeks and we pitch the whole mess in the scrap metal dumpster for recycling.
Unfortunately, we do NOT have any intercoolers to match so we can't set you up with a complete tubing kit.
Posted October 4, 2011

Flyin' Miata at Targa Newfoundland
Want to see the best Miata racing movie ever made? How about riding along with a professional writer as he tries to come to terms with the challenges of competing in one of North America's toughest races? Now's your chance.
Racing the Rock is a professional full-length documentary about Flyin' Miata's two-car team taking on the Targa Newfoundland in 2011. Meanwhile, Zach Bowman published his side of the story on Autoblog.
Racing the Rock DVD
Zach's Autoblog report
Posted October 3, 2011

The Rocketship is for sale
It's not often a car of this caliber comes up for sale. If you have dreams of a 1993 black and red Miata with over 400 wheel horsepower, your dreams have come true.
Cars for sale
Rocketship build diary
Posted October 3, 2011

Flyin' Miata at the Frankfurt auto show
Mazda Deutschland has their MX5 racer with an FM supercharger flying the FM flag in their booth at the Frankfurt International Auto Show. They have also been handing it out to German magazines for track testing; it's on the cover of Sport Auto currently, as well as recent articles in Auto Zeitung and Auto Bild.
Posted September 24, 2011

Targa Newfoundland!
Targa Newfoundland is over and our teams did very well. Keith and Janel (in the V8 Targa Miata) led the Open class until the last stage of Day 4 (out of 5 days) when the main injection relay failed 1 km from the end of the stage. This gave them an automatic 5 minute penalty. At the end of the five days, they ended up a fantastic third 4:58 behind the winner. Do the math if you pull out the penalty. Brandon and Zach were tied in the lead for the first four days (driving our '06 FM supercharged Miata); two small mistakes dropped them back to fifth in a very competitive class. Brandon and Zach also placed better than any other novice team, and that combined with their great attitude won them the Grace Cup Novice Award. Other than the relay, no mechanical issues at all. You can catch up on all the action at Autoblog and Keith's diaries.
Keith's diaries and video
Posted September 24, 2011

More Miatas in Newfoundland
The Hammerhead Motorsports team ran a couple of Miatas in Newfoundland in 2010. They came back for 2011, and did very well, placing 4th and 7th in the GT class, bracketing Brandon and Zach, both of whom really appreciate all the navigating tips and help the Hammerheads gave them. Both cars ran our frame rails/butterfly brace and FM V-Maxx suspension. They're Targa Tested!
Hammerhead Motorsports at 2010 Targa Newfoundland
Hammerhead Motorsports on Facebook
Posted September 24, 2011

Announcing the FM Targa Documentary.
Adam Costa put together the "Speed Science" documentary you might have seen a while back, and he traveled with us to Newfoundland to make a documentary about our team's efforts. To help raise funds for the project, he's pre-selling DVDs, posters and offering the chance to pick up a producer credit. At the very least, check out the preview he put together.
We're pretty excited about this.
Preview video
Pre-sale page
Posted September 24, 2011

Targa Newfoundland!
Targa Newfoundland is over and our teams did very well. Keith and Janel (in the V8 Targa Miata) led the Open class until the last stage of Day 4 (out of 5 days) when the main injection relay failed 1 km from the end of the stage. This gave them an automatic 5 minute penalty. At the end of the five days, they ended up a fantastic third 4:58 behind the winner. Do the math if you pull out the penalty. Brandon and Zach were tied in the lead for the first four days (driving our '06 FM supercharged Miata); two small mistakes dropped them back to fifth in a very competitive class. Other than the relay, no mechanical issues at all.
Keith's diaries
Posted August 30, 2011

More Miatas in Newfoundland
The Hammerhead Motorsports team ran a couple of Miatas in Newfoundland in 2010. They came back for 2011, and did very well, placing 4th and 7th in the GT class, bracketing Brandon and Zach. Both cars ran our frame rails/butterfly brace and FM V-Maxx suspension. It's Targa Tested!
Hammerhead Motorsports at 2010 Targa Newfoundland
Hammerhead Motorsports on Facebook
Posted August 24, 2011

Announcing the FM Targa documentary
Adam Costa put together the "Speed Science" documentary you might have seen a while back, and he's going to be traveling with us to Newfoundland. To help raise funds for the project, he's pre-selling DVDs, posters and offering the chance to pick up a producer credit. At the very least, check out the preview he put together.
We're pretty excited about this.
Preview video
Pre-sale page
Posted August 22, 2011

Old turbo kit parts
If you have one of the old Bell built FM turbo kits and need parts, we have several boxes of new, but long discontinued intercooler pipes and inlet pipes. We want it out of inventory, call to see if we have what you need. Going dirt cheap-two weeks and we pitch in the recycle bin.
Posted August 18, 2011

Limited number of Targa Newfoundland team hoodies available!
Our printing company screwed up and printed twice as many hoodies as we need for our crew. So we have a limited number available for our fans! This is the same shirt the FM team will be wearing at the race in September. Nice and warm, perfect for Newfoundland weather. We're restricting these to Team Members and Patrons only for the time being. When they're gone, they're gone...
UPDATE: ...and they're gone. They're going all over the world!
Posted August 17, 2011

New Targa patron!
Thank you to Alvin Rees for supporting the Flyin' Miata heading for Newfoundland later this month! Alvin is our newest patron - thank you! More Targa news will be coming in the next few days.
Flyin' Miata supporters
Posted August 15, 2011

V-Maxx suspension supply
We've got a couple of tons of V-Maxx coilovers on the way here right now - but demand has been so high, they're almost all sold! At the time of writing, we have 5 sets of 1999-05 or 1990-97 NB coilovers in that shipment that are still unsold. If you've been waiting, we recommend you place your order now to avoid disappointment.
If you're looking for a 1990-97 set, we have 8 of those in stock and ready to ship immediately.
UPDATE: The NB units are now sold out.
FM V-Maxx coilovers
Posted August 15, 2011

Congratulations to Scott Rueweler and Heather Bresiano! Scott popped the question on Saturday night at the FM banquet, and Heather appeared quite pleased.
See what you miss if you don't come to the FM Summer Camp?
Posted August 9, 2011

"A strong statement against rationality"
Mazda Germany has built a fast little 2010 MX-5 using one of our superchargers. They handed the keys over to Sport Auto Magazine who then took it to the Hockenheim racetrack. The article is in the latest issue, and we have it here for you to read.
It's in German, but we do have a rough translation available at the end of the article. It's pretty entertaining to read.
Auto Sport article
FM supercharger
Posted August 8, 2011

Flyin' Miata's "goats for turbos" program
Did you know that we've been able to donate enough money to Heifer International to buy 27 goats for needy families? And it's thanks to the Miata community.
Don't be fooled by the catchy phrase. We donate a goat for any other order over $5000, such as an NC supercharger and clutch.
FM and Heifer International
About Heifer International
Posted July 27, 2011

Meet Zach Bowman, navigator for the Targa Newfoundland
We're happy to welcome Zach Bowman to the Flyin' Miata team for the Targa! Zach is an associate editor at Autoblog and an overall fun guy. We've enjoyed working with him to this point, and think he'll be an excellent fit with the team when the rubber starts to smoke. He'll also help keep everyone up to date on what's going on during the race.
Meet the team
Announcement on Autoblog
Posted July 14, 2011

Is it hot in here?
Ah, summertime. It's a rough time for high-power Miatas as they try to keep cool. Lucky for them, we've done more instrumented cooling testing on Miatas than anyone other than Mazda. That's why our fan kits and radiators perform so well. Read up on what we learned.
Radiator testing
Fan testing
Posted July 12, 2011

Flyin' Miata Super Cup goes into Season 3
After a great finish to Season 2, Season 3 kicks off soon. This time around, there's a feeder series to the FM Super Cup for those who want to polish up their skills. The cars now get a close-ratio box and an ECU reflash, and they're running more than a second faster than last year. The first event is on July 30th.
In case you're wondering, this is a virtual race series taking place in Gran Turismo 5 on the Playstation. Think of the money you'll save on tires.
Flyin' Miata Super Cup
Posted July 5, 2011

Need a roll bar?
Then you want to come to Flyin' Miata's Summer Camp. We'll be giving away a gift certificate worth $235 towards the purchase of a Hard Dog bar, thanks to Hard Dog Fabrication.
Posted July 5, 2011

Dyno run video
Check out this video of our FM IIR on the dyno. We actually hit the torque limit on the dyno itself - there's more power in the car, we just can't measure it.
More details on the FM IIR will be released shortly.
Posted June 29, 2011

Track spots are going fast.
Ha, "going fast". Get it? Anyhow, we're down to just three spots in the FM track day at this year's Summer Camp. If you want a chance to get some turns in, register now!
Update: And it's full! Unless we have a cancellation, there are no more spots available on the track.
FM Summer Camp
Posted June 28, 2011

Group buy for our new 2006+ trailer hitch
Want to pick up our lightweight trailer hitch but keep your wallet a bit heavier? If we can get 10 people together in the next two weeks, we'll be able to drop the price of the hitch to $199.
FM Group Buy center
Posted June 24, 2011

Second class added to our Ground School at the FM Summer Camp
The Ground School class - an introduction to track driving for novices - has proven so popular we've had to add a second class. We don't have time for a third, though, so if you want to take part sign up now!
We're also down to only 10 spots left for the track day, so don't delay.
FM Summer Camp
Ground School
Posted June 24, 2011

Want to work at Flyin' Miata?
Flyin' Miata has an opening for a sales position! This is a clerical (hourly paid) position. The duties consist of answering the phones, answering questions, processing web-store, telephone and drop-ship orders and other clerical tasks. We're looking for a Miata lover who has strong automotive parts knowledge and who has a desire to work at "Miata Mecca".
If you're interested, please call and ask for Teri. Thank you.
Posted June 21, 2011

Price drop and video
We've put more pictures plus a short walkaround video of our duckbill rear spoiler online. And to make things even sweeter, we fixed a pricing error - now they're $20 less expensive!
1990-97 duckbill rear spoiler
Posted June 21, 2011

Ever want to race in your underwear?
The Flyin' Miata Super Cup is an online GT5 race series. There's an NA/NB Spec class as well as a GT class based on the NC. The first three races saw an average winning margin of less than 0.1 seconds, and the GT has 5 people vying for the championship with only 6 points between them.
So the next time you want to see racing on your TV, make sure you're one of the drivers.
Update: Now with videos!
FM Super Cup
Posted June 20, 2011

Happy owner!
Paul dropped his Miata off here for a bunch of work a few months ago - you may have seen it in Projects in the Shop a few times. Well, he's posted his experience on the NASIOC Subaru forum.
Paul's "Gentleman's Motorsport"
Posted June 20, 2011

Hydra 2.7 is here!
Hydra 2.7 has finally arrived, with a whole raft of new capabilities and brand-new software. As an added bonus, it's also less expensive. Check out the details in the product writeup.
Hydra 2.7
Posted June 20, 2011

Targa Newfoundland t-shirt poll
We've designed the shirts for the Targa Newfoundland, but we can't decide what colors to use. So we've opened the question up to the community. Stop by in the next week and let us know what you think.
T-shirt color poll
Posted June 10, 2011

$700 price drop on our four-wheel big brake kits
The Wilwood big brake kit has allowed us to drop the price of our big brake kit by nearly $700. Hard to believe but true.
Of course, we matched the Wilwood front kit to our own custom brackets in the rear. We also include an adjustable proportioning valve so you can dial in maximum braking for your car - massive brakes aren't much use if they're not adjusted properly.
FM big brakes
Posted June 9, 2011

How much modification do you want?
We have two 1990-91 Miatas listed in our "For Sale" section, but they're dramatically different. One is a lightly modified car that should be a nice fun daily driver, the other is the car to have if you want to win Time Attack races. Check them out!
Cars for sale
Posted June 6, 2011

The Underground Miata Network is supporting our Targa Newfoundland race
The UMN is based in Ottawa, Canada and was the only club to sponsor our 2008 Targa entry. The club is back as a patron of the 2011 team - thank you very much! We'll be stopping in to visit the club on the way home from the race.
Flyin' Miata Targa supporters
Posted May 27, 2011

Nicely modified Mazdaspeed for sale
For some reason, we've seen a bunch of Mazdaspeeds come through our For Sale section recently. Another one has just been added - this one's equipped with most of our Big Enchilada package and should be a lot of fun.
Cars for sale
Posted May 26, 2011

Buy a turbo, get a free goat!
We know there's more to the world than fun cars. That's why, for every sale of $5000 or more, we make a donation to Heifer International to buy a goat for a needy family.
Since we began this program, we've been able to donate over $2300 to this excellent cause. This is thanks to all of our customers!
About FM and Heifer International
Posted May 17, 2011

They're back!
We've heard from a lot of people who were very disappointed with the disappearance of the FM upper shock mounts. There isn't anything else like them on the market. So we've decided to put them back into the catalog, and we should have stock again by the end of June. The Stage 1.5 and 2.5 suspension kits are back as well.
Thanks to everyone who contacted us!
FM upper shock mounts
FM suspension packages
Posted May 17, 2011

Another nice Mazdaspeed for sale
We're starting to see more used Miatas come through our "for sale" page. This time, it's the very first Mazdaspeed that ever visited Flyin' Miata. Own a piece of history! A very shiny, well-cared-for piece of history.
Update: if you wanted this car, you're too late! It's gone on to a new owner now.
Cars for sale
Posted May 9, 2011

Mitty aftermath!
Bill, Brandon, Keith, Jeremy, Igor, Nancy and Elvis are all back from a great weekend at the Mitty at Road Atlanta. Tons of test rides and got to meet up with lots of old customers and hopefully lots of new ones!
Posted April 29, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! New race series starts this weekend
Meet the Flyin' Miata Super Cup, an international race series. The field is open to Miatas of a certain specification and is designed for close racing. The first race is this weekend at Grand Valley East, with qualifying on Friday and Saturday and the main event on Sunday. Future races will take place at Autumn Ring Mini, the Nurburgring GP circuit, Tsukuba, Autumn Ring reverse and finishes with an enduro at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.
In case you haven't recognized the track names, the series takes place in GT5 Online and is masterminded by simulation ace Jason Miller. Sign up and see how you stack up to the fast guys today!
Flyin' Miata Super Cup
Posted March 29, 2011

We've reworked our Targa tachometer
Thanks to a lot of individuals, we've raised enough to cover our entry fees to the Targa Newfoundland. But we're still looking for support to help defray the expenses of getting to the race and costs during the event. We've re-zeroed our tachometer to show how much we've raised for this.
Remember, every donation over $50 gets a special Team Member t-shirt and acknowledgment on our site. Group donations over $500 puts the group name on the cars.
Bill and Keith are going to stop off at Lime Rock on the way to the Targa to meet up with Northeast Miata fans. Come say hi!
FM and the Targa Newfoundland
FM events
Posted March 29, 2011

Another Miata for sale
If you're looking for a 1995 with a hardtop and a nice body kit, there's one for sale locally. Very convenient if you want to have us install some horsepower before you take delivery!
FM for sale page
Posted March 25, 2011

A FM alumnus in a top-level motorsport competition
Jason Miller worked for us for a few years, managing our salvage department. When GT5 came out, he didn't sleep for weeks. And it's paid off. He's in the top 16 out of 52,000 US racers in GT Academy, and is heading to Silverstone to take on the rest of the world this summer. We know he can drive more than a videogame, too.
Way to go Jason!
Jason vs the world
Posted March 24, 2011

New group buy!
We've started a group buy on 2006-11 sway bars. $30 off sway bars and Stage 2 suspensions for those cars if we can get enough people.
FM Group Buy Center
Posted March 22, 2011

Thinking about a Westfield?
We have two great drivetrains sitting in the shop right now that would be great in a Westfield or Locost. A low-mileage Mazdaspeed turbo and a 1999 5-speed. Give us a call if you're interested.
Posted March 18, 2011

V-Maxx shipping direct from the manufacturer
If you're in Europe, we can arrange to have our V-Maxx suspension shipped directly to you from the Netherlands. This will save you time and a lot of money in both shipping and import fees. You'll still deal with us and get the same FM-tuned V-Maxx kit you would in the US, just quicker.
Any other parts ordered at the same time, such as sway bars, will be shipped from our warehouse in the US.
FM V-Maxx suspension
Posted March 9, 2011

Trailers for sale
We're moving up to a two-car trailer, and we'd like to clear out a bit of space. Ideally, we want to bring one of them at the FM Summer Camp East taking place at Road Atlanta at the end of April. So if you live out there, we'll deliver the trailer for free!
Cars (and trailers) for sale
FM Summer Camp East
Posted March 8, 2011

One more patron group
The Miata Power Lunch Group of Lexington is a group of hard-core Miata enthusiasts based in Lexington, KY - as you can probably figure out from the name. The group has become the latest patron of the Targa Newfoundland team.
This grassroots support has really fired up everyone on the team!
FM and the Targa
Posted March 7, 2011

Club Miata de la Monteregie is one of our patrons
Yet another club has stepped up to support the Targa Newfoundland race team. Club Miata de la Monteregie is based in Quebec, and we'll be running their name on the cars. Thank you!
FM and the Targa
Posted February 22, 2011

MN Autosports Club has joined our patron list
Miata enthusiasm runs strong in Minnesota. The MN Autosports Club is supporting our Targa Newfoundland race team as a patron, so the club's name will be on the cars for the race. We know other clubs are working on the same thing - thanks to all!
FM and the Targa
Posted February 21, 2011

Announcing Summer Camp East
We know that not everyone can make the trek to Colorado for our annual Summer Camp. So we're saddling up the Miatas and heading east to bring the Summer Camp experience to Road Atlanta! We'll be there from April 29th to May 1st, as part of the Mitty vintage races.
Naturally, Summer Camp Colorado will take place at FM as well this year, from August 4-7.
Summer Camp East
Summer Camp Colorado
Posted February 16, 2011

Matters of Grey is our newest Targa Newfoundland sponsor!
Welcome to Matters of Grey! They're the newest sponsor of the Flyin' Miata team going to the Targa Newfoundland.
Their support - along with everyone else who's contributed - put us over our $10,000 minimum. This means we're definitely sending two cars to the race in September! We still need help, though. Our minimum target was just that: a minimum.
Matters of Grey
FM and the Targa
Posted February 14, 2011

Change in FM handling fees
Our new handling fees will make it cheaper to ship small, inexpensive items. They'll also more accurately reflect the cost of shipping large orders. Flat rate shipping costs on items such as roll bars and turbo kits won't change. We'll make this change at the end of business on Thursday, and it will only apply to orders taken after that point.
Posted February 9, 2011

Roadrunner Miata Club has joined our patron list
The members of the Roadrunner Miata Club in New Mexico have banded together and made the club a patron of our Targa Newfoundland race team by pledging over $500. This means their name will be on the car, along with those of the Wild Rose Miata Club and San Diego Miata Clubs. Thanks to everyone who's supporting the effort to get two Miatas to Newfoundland!
FM and the Targa
Posted February 9, 2011

Lightweight trailer hitch group buy, part 2
We've just released a 1999-05 version of our lightweight trailer hitch. The group buy for the 1990-97 design almost went through, but not quite - so we've extended it by a couple of weeks and added the 1999-05 version. Save $26 and a bunch of weight at the same time!
FM Group Buy Center
FM lightweight trailer hitch for 1999-05
Posted February 8, 2011

San Diego Miata Club is a patron of our Targa Newfoundland team
The San Diego club has stepped up and donated $500 towards our Targa Newfoundland effort, joining Nutmeg and Wild Rose. Thank you very much!
As you may know, if individual members of a club donate a total of $500, we'll consider that club a patron and put the club's name on the cars. We know there are a few more clubs working towards this goal.
FM and the Targa
Posted February 4, 2011

Another new build diary
Welcome Project 707. This is a car with a history - several of them, really. It's being tidied up and given a bit of a vintage aesthetic on a budget. This one's a personal project of Keith's, and much smaller in scale than most of the others we see around here. It's the sort of thing anyone could do at home.
Project 707
Posted February 4, 2011

A thank you to the Nutmeg Miata Club
The Nutmeg Miata Club has become a patron of our Targa Newfoundland team. The club has pledged more than $500 towards getting us to the race in September.
The Wild Rose Miata Club has done the same, and challenged other Miata clubs to do as well. Our fundraising continues, but we're still shy of our minimum.
FM and the Targa
Posted February 2, 2011

Another Miata for sale
A very clean, low-mileage Mazdaspeed has been added to our "cars for sale" page.
Cars for sale
Posted January 27, 2011

Two new build diaries
We have two major projects starting up, so that means we're going to be documenting them. The Targa Miata is being beefed up for the race with a strong V8 drivetrain, and our new (but slightly used) 2009 is undergoing a similar transformation for street use.
The Targa Miata goes V8
The V8 NC Project
Posted January 24, 2011

Buy a turbo, get a goat.
We'd like to give back a bit to those less fortunate. So, for every FM II or supercharger we sell - or any order over $5000 - we'll donate a goat to a needy family through Heifer International.
You can also donate directly to Heifer.
More details
Heifer International
Posted January 24, 2011

Nice little 1999 Miata for sale.
We picked up this 1999 locally, and it's in good shape. It's completely stock, though - you can either enjoy it as-is, or we can do terrible things to it for you.
Cars for sale
Posted January 20, 2011

A report from the Flyin' Miata sponsored Miatas at Targa 2010
For the 2010 Targa Newfoundland, we sponsored a pair of cars run by Hammerhead Motorsports. You can read a report on their impressions.
Hammerhead Motorsports
Posted January 17, 2011

We're going back to the Targa Newfoundland!
Or at least, we will if we can get some help. We've put in our entries, but we need to raise some money. You can become part of the team and help us represent Miatas at the top level of a major motorsport event!
Flyin' Miata at the Targa Newfoundland
Pledge to help us get to Newfoundland
Posted January 7, 2011

Group buy on our new lightweight race hitch
Getting ready for the 2011 track season? Grab yourself a little tire trailer and our new lightweight hitch, and you'll be the coolest guy in the pits. We have a group buy going for our initial order, dropping the price below $200 if we can get 10 people.
FM Group Buy Center
Posted January 7, 2011

Coming in early January: Buy an FMII turbo kit, get a free Goat!?
So you may be thinking "Why do I need a goat? My yard isn't big enough". You will just have to keep thinking about it until we announce this new program after the holiday break. Best New Year's wishes to everybody and thank you for helping to keep us around another year ;-)
Posted December 27, 2010

Major price drop.
We've worked directly with the designers and manufacturers of the supercharger kit for the 2006 and later Miatas, and managed to pull nearly a thousand dollars off the cost by buying in bulk directly from the manufacturer. Of course, they're also offered with our exclusive computer reflash that is safe for stock engines and provides smooth, predictable power - and more power than the original programming did. Naturally, the system is just as complete as it's always been, right down to a tube of Loctite.
More power, smoother operation, safer for your engine and a thousand dollars less expensive - it's hard to complain about news like that. We have a large pile of them in stock for immediate shipment.
FM NC supercharger
Posted December 13, 2010

Some news about TurboDog, FM's mascot.
Some of you may have met Turbo, or read his bio in the back of our catalog. You can learn more about Turbo and some sad news at the link below.
TurboDog, the fastest Miata fan around
Posted December 2, 2010

Gift suggestions from Flyin' Miata
Are you shopping for your special Miata fan? Are you trying to leave subtle hints for someone else, hoping they'll go shopping for you? Well, we're here to help. We have suggestions for popular gifts ranging from good books and inexpensive tools to giant boxes of horsepower.

If you are shopping for someone else, give us a call and we'll make sure you get the right parts for the car.
FM gift suggestions
Posted November 25, 2010

Teen Safety in a Miata!
Brandon's girlfriend Leigh recently did a feature on our local NBC news on teen driving safety. It features one of our local friends (and customer) Josh Barnes, practicing driving skills on the racetrack.
NBC news story
Posted November 17, 2010

Chasing Porsches.
Sam Highsmith loves driving his FM II turbo Miata on the track. He just sent us a video of him playing with a Boxster. It's fun to watch!
Sam's video
Posted October 27, 2010

Doubling the horsepower of a Miata in a weekend
A couple of years ago, Bill and Keith installed a turbo on a Miata over a weekend. In a tent in the Road Atlanta infield. Grassroots Motorsports have put the magazine article online.
Heavy duty
Posted October 14, 2010

Congratulations to Jeff Diffenderfer!
Jeff just took home a NASA National Championship in Performance Touring A. He drives a 2004 Mazdaspeed with an FM II conversion. He finished 17 seconds ahead of a Porsche 997 after 45 minutes of racing.
Well done Jeff!
Posted October 4, 2010

New FM video
Take a ride along with Flyin' Miata at the recent Miatas at Hallett event.
Flyin' Miata's YouTube channel
Posted October 4, 2010

A rough end to a great week
Unfortunately, both Miatas suffered problems on the last day of the Targa Newfoundland. It appears one car suffered an alternator failure and missed a couple of stages, although it did officially finish the event. The other had an off-course excursion with 4 stages left to go and was unable to continue.
The team did manage to raise over $31,000 for charity, though, with the money going to pediatric cancer care and research. That is an excellent result, and we're proud to be associated with the Hammerhead Motorsports team.
Posted September 19, 2010

Penalties for everyone - but still first in class
Every team in the Targa Newfoundland ended up with penalties today - the event is designed to get harder as the week goes on. The two Miatas are no exception. However, the 1992 has only 3 seconds of penalties and is first in the Equipped class and second overall. The 1999 is third in class and fifth overall. These are excellent results for a novice team.
There's only one day of racing left.
Posted September 16, 2010

Miatas still penalty-free in Targa Newfoundland
The Hammerhead Motorsports team - sponsored by Flyin' Miata - are still running penalty-free in the Targa Newfoundland. They had a bit of trouble with the charging system in both cars today, but were able to get to the end of the stages and have now fixed the problems. They report that the FM frame rails have worked very well to armor the bottom of the cars and protect them from bottoming out on the rough Newfoundland pavement. "Crucial" was the term used.
Posted September 16, 2010

Miatas tied for first in Targa Newfoundland
The two Miatas from the Hammerhead Motorsports team are tied for first place in the Grand Touring class of Targa Newfoundland. Of course, there are still three days to go and they have some tough competition, but they're off to the best possible start.
Posted September 15, 2010

Help for Seth Goodwin
Seth Goodwin, owner of The Dealer Alternative and long-time member of the Miata community, is in hospital with a brain injury. If you'd like to help out, we've set up a PayPal account for the family.
Seth fund details
Posted September 13, 2010

The Targa Newfoundland has begun!
The all-Miata team of Hammerhead Motorsports - sponsored by Flyin' Miata - had a good start to the race yesterday. One of the cars is currently penalty-free and tied for first place. The other picked up 4 seconds in penalties but is still in a very competitive position.
It's not just racing. The team has managed to raise nearly $30,000 for pediatric cancer charities.
Hammerhead Motorsports facebook updates
Hammerhead Motorsports race blog
Posted September 13, 2010

Ride along in a V8 Miata
What happens when you stuff an unsuspecting bystander in the passenger's seat of an LS3-powered Miata and take him up a hillclimb? Well, you get some pretty confused video - but you'll also get an idea of just how quick these cars are. The car is Scuba Steve's beautiful 2001 that we delivered to him a month ago.
YouTube video
Posted September 13, 2010

New group buy
Hydra tells us that if we get 10 people together, we can knock $100 off the price of the Nemesis - and any kit that includes the Hydra. That means the FM II as well as the Big Enchilada for the MSM.
FM Group Buy center
Posted September 8, 2010

Flyin' Miata returns to Targa Newfoundland
FM is sponsoring Hammerhead Motorsports, a two-Miata team that will be running the Targa Newfoundland next month. They're racing in the Grand Touring class which does not require as much modification as the Targa class. More importantly, they're using their race to raise money for two charities that help kids with cancer.
Flyin' Miata is supplying V-Maxx suspension and frame rails for both cars to help them cope with the rough Newfoundland surfaces. We're also providing technical support in the vehicle preparation due to our experience in the event.
Good luck to the teams!
Hammerhead Motorsports
Our previous Targa Newfoundland experience
Posted August 17, 2010

Video from the FM Summer Camp
Gary Brown was shooting video during the Summer Camp track day, and here's a little teaser on what he's put together so far.
Flyin' Miata Summer Camp track day video!
Posted August 17, 2010

Now that was a lot of fun.
Summer Camp 2010 is now in the history books. A big turn-out, lots of smiles and no shortage of fast Miatas! Thanks to everyone who came. We're in business because of our customers, and we love to see them all having fun.
Here's what happened.
Posted August 10, 2010

"Horsepower-addicted customers"
A couple of the local television stations stopped by our track day on Friday. Here's what the reports looked like that night.
Posted August 9, 2010

Horsepower is coming to town
At the last count for Summer Camp, we're going to have five v8 powered Miatas stopping by. We also have at least two supercharged NCs and of course a whole posse of turbo cars including the first appearance of the high power FM IIR setup.
It's going to be quite an event.
Posted August 3, 2010

Another 1995 FM II for sale
There's another 1995 FM II with a built engine listed in our classifieds. This one's not built to the same spec as the stroker-powered monster, but it's also very attractively priced.
Cars for sale
Posted August 3, 2010

Flyin' Miata-built supercar for sale
Are your dreams full of 300 hp Miatas? Well, you can move that dream into your garage. An FM-built car with a stroker, FM II and a number of other goodies has shown up in our cars for sale section.
Cars for sale
Posted July 23, 2010

Snap-On at the Summer Camp
Jim Cusato ,our local Snap-On dealer, will be at the FM shop on Saturday during our Summer Camp. You know, just in case there aren't enough shiny parts on hand to tempt you already!
Posted July 19, 2010

New group buy - 2006-10 exhaust systems
We're hoping to take advantage of some bulk pricing on our 2006-10 exhaust systems. Help us out and save 15%!
FM Group Buy Center
Posted July 16, 2010

Price increase coming
We've just been informed that the price of all Hard Dog products will be rising on August 1st - including those for the 2006+ Miatas. If you've been thinking about a new roll bar, now's a good time to act.
Hard Dog Sport roll bars
Hard Dog Hard Core roll bars
Posted July 12, 2010

The engine configurators are back
Do you want to know what it will cost to have a custom engine built to your specifications? Well, our popular engine configurators have returned with more features. Click on "built engines" on the left side of the FM site and make your pick.
Posted June 30, 2010

Like Christmas in June
How exciting would it be to unpack a giant box of happiness, horsepower, and zoom-zoom? Now you can find out.
Unboxing the FM II
Posted June 18, 2010

Good tech article
We came across this article and thought we'd share. It's been added to our Technical Center.
How to choose a brake pad
FM Technical Center
Posted June 17, 2010

Take a supercharged ride in our 2006 on the track!
What did you do last weekend? Well, some of the FM staff were at the track, and we put a camera in Nancy, our supercharged 2006. You can ride along and see how the car did, both in the wet and the dry.
Flyin' Miata YouTube channel
About Nancy
Posted June 15, 2010

Who was that guy who answered the phone?
We'd like to introduce our newest staff member: Mike McCoy. He's our main phone wrangler, so when you call he's probably the first person you'll speak to. He used to drive a heavily modified Forester XT with a mountain bike on the back, but recently he dragged home a stray Miata. Like we all tend to do...
Posted June 9, 2010

Elvis is a film star.
Want to hear FM's new V8 exhaust system? Now you can!
V8 video
Posted May 20, 2010

We have some funny friends.
Our Facebook fans had a bit of fun with captions for one of our photos. Check it out!
Facebook caption contest
Posted May 20, 2010

It's spring time.
Our FM springs for the 2006-10 cars are here and starting to ship out.
FM springs
Posted May 19, 2010

Did you know?
We give names to most of our cars at Flyin' Miata. It makes life easier when we're trying to quickly identify one. And we've just named our NC - Nancy.
Hey, don't blame us! It was suggested by Richard Dekker.
Posted May 12, 2010

Drive Matt Andrews' championship-winning Time Attack car!
Well, maybe not in person. But you can drive it in Forza! And not only that, there's a photo competition on for the best shots of the car. It's worth paging through the forum thread to check it out.
Forza forums
Posted May 10, 2010

Another V8 Miata build begins
No, we don't just do V8 cars here. But if you enjoy watching big engines getting shoveled into little cars, we have another one starting. This one's going to be pretty when it's done.
Scuba Steve's 2001
Posted May 5, 2010

Group buy for 15x9 wheels with 225/45-15 R-compound tires
Looking for a great track wheel/tire combination at an excellent price? We've worked with Tire Rack to offer the 15x9 C3M wheel with a Toyo R888 tire for $1100, mounted, balanced and ready to install. We need at least 10 people to make this happen.
The group buy will run until May 31st.
Group buy center
More details on the package
Posted May 5, 2010

Magazine feature for the Targa Miata!
The June 2010 issue of Grassroots Motorsports has an article on Keith's Targa Newfoundland experience, including the story of the race, details of the car, tips on how to run your first rally and what it's like to have your wife as a navigator. If you'd like a copy, just ask the guys at Grassroots and they'll send you one!
Free issue!
Posted April 30, 2010

Our NC has turned into a sports car.
With our complete Stage 2 suspension as well as the Cosworth supercharger and some serious rubber, our 2006 has undergone a radical personality change. It's a sports car now. It has fast reflexes, enough power to deal with modern traffic without breaking a sweat and lots of grip - but without a penalty in comfort or civility. Want some details?
Pictures of the fender rolling for the big tires
Full specifications on the car
Posted April 27, 2010

The new FM catalog is here!
If you're one of our North American customers, we sent you a copy. But if you missed out and want one, all you have to do is ask! We've also put it online so you can peruse while pretending to work. Hey, we're here to help.
Online catalog (4 MB PDF)
Request one
Posted April 16, 2010

New staff at Flyin' Miata!
We've had a bit of turnover in our shop in the last couple of weeks. After 5 years, Jon has moved on. Adam has stepped in to take his place, bringing several decades of experience with him. We also have Russ, an airplane mechanic (amongst other things) and fabrication wizard Tyler getting their hands dirty.
What does this mean? It means that if you've been told there's a long wait for us to work on your car, that's no longer true. We can now take in more work.
Posted April 14, 2010

Suspension package madness
With the introduction of our new V-Maxx coilovers, we've also added a raft of suspension packages to our catalog. We've packaged the V-Maxx with our sway bars and/or the rear shock mounts for more travel. Of course, our existing packages with FM springs are still available. Lots of choices, and none of them are wrong.
V-Maxx coilovers
Suspension packages
Posted March 30, 2010

New product stampede!
We have a bunch of new products being announced in the next couple of weeks. Keep your eyes open.
New products
Posted March 30, 2010

Igor goes under the knife.
You may have seen photos of Igor, our newest FM car. He's being transformed from a salvage hulk to a pretty competent street and track car, using nothing but parts from the FM catalog. You can follow along on his build diary to see the resurrection!
Posted March 3, 2010

New build diary
Another LS3-powered Miata? Oh yes. This one's a stock car (except for one surprise suspension upgrade) that's getting the full boat treatment.
Mike's V8 2002
Posted February 23, 2010

Read about the Targa Newfoundland in Forever MX-5 magazine
Want a taste of what it's like to run the Targa Newfoundland? Forever MX-5 has published an 8-page article written by Keith about his experience. You can download the article for free, and buy a digital copy of the whole magazine (including a few other FM tidbits) for less than two bucks.
Read the article
Get the whole issue
Posted February 17, 2010

Keep up with everything going on with FM.
We've got a bunch of build diaries on the FM website so you can follow along with a bunch of different cars. If you don't follow our RSS feed or our Facebook page like the other cool kids do, it's easy to miss all the action. So we've added a Build Diary page to the site and put the most recent update on the front page.
Build diary page
Posted February 10, 2010

A new record!
Sonny Watanasirisuk managed to put down a laptime of 1:59.337 at Buttonwillow during a Miata Challenge event. He was driving the Mazdaspeed FM built for him - and driving it well. That's the first street-driven Miata to crack 2:00 in that track configuration.
Congratulations on the record, Sonny!
Posted February 2, 2010

Join us at Laguna Seca
Flyin' Miata is sponsoring a huge Miata event on April 10-11 at the world-famous Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Two days of track time (with a high sound limit), a banquet, BBQ, vendors and more. Best of all, we'll be there with a few of our cars specifically to take people for rides.
We'll also bring parts to the track with no shipping charge, just call us to order.
Miatas at Mazda Raceway event website
FM events listing
Posted January 18, 2010

Radiator group buy
The group buy for the FM Mazdaspeed exhaust has finished - successfully - but the one for the 2006+ radiator is still on. If you want an upgraded radiator for your MX-5, it's time to get involved. We are not planning on stocking this radiator, and if the group buy doesn't go through then they won't be produced.
FM Group Buy Center
Posted January 13, 2010

Meet Igor.
Thanks to Jeff Sporleder, we have a name for our latest development car: Igor. Right now, Igor is just a scruffy and multi-colored 1999. But he'll get happier and faster, just you wait.
Posted January 8, 2010

Flyin' Miata RSS feed
Want to keep up with everything going on in the FM shop? Try our RSS feed. It's got updates from all the projects, news items, projects in the shop and other tidbits. You can also keep up with us on Facebook.
It's like hanging around at the FM shop every day!
RSS feed
Posted December 15, 2009

New FM project
An FM stroker motor and an FM II would be enough for most people. But not everyone. Watch over our shoulders as we pour even more performance into an innocent Miata.
The Rocketship
Posted December 15, 2009

Tick tock tick tock...
There's still time to pick up some gifts for your favorite gearhead. But not much time!
UPDATE: Well, no, there isn't enough time. But they're good suggestions for presents anyhow!
Some suggestions
Posted December 14, 2009

Westfields are available in Canada
Did you know that the Miata-based Westfield is one of the few kits that can be imported into Canada? We've worked with Transport Canada to make them fully legal for import. Contact us for details.
Posted December 8, 2009

Need a present delivered quickly?
UPS Ground packages are NOT guaranteed for timely delivery through the rest of this month. Expedited packages are guaranteed through Dec 19th. If you want a present for someone to arrive in time, call us soon!
Posted December 8, 2009

Holiday gift suggestions
Are you looking for a present for the gearhead on your list - or just want to treat yourself? We've put together a collection of some of our most popular gift items to make life easier for you.
Our friendly staff is also ready to help you pick just the right present. So give us a call!
FM gift suggestions
Posted December 7, 2009

FM project cars page updated
Ever want to know the specs of all the cars that hang around FM, including some of our older ones? We've just reworked our project car page, letting you see just what's going on here at any given moment. We'll be adding more pictures of each of the cars - if there's something you want to see, just let us know.
FM project cars
Posted November 24, 2009

Congratulations Matt Andrews!
Matt Andrews took his Miata to a class win in the Redline Time Attack series for the second year in a row. Flyin' Miata is a proud sponsor of the team, which runs a Hydra Nemesis and an FM-built stroker motor. Well done Matt and team!
Posted November 23, 2009

Congratulations Del!
Del Armstrong, one of our customers, has just been named "HPDE Driver of the Year" by the Rocky Mountain NASA chapter. We'd share a track with him anytime.
Posted November 23, 2009

The Grassroots Motorsports digital edition has been released.
Inside the digital GRM, you'll find the Targa Miata chosen as one of 10 significant motorsport Miatas!
It's not just a version of the magazine that you can read on your computer. It's got bonus video inside - including video of the Targa Miata taking on one of the stages of the Targa Newfoundland.
Check it out
Posted November 16, 2009

Be our friend.
Flyin' Miata is now on Facebook! It's an easy way to keep up with all of the various projects in the shop and the latest news. We'll be adding more pictures and video there as well in the future.
FM Facebook
Posted November 11, 2009

Free download of GRM's 25th anniversary issue.
Grassroots Motorsports is one of our favorite magazines, and for their 25th anniversary issue (yup, they've been around almost as long as we have!) they're offering a free download of an expanded digital edition. Lots of Miata content in this one, including a car FM fans will recognize. They also have video in the digital version such as a walk-around of some of their project cars and some in-car shots from the Targa Newfoundland.
There's more than just Miatas, though. Ever seen a Morris Minor powered by a Toyota twin-cam?
The digital issue will be released at the end of October but you can sign up for it ahead of time. They'll also send you a free print copy of their next issue (which is this one!) if you ask.
GRM free download
Posted October 22, 2009

Enchiladas of all sizes.
We've had the Big Enchilada kit for the Mazdaspeed Miata - aka MSM - for some time, providing a complete upgrade for MSM owners who want to take their cars to the limits of the stock turbo while saving nearly $500.
Now, we've introduced the Little Enchilada. It includes our intake kit, downpipe, exhaust and intercooler - everything needed to reach the limits of the stock ECU and injectors. Every MSM should be fitted with this group of parts in our opinion, it's how the car should have been delivered. And now, this package lets MSM owners save $250.
Little Enchilada
Big Enchilada
Posted October 16, 2009

A new V8 build has started
Dan brought us a beautiful 1997 to be filled full of V8. Want to watch the progess?
Dan's new Miata
Posted October 5, 2009

Take control
If you're looking for a set of tubular control arms, we have the V8 Roadsters parts in stock and ready to ship!
Tubular control arms
Posted October 5, 2009

Yes, more racing news.
Jeff Diffenderfer had an eventful week at the NASA nationals. After a failure of the stock Mazdaspeed turbo, Bill drove to Salt Lake City to perform an upgrade to one of our FM II systems. This bumped Jeff up into a very competitive class, and he ended up taking third in PTA behind a Porsche 997 and a hugely modified Dodge Charger.
Posted September 14, 2009

More racing news!
Tom Heath and his FM II Miata took 15th in SSM at the SCCA Nationals. He drove 3000 miles round-trip to take part, the only SSM car not to arrive on a trailer. Nice work Tom!
Photos and video
Posted September 11, 2009

Race results!
Bill Schenker took 2nd in both the Pro Solo and the SCCA National CSP classes for 2009 after a solid fight. It was his worst result of the year at a National event (!) so he's a bit disappointed, but we're proud of his work.
He says the car worked flawlessly and he was thrilled with his new Hydra. Next year, he's planning on employing a trained monkey to do the driving.
Posted September 11, 2009

Big brake kit upgrade...upgraded
We've been selling big brake kits for well over a decade, and we're always looking to improve our designs. For example, we recently redesigned our brackets for a more accurate caliper mounting and lower weight. Our kits are exclusive to us, and show the result of our experience.
We also know how important good brake proportioning is, so we now include an adjustable proportioning valve for every Miata that needs it. We did this without changing the price of the kit - that's a $70 value.
FM big brakes
Posted August 27, 2009

Are you a race fan?
Flyin' Miata is the sponsor of GoRacingTV's coverage of the Spec Miata racing at the SCCA Runoffs. Don't wait for Speed TV to stick the Miatas in between rounds of NASCAR poker, follow the action as it unfolds!
The Runoffs go from September 22-27th, and the Spec finals are on the 26th. Don't miss it.
Posted August 26, 2009

Summer Camp review
We need your help - we didn't take many pictures during the Summer Camp. If you were here, please send us some.
The track times have been posted. It was a fast year.
Summer Camp review and photos
Lap times
Posted August 18, 2009

FM Westfield in Kit Car Builder magazine
The October issue of Kit Car Builder has a test of our turbo Westfield. And they called us "a die-hard group of speed freaks who take high performance very seriously". Well, if the shoe fits...
Kit Car Builder magazine
Posted August 18, 2009

That was fun.
The 2009 Summer Camp is over and Miatas are spreading out across the country from Flyin' Miata. Thanks to everyone who came, and for those who didn't - we hope to see you next August.
Posted August 10, 2009

Summer camp update
Yesterday, Bob Bundy set a new lap record for Miatas at our local track - and came within 0.2 seconds of setting an overall lap record for cars. The coolest thing? He drove 1400 miles to get here on the same tires he used for the record. Great work Bob!
Posted August 5, 2009

V8 turnkey pricing released
Over the last couple of V8 builds, we've been fine-tuning our parts mix. We've finally managed to nail down our turn-key pricing. The price includes all new drivetrain parts, installed by the experts at Flyin' Miata.
V8 configurator
Posted July 31, 2009

New V8 Miata build
We're partway through another V8 Miata build. This one's getting the last of the LS2 crate motors. There are more engines stacked up against the wall!
Follow along!
Posted July 31, 2009

Posted June 29, 2009

Posted June 24, 2009

Grassroots Motorsports is sending someone to camp.
We're going to have a guest from Grassroots Motorsports at the FM Summer Camp. Don't just read about the fun in the magazine, come and be part of it!
FM Summer Camp
Posted June 16, 2009

New Flyin' Miata referral program
We like it when customers tell their friends about us. So if you do that, we'd like to say "thank you!" with a $10 store credit. We'll give your friend 5% off their first order as well.
FM referral program
Posted May 14, 2009

Elvis can dance.
Keith took Elvis - our LS1-powered Miata - to our local track this weekend to see what it can do. The result? Nearly a second faster than any other Miata has ever gone around the track: 1:02.889. The previous record had been set by John Hunter in 2006 with an FM II Miata.
Even on a short, tight track, the V8 car is fast.
Open House lap times
Posted May 11, 2009

A new track record!
We didn't just set the fastest time for Miatas around the track. Bill ripped another 0.3 seconds off the overall lap record, dropping it to 1:01.546. The tool of choice? His turbocharged Westfield, of course.
FM Westfield
Posted May 11, 2009

New catalog coming!
Time to start haunting your mailbox. Our new catalog should be hitting the mail within a week. If you're an existing customer, you'll get a copy.
Posted May 6, 2009

Another V8 Miata build underway
What could be more thrilling than the 480 LS3 Miata we're building right now? Possibly the 500 hp one that's also going on. After that, we're going to start work on another 480 hp beastie.
We're going to get arrested by the EPA for excessive tire smoke.
500 hp silver Mazdaspeed
Flyin' Miata V8 conversions
Posted April 15, 2009

The Mitty (update!)
We're going to be bringing not only the Targa Miata to the Mitty, but Elvis will be there as well. Keith and Bill are also going to be holding a few seminars at the Grassroots Motorsports tent on Saturday. It's going to be fun!
GRM Speedfest at the Mitty
FM events listing
Posted April 13, 2009

Price drop on Cosworth superchargers
Cosworth has dropped the retail price of their beautiful superchargers for the 2006 and later MX-5 by $100.
Cosworth NC supercharger
Posted April 2, 2009

Targa Newfoundland TV show
You missed your chance to catch the Targa Newfoundland TV show on Speed. But you can still order the program on DVD, and watch it over and over and over.
Like Keith does.
Targa DVD
The Targa Miata
Posted April 1, 2009

How fast is a turbo Westfield?
We stuck a datalogger in Bill's Westfield at our staff track day last week. Not only did it catch him doing a 1:00.8 lap time (a second faster than the existing record!), it also showed the car cornering and braking at well over 1g. Yeah, it's quick.
But what really caught our eyes was the 0.9g acceleration. Yes, that's almost as fast as if the car drove off a cliff.
Posted March 13, 2009

Four new bumpstops with NA suspension packages
We're now including four multi-cellular polyurethane bumpstops with all of our 1990-97 suspension packages for more travel, more consistent handling and a better ride.
New bumpstops
FM suspension packages
Posted March 4, 2009

What can AFCOs do for your lap time?
One of our customers replaced his Koni/Ground Control suspension with a set of AFCOs with custom spring rates. The result? He took 6.2 seconds off his lap time at Willow Springs, a track he's been driving for almost 20 years.
6.2 seconds!
Flyin' Miata AFCO suspension
Posted March 3, 2009

Did you miss a Deal of the Day?
We understand. You might not have been able to make it to the phone before 5:30, or you found out about it too late. Now you can check to see if a part you wanted is still available. If it is, you can give us a call to order it.
Deal of the Day leftovers
Posted March 2, 2009

Meet the folks from FM!
We've added an events page to our site. Now you can find out what events we'll be attending, who will be there and what cars we'll bring along.
Flyin' Miata events page
Posted February 27, 2009

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