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Engine/Drivetrain : Engine computers

Item Number: 07-17000
Price may vary with options

Hydra Nemesis programmable ECU

See customer reviews of this product.

Finally, a plug-in ECU that fits every 1990-05 Miata! The Hydra Nemesis is the latest in engine management for our cars. On-board datalogging, launch control, water injection control, staged injectors, individual fuel and ignition trim for each cylinder...the list goes on. The integrated wideband O2 sensor allows the ECU to run closed-loop fuel control even at high boost levels, and the autotuning will dial in your fuel delivery quickly and easily. We`ve seen horsepower gains across the board even when compared to other full ECUs.

Installation is a simple plug-in and the Nemesis is one of the few ECUs that is capable of controlling the 1999-05 alternators and VVT. No extra add-on boxes required! Unfortunately it will not return OBD-II codes.

Version 2.7 of the Hydra is here! The software has been completely rewritten for better performance and easier tuning. The biggest differences are in the challenging areas of cold start, AC control and idle, with much better engine speed stability and almost instant start. It also has long term fuel trim, so it will autotune itself to perfection without any work on your part - you won`t even need to hook up a laptop to fine-tune the fuel. You will need a laptop to do the basic calibration when you first install it though. Hydra software is NOT compatible with Windows 8 at this time, sorry.

Your Hydra will arrive with a base map that`s been tweaked specifically for your car. All versions offer sequential fuel and ignition, fuel cut on deceleration, two-stage knock control including a limp-home map, 32x32 maps for fuel and timing, wideband autotuning with long term trim, overheat protection, full control for AC, electronic boost control that includes gear-based boost targets and the ability to control water/methanol injection or alternate fuel maps such as race gas or E85. It also does on-board datalogging that can be turned on with a switch, ideal for racers.

All versions can be upgraded to a higher level from a distance, so there`s no need to send your Hydra in to have that done.
Full list of specifications:

All Hydras come pre-programmed by us for your car`s specifications. This base map is based on hundreds of dyno runs, customer feedback from all over the country and the experience that comes from offering remote tuning support for over a decade. Your car will fire, run happily and start autotuning right away. It will be a little conservative so your engine is safe, though.

The package includes all sensors needed. You don`t need a separate box for knock sensing, or a different wideband sensor. It`s complete. The Hydra does use a serial port for communication with your laptop. A USB-serial converter is included.

  • air temperature sensor (except Mazdaspeed)
  • wideband O2 sensor
  • knock sensor (1990-97 models, 1999-05 use the factory sensor)
  • all wiring and ECU connectors required for installation
  • USB to serial adapter
  • full FM tech support - it`s difficult to stress how important this is.
  • a base map designed for your car

Also includes one of our Hydra mounting brackets designed specifically for your application.

A laptop is required in order to tune the Hydra.

Flyin` Miata is the exclusive distributor for the Miata version of the Hydra Nemesis in North America. We can also supply Hydras to the rest of the world other than Asia or Australia.

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