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Item Number: 35-70050
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FM hub stands

Have you ever wanted to do your own alignments? Do you wish you could set up your car like a pro? These stands are the key.

Hub stands are a highly useful tool for adjusting your Miata`s suspension. They bolt in place of your wheels, allowing the car to sit on the suspension while giving you full access. They make it easy to do your own accurate alignments as well as cornerweight the car and adjust ride height. Similar stands cost as much as $3000/pair! An excellent addition to a club tool set.

The stands have four ball transfer wheels on the bottom and allow the suspension to change camber via pivot. This means the suspension has complete freedom of movement, so there`s no side load on your wheels as you set up the car. This means more consistent and accurate measurements, and no more bouncing / rolling the car each time you make an adjustment. The toe bar allows you to check toe easily and accurately with a couple of tape measures. By measuring camber off the hub plate, you can easily set both caster and camber.

Made of High Strength Low Alloy steel for extra strength and corrosion resistance. Cut with a giant computer-controlled industrial laser to very close tolerances. Newly redesigned for more accurate toe and thrust angle measurement and to make it easier to change bolt patterns.

While you can push your car around the shop when it`s mounted on the stands, we don`t recommend it. They are not intended as a substitute for wheel dollies.

The stands come with your choice of bolt patterns:

  • All patterns from 4x95.25mm to 4x114.3mm with 12mm bolts/studs and hub sizes up to 67.1mm (includes 1990-05 Miatas)
  • All patterns from 4x95.25mm to 4x114.3mm with 14mm bolts/studs and hub sizes up to 67.1mm
  • All patterns from 5x100mm to 5x130mm with 12mm bolts/studs and hub sizes up to 72.56 mm (includes 2006-13 Miatas)
  • All patterns from 5x100mm to 5x130mm with 14mm bolts/studs and hub sizes up to 72.56 mm
Additional hub plates to fit multiple cars in your collection are available. The hub plates can be quickly changed without tools. The height of the stand is approximately 15.75" from the floor to the center of the hub and is very consistent for accurate corner weighting.

Each stand is rated for 1000 lbs, so if your car weighs more than 4000 lbs you need to find a different solution. Includes a steel plate for each stand for minimal resistance for the rollers. A magnetic digital angle gauge is a $34.95 option or you can use a smartphone app.

Scales not included. Sold in pairs - you can do your alignment two wheels at a time. If you wish to cornerweight the car, you will need four. Designed and built by Paco Motorsports with our input.

Please note that due to constant improvements, the stands are not exactly as pictured below. The picture at the top left is of the current design.

Yes, Keith really does have nearly 4 degrees of negative camber on his car.

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