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Safety : Hard Dog Hard Core rollbars

The Hard Core is the competition bar of the Hard Dog line. It is set as high as possible while still fitting underneath the top and is made of 0.120" wall DOM tubing of 1.75" diameter. It does meet SCCA Solo I regulations, although you may require seat modifications to get below the bar despite its height.

For the street, the Hard Core does have a couple of compromises. It will restrict seat travel slightly, and because it ends up close to your head some sort of padding is highly recommended.

The Hard Core will fit underneath the hardtop, but it will interfere badly with the side latches. If you're willing to bolt the top in place (as required by many race organizations), there's no problem. It comes with either a harness bar ("M1") or harness tabs ("M2") as standard. More details on fitment and legality

In case you're looking for a bar that used to be listed here...we recently asked the Bureau of Redundancy Bureau to seek out redundancies and as a result, we streamlined the roll bars we offer. We hope this makes the selection process less confusing for you. Please call us if you would like assistance selecting a roll bar or if you'd like to order one that's not listed here.

All rollbars are drop-shipped from the manufacturer, so your card will be charged when you place your order. Bars will ship within 2-6 weeks, usually sooner. Ground shipping is $95 to the lower 48 states, contact us for shipping costs to Hawaii, Alaska and outside the US. If you want expedited shipping on a roll bar, please contact us for availability and pricing. Hint: it's very expensive.

1990-97 "M1" Hard Dog Hard Core
Includes a welded-in harness bar, does not work with glass rear windows.
1990-05 "M2" Hard Dog Hard Core
Uses harness tabs for glass rear window compatibility.
1990-05 Hard Dog Sport "Fat Boy"
Fat tubing and hard top compatibility.
Previously known as the "Hard Core Hard Top"
Price may vary with options
Hard Dog bolt-in harness bar
Add a solid harness mount to any car.
Vinyl wrap for Hard Core roll bars
Add some protection and a bit of style to your roll bar.
Leather wrap for Hard Core roll bars
Wrap your roll bar in leather. Mmmmm. Now with padding!
Formed padding for Hard Dog roll bar
High density padding, formed to fit Hard Dog bars. Protection that looks good.
Price may vary with options
Hard Dog transformer roll bar
A true track roll bar for the NC!
Price may vary with options

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