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Chassis : Suspension packages

Flyin' Miata offers a wide range of suspension packages that bring great handling into the reach of any Miata owner. Confused by all the suspension packages? Check our package rundown. Don't forget about our flagship AFCO suspension either - they're not listed in the packages below, but they do work well with our sway bars.

V-Maxx or FM springs?
We know, it's a bit confusing to have both our FM Stage 1 and the V-Maxx suspension in the catalog. Basically, the Stage 1 gives you adjustable shock settings so you can tweak the ride and handling to your satisfaction, but there are no options for the ride height. It's intended for street cars that see use on the track and the autocross course.

The V-Maxx has adjustable spring perches that let you set your ride height and cornerweight the car. The spring rates are a bit higher and the damping of the shocks cannot be adjusted. This is a more race-oriented setup than the FM springs, but is still comfortable enough to drive day in and day out.

Flyin` Miata Stage 1 suspension kit (Koni)
A great place to start upgrading your Miata`s suspension.
On sale! $740.00
Regular price: $915.00

Price may vary with options
Flyin` Miata stage 1 suspension kit (Tokico)
The first step towards great handling.
Price may vary with options
Flyin` Miata Stage 2 suspension kit (Koni)
A fantastic all-around suspension. One of the standards in the industry.
On sale! $895.00
Price may vary with options
FM V-Maxx Classic Stage 2 suspension kit
Mate our V-Maxx Classic fixed damping coilovers with a set of FM sways for a complete handling package.
Price may vary with options
Flyin` Miata stage 1.5 suspension kit (Tokico)
Springs, shocks and upper shock mounts for a great ride and great handling. Now includes new bumpstops for all four corners! For 1990-97 models only.
Flyin` Miata stage 2 suspension kit (Tokico)
A full chassis upgrade.
Price may vary with options
FM V-Maxx XXtreme Stage 2 Sport package suspension kit
Adjustable V-Maxx Sport suspension with FM sways.
Price may vary with options
FM V-Maxx XXtreme Stage 2 Track Pack suspension kit
Our adjustable Track Pack V-Maxx XXtreme paired with adjustable FM sway bars.
Price may vary with options
Flyin` Miata stage 2.5 suspension kit (Tokico)
It`s what we drive. Now includes new bumpstops for all four wheels. For 1990-97 models only.
Price may vary with options

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