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Engine conversions : V8 conversions
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The idea of a lightweight roadster with a big engine isn't exactly a new one, and people started stuffing V8s into Miatas almost immediately. The GM LS engine family is one of the best engines in the world, with an aluminum block and years of development and racing behind it. They're strong contenders at Le Mans, so you know they're reliable too. It makes perfect sense to put it in one of the best chassis out there.

These components will let you put any of the LS-series engines in your 1990-05 Miata along with a T56 6-speed transmission. The rear end is your choice of a Getrag GM part or a Ford 8.8, depending on how you're planning to use the car.

Engine, transmission and differential are not included. Some conversion parts are drop-shipped from the manufacturer and will be shipped in 2-5 weeks. Full payment at the time of order is required.

More information
A list of every single part used in our turn-keys
V8 pricing configurator - build your V8 Miata electronically.

V8 Roadsters LSx engine installation kit
Shoehorn a big engine into your little car.
Price may vary with options
V8 Roadsters driveline kit
From the driveshaft to the wheels.
Price may vary with options
Flyin` Miata V8 exhaust system
A full bolt-on dual exhaust for our V8 conversions
Price may vary with options
Flyin` Miata LSx headers, 1990-2005
The headers from our exhaust kit, available separately. Great for DIY setups.
Flyin` Miata V8 cooling kit
A V8-specific radiator, fans and hose kit.
Price may vary with options
Flyin` Miata V8 front sway bar
Reworked for extra crank pulley clearance.
Price may vary with options
V8 power steering kit
Everything you need to hook up your power steering system on a V8 car
Price may vary with options
V8 Fuel Kit
Everything you need to feed your big engine.
Price may vary with options
V8 CAI brace
For reinforcing your bumper support when installing a "snorkel" intake.
V8 Roadster front subframe, no mounts
A subframe without motor mounts or powdercoating, ready for you to unleash your mad scientist tendencies.
Price may vary with options
Moroso V8 conversion aluminum oil pan
An oil pan built specifically for Miatas with LSx engine conversions.
Moroso V8 conversion steel oil pan
An oil pan built specifically for Miatas with LSx engine conversions.
Suzuki Cappuccino washer bottle
Move your washer bottle out of the engine bay for a clean underhood
FM extended V-Maxx front spring
Longer front springs for 2500 lb Miatas
Flyin` Miata shift lever
The correct length and thread for a Miata shifter.
V8 Roadsters LSx clutch master cylinder kit
Clutch hydraulic kit for a T56 transmission.

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