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V8 Habus for sale

Both of these cars are sold! Sorry.

It's fairly unusual for an FM-built V8 Miata to come up for sale. And here we have two excellent specimens at the same time. They were built about a year apart, and both are built to the latest specification.

Both are based on the Mazdaspeed Miata with the leather GT package. They were both built as exemplary examples of the breed, with a number of upgrades beyond the standard. On top of our usual specification, both cars are fitted with the rally-bred AFCO suspension and have been seam-welded. They're killer street cars that are ready to take on the track.

The driving experience is fantastic. The exhaust has an intoxicating stereo burble on overrun, and of course the cars have massive torque and power available at any engine speed. Road and Track tested a similar 480 hp car and measured a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds - starting in second gear. The brakes are strong and quiet and the structure of the car is as solid as can be. On the highway, the engine turns over at a relaxed 2000 rpm at 75 mph.

The two cars have different cams, and that dictates their nature somewhat. The red car is fitted with a stock LS3, so it has all the sweet nature of a production car, making it easy to drive on a daily basis and giving it a more subtle idle. The Lava car has the GM "Hot Cam" which bumps the power rating to 480 hp. The tradeoff is a lumpier idle and it can be more difficult at light throttle openings such as slow traffic or in a parking lot. Think GT vs hod rod. The actual power difference is not as great as the ratings would indicate, we typically find there's about a 20-25 hp difference. Sample dyno chart.

The usual question is about the handling. Yes, they still handle like Miatas. The 200 lb weight increase is about the same as a large passenger, and the front/rear weight distribution only moves by a couple of percent. But of course, there's a whole new facet of the car's handling due to the amount of power on tap.

When Automobile Magazine drove one of our cars, they called it "an utterly modern automobile that has the friendly personality of a Miata, only with the dark soul of a V-8".
Road and Track added "there's little evidence that FM's car isn't factory-made. The shifter and hydraulic clutch are only slightly stiffer than the original units, the gauges all work, and the power steering retains most of the Miata's brilliant clarity".
Hooniverse summed up their drive by stating the V8 Miata "could be the best car I’ve ever driven, simply because it is the car that has made me smile the most."
TopSpeed had this to say. "Just like the classic Cobra that came from Shelby, (this car) is a perfect combination of raw simplicity and unbridled power that create a unique machine that is unlike any other on the road. The suspension makes sure you can take corners at speeds you wouldn’t think possible, the massive brakes can haul you down from triple digit speeds to a dead stop in a matter of seconds, and everywhere you drive you are propelled by a glorious wave of V-8 exhaust noise."

Here is the specification of both cars. The bold text shows where they differ.

LS3 6.2L V8 crate engine
480 hp LS376/480 for the Lava car
430 hp LS3 for the red car

Blueprinted Tremec T56 six-speed transmission
V8Roadsters tubular front subframe
Cadillac CTS-V differential with 3.42 gears and Positraction
High-strength Stage 2 halfshafts
Flyin' Miata fuel upgrades (3/8" line from tank to engine, high flow pump, Corvette fuel filter and regulator)
Flyin' Miata crossflow V8 radiator
Flyin' Miata stage 2 airflow kit
LS7 cold air intake with free flowing LS9 air filter
Flyin' Miata stainless steel dual exhaust system
Twin metallic core catalytic converters

Seam-welded chassis
Frame rail reinforcements and additional crossmember
FM AFCO suspension with 550 lb front and 350 lb rear spring rates
Upgraded rear hubs with ARP studs
Blueprinted front hubs with ARP studs
Flyin' Miata sway bars front and rear
Heavy duty sway bar mounts on the Lava car
V8Roadster tubular control arms with polyurethane bushings
Flyin' Miata Stage 1 four wheel big brake kit
Frog Arm chassis braces
949Racing 6UL 15x9 wheels with 225/45-15 Toyo RA1 tires and TPMS on the Lava car
TRMotorsport C3M 15x9 wheels with 225/45-15 Toyo R1R tires on the red car
Anti-lock brakes

Body and interior
Hard Dog Sport "Fat Boy" roll bar with leather wrap and SFI padding
Factory black leather seats
Factory cloth soft top with heated rear window
Aerocatch hood pins with locks
Air conditioning
Heated seats on the Lava car
Flyin' Miata lightweight trailer hitch on the Lava car
Suzuki Cappuccino washer bottle

Further details on the Lava Orange car
This is a 2005 model, one of 394 made in this color. The chassis has 28,500 miles on it, and has covered approximately 10,000 miles since it was converted. It has been updated to the latest wiring harness and PCM since the initial build.
The condition of the car is excellent. Visible flaws include some light curb rash on one wheel and a small puncture in the base of the driver's seat cushion. There is also a small deformation about the size of a quarter in the front air dam below the driver's side fog light - see pictures.
The asking price is $47,000. This car sold in a matter of hours.
Lava car

Further details on the Velocity Red car
This is a 2004 model. The chassis has 67,000 miles on it, and has covered approximately 13,000 miles since it was converted.
The condition of the car is excellent. There is some light rubbing on the driver's seat bolster, but it's discoloration instead of damage at this point. There are also a couple of deep scratches in the very front of the nose - see pictures. This car is also fitted with a factory MiniDisc player and Sirius satellite radio.
The asking price is $45,000. Sold!
Red car

Both cars are currently at the Flyin' Miata shop. We would be happy to arrange any extra work you may wish to have done before delivery. If you would like any further pictures of one of the cars, please ask.

Lava photos - click to enlarge Red photos - click to enlarge



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