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V8 Habu for sale


We listed this car on a Friday. On Monday, it sold. If you were interested, we apologize. We'd be happy to build you a V8 Miata of your own, of course.
Flyin' Miata turnkey V8 Miatas

If you had to come up with the perfect V8 Miata specimen, you would quite possibly end up with this car. Built out of one of the 394 Lava Orange Mazdaspeeds, it's been thoroughly worked over to be one of the sweetest cars to ever roll out of our shop. The engine is a 430 hp LS3, the very same unit found in a 2013 Corvette or a new Camaro SS. On top of our usual build, the car is fitted with the rally-bred AFCO suspension and has been seam-welded. It's a killer street car that is ready to take on the track.

The driving experience is fantastic. Due to the stock cam in the engine, it idles smoothly and is easy to drive at light throttle openings. The exhaust has an intoxicating stereo burble on overrun, and of course it has massive torque and power available at any engine speed. Road and Track tested a similar car and measured a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds - starting in second gear. The brakes are strong and quiet and the structure of the car is as solid as can be. Mileage on the highway is around 26 mpg, with the engine turning over at a relaxed 2000 rpm at 75 mph.

When Automobile Magazine drove one of our cars, they called it "an utterly modern automobile that has the friendly personality of a Miata, only with the dark soul of a V-8".
Road and Track added "there's little evidence that FM's car isn't factory-made. The shifter and hydraulic clutch are only slightly stiffer than the original units, the gauges all work, and the power steering retains most of the Miata's brilliant clarity".
Hooniverse summed up their drive by stating the V8 Miata "could be the best car I’ve ever driven, simply because it is the car that has made me smile the most."

If this particular car looks familiar, you may have watched us build it this summer. It was commissioned by a fellow named Terry who was battling cancer. He was only able to enjoy the car for a few months before he was no longer able to drive it, and has now passed away.We know he enjoyed the build process and his brief period with the car. As a favor to his family, we're helping the car find a new home.

See the build diary

The car was delivered to us with 82,064 miles on it. It now has 83,500. That's right, it's seen less than 1500 miles since being built, including the miles we racked up during testing. There are still more than 20 months left on the engine warranty. We've inspected the car since it came back to us, and it's been given a perfect bill of health. Almost every moving part of this car was replaced or refreshed as part of the conversion.

The body is almost perfect. There are a few rock chips on the nose, and one small inch-long scratch that's been touched up. There are also the usual scuffs on the bottom of the nose from driveways. Inside, the floor mats are showing some age. There's also a small crack on one of the panels on the silver Mazdaspeed Bose stereo. We may be able to source a replacement. If you don't like the louver panels in the hood, we do have an unmodified Lava Orange hood available that could be transferred.

Since this car is such a recent build, it has all of our latest updates. It's available for immediate delivery instead of the usual six-month wait time. The E-Rod engine package adds additional emissions monitoring. This car is fully street legal in all US states except California and can also be registered in Canada.

LS3 E-Rod crate engine with remaining 20-month warranty
Blueprinted Tremec T56 six-speed transmission
V8Roadsters tubular front subframe
Cadillac CTS-V differential with 3.73 gears and Positraction
High-strength Stage 2 halfshafts
Flyin' Miata fuel upgrades
Flyin' Miata crossflow V8 radiator
Flyin' Miata stage 2 airflow kit
LS7 cold air intake
Flyin' Miata stainless steel dual exhaust system
Twin metallic core catalytic converters

Seam-welded chassis
Frame rail reinforcements and additional crossmember
FM AFCO suspension with 550 lb front and 375 lb rear spring rates
Upgraded rear hubs with ARP studs
Blueprinted front hubs with ARP studs
Flyin' Miata sway bars
Stock control arms with new high performance rubber bushings
Flyin' Miata Stage 1 four wheel big brake kit
Frog Arm chassis braces
Enkei 15x8 wheels with 225/45-15 Toyo R1R tires (approximately 1000 miles on the tires)
Anti-lock brakes

Body and interior
Hard Dog Sport "Fat Boy" roll bar
Factory black leather seats
Factory cloth soft top with heated rear window
Lava Orange paint, all original other than the engine bay - it was repainted to a higher quality than stock as part of the conversion
Lava Orange Mazdaspeed rear view mirror
Aerocatch hood pins
Flyin' Miata hood louver panels
Air conditioning
Suzuki Cappuccino washer bottle

Asking price: $46,995. That's less than the price of the conversion, and it is available now without a wait. You would essentially get the car for free - a Lava Orange Mazdaspeed of this quality would be around $12,000 alone.

SOLD for the asking price.

We have the car at the Flyin' Miata shop and would be happy to arrange any extra work you may wish to have done before delivery. If you would like any further pictures of the car, please ask.


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